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  1. I could swear they legitimately talked about the perceived "problem" being that the Itzal's Blink was too "spammable", in the last dev stream. I feel like you drastically overestimate how many people would quit over the Itzal being "gutted". And I did not propose gutting or nerfing the s*** out of it, I was proposing a minor nerf to the most "problematic" and choice-prohibitively-fast quality of Blink, and proposed a number of QoL and Combat applications to add to it, to make it more of a rework or sidegrade than a nerf. Regarding the observations several of you made about the K Drive just needing to be made better, I agree! That's why i also described possible improvements and additional systems to implement for K Drive! I do agree with Kay and Twilight about this though, the way that the bounties and incursions and such make it feel *necessary* to have the Itzal speed, that could be adjusted, so that it makes just as much sense to hop on the still-spawned K Drive to do some tricks for standing for the only few seconds it takes to get to the next bounty, rather then enter archwing for a flight taking a similar length of time. Maybe if they weren't sending us over half a kilometer at every stage, we wouldn't feel like needing to use archwings. And they *did* initially say that archwings were supposed to be dis-incentivized in the orb vallis, saying that there would be storms and such making archwing navigation more treacherous and difficult, and slower. Maybe adding weather, and adding air patrol or anti-air measures, would add challenges that players would find either more interesting to play against, or they'd find k drives a more attractive option at that point.
  2. My hope would definitely be that they rework some of the archwing mechanics, like the anti-aircraft rockets that knock you out of archwing. I find that half of the time, the abilities that are supposed to be explicitly defensive anti-anti-aircraft-projectile abilities, like blink or penumbra or core vent or flares, tend to not actually work against their archwing nukes. Not fun. The abilities meant to foil incoming projectiles should do so, and you should also have the ability to shoot down the incoming missiles. But the perceived "problem" of Itzal being the indisputed meta archwing, and archwings being indisputably more efficient mobility AND combat than the dedicated-vehicular K-Drives calls for bringing up the K-Drives to be comparable alternatives to archwing, and to bring the archwings a little bit more in line with each other. There's clearly some people that think blink is a problem and should be removed, and then there are other people that think the other archwings need movement buffs instead of nerfing or removing the itzal's blink's mobility, but the problem is that it would make it even more choice prohibitive to choose archwing over k drive, if they just buffed all archwing mobility except for itzal.
  3. People will tend to do things the most quick and efficient way possible, so it'll be hard to make Archwings not the best option for mobility, but I personally think that's fine, they should just try to close the gap a bit by nerfing/changing Itzal just a smidge, and buffing K Drives. Just to make Archwings less choice-prohibitively worse to choose, and the Itzal less choice-prohibitively better for mobility than the other Archwings.
  4. I personally think significantly buffing all of the archwings in order to be potent alternatives to Itzal's mobility would only further widen the gap between K-Drive lack of use compared to Archwing for a lot of players. I'm kinda feeling like a slight nerf to the burst-speed of consecutive itzal blinks is needed to trim the Itzal down into line with the other Archwings a smidge, and then K-Drive needs the buffs and additional mechanics in order for it to be worth using over Archwing.
