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  1. Oh, I was talking a LOT more along the lines of your first line I left in this quotation, not that I wanted or expected ultimates, just that Radial Disarm wouldn't be that competitive an option, when even something like a nerfed Roar exists, or Terrify exists, as a Helminth option. I keep saying, I'd have preferred they choose something less overwhelming, and buff it a bit. Doesn't have to be a signature or ultimate or meta gamechanger. Just make it approximately as compelling as the next option.
  2. This is exactly why they should talk to the design council more, who I hear have been drastically underutilized. They should consider using them more, and expanding the council to include players or content creators that have proven that they know parts of the game inside out. Get more varied experiences and wisdom from people that aren't their staff members. ONLY making decisions based on their own play experience, statistics, and cherrypicked feedback, is how we get "Khora's healing was an exploit and we patched it" when it was a nerf to an intended feature. There seems to be a MAJOR lack of
  3. Yeah, adding new, fun, synergy-capable mechanics to lackluster abilities would be a really fun alternative to just bumping up the numbers or switching to a better ability, yeah. My point was just that letting trash abilities remain trashy non-options because of how bad they are, and just being resigned to some Helminth Abilities sucking, would just be defeatist.
  4. "not all warframes will offer effective abilities" hear me out though, if the Warframe with a lackluster Helminth offering isn't currently dominating the character-pick meta, they can buff the base abilitiy. Also I said one of their better abilities, not their absolute best ability. But even then, HA, who's going to replace, say, Fire Blast, Miasma, or Crush, with Radial Disarm? Warframes like Nyx and Loki are fun in their own right, but they're a bit far from "competitive". Their helminth offering could just be buffed a bit at base, to make more compelling and competitive Helminth System opti
  5. ALL OF THIS!!! Ability disposition is SO needlessly complex. Make