  5. To put it extremely simply, DE doesn't like how Itzal's mobility becomes choice-prohibitive when it comes to selecting an Archwing for use in the open world, both over other Archwings, and for K-Drives. None of us like blatant nerfs, and we don't want to see Itzal's mobility completely gutted, or all Archwing mobility gutted in order for K-Drives to seem a more attractive option. So I propose the following changes. Make Itzal's blink more cost-effective, accurate, and with more utility and additional effects, in exchange for a decrease in the spammyness. Currently, the meta I know for mobility is to drop 2 energy pads to quickly get your energy maxed, and then you can burn through it all in a few seconds of blinking to the desired location (to the eidolon shrine or teleported eidolon, to the toroid farming spots, etc). One burns through the energy surprisingly quickly, especially when you add in using the Itzal's 3 or 4 along the way or at the end, to pull in resources or kill nearby enemies. So we could make Blink better by giving it a charge mechanic, with a visual indicator of where it's going, to aid precision. Spamming the uncharged blink would feel the same as the current way, but shorter range and requiring more clicks and overall energy. Make it so that for an absolutely fractional amount more, you can charge the blink up to go further. If DE implements more spy-like mechanics in Archwing, Railjack, or Trials, being able to invisibly, discreetly teleport to an exact position for a lower energy cost, would be great! Additional features you could add to make this a net side-grade or upgrade rather than a downgrade or nerf, would be to implement synergy with archmelee and with cosmic crush, where a partially/completely charged blink could be activated with melee or cosmic crush, as an epic, hero-moment dash-attack using either just melee, or more energy. There's also the option of allowing a small portion of movement after blinking to not break Penumbra's invisibility, so that less-accurate blinks in stealth aren't as punishing. I'd let DE figure out the numbers, but I think making Blink have more versatility and synergy can offset a nerf to max speed without it feeling like a really blatant, obnoxious nerf. But just fixing the Itzal doesn't fix the problem of Archwings feeling vastly superior for movement and combat, compared to K-Drives. My proposal: Buff K-Drive max speed, enable K-Drive combat with a toggle of the alternate fire mode button, or just integrated by default, so that people can use their secondary weapon and certain Warframe powers while on the K-Drive. If Nezha, Volt, Saryn, or Valkyr's speed-altering abilities carry over to K-Drive, you now have really interesting and competitive alternatives to Itzal Blinks for open-world traversal, and even without their speed abilities, you now don't have to trade ALL of your warframe's abilities for some speed (I'm thinking predominantly just allow one-handed ability casts). You can also implement K-Drive unique combat mechanics a bit more. Clean it up so that K-Drive goomba-stomping doesn't instant-kill, but rather make it so that there's a style-meter or something, which spikes up when performing K Drive kills or tricks, but decays over time, and it affects the damage of K-Drive attacks (running into/over enemies, or stomping on top of them). Make the meter also function as a nitro-fuel-tank, so that if people wanna move fast, they can do some sick tricks and use the meter for mobility and traversal rather than building up actual combat viability. tl;dr nerf max speed of Itzal Blink while giving it a wealth of QoL and bonus features to offset, and to make K-Drive a viable mobility option, expand K-Drive functionality to include more combat and mobility options.
  6. Thanks for the compliment! Commodore prime suit was a zephyr prime accessory iirc, unfortunately its likely to be a while before its available again, and cash only 😕
  7. I love what you do DE, and you, Megan, and Rebecca too. I am a bit disappointed that the twitch drop didn't work for me though 😞
  8. Agreed, Scarf should be Auxiliary, possibly with unique coloring options, and the "Umbra Details" should be a toggle like Prime Details are, and it should even be an option on the immortal skins, which while they aren't tennogen, and therefore not necessarily bought with "real money", they're still payed for by platinum, the currency that gets bought with real money.
  9. Oof. Yeah, I get that there's a lot DE has to get through, but honestly, there should be some semblance of first-reported, first-fixed. Your issue has been around for so long, it's a bit of a travesty that it hasn't gotten fixed yet. If I see a rare Excalibur Prime in the wild, it's just gonna be disappointing, knowing how janky the tint mask is. C'mon DE, it shouldn't take nearly 2 years to get to such a blatant and well-documented issue as this.
  10. If you look closely, I think they are symmetrical, just shown from different angles. You can see a little bit of the "hoops" protruding from beneath the "top cap" portion, corresponds with the more clearly shown one closer to us.
  11. Literally in the intervening time I decided I couldn't be without the fashion, but considering the redundancy of the entire Targis set for us, I'd love it if I could get like, a slight platinum reimbursement?
  12. So we have to buy the Nyx Accessories for the Sugatra even if we already got the Targis Prime armor from the Mag Prime Access?
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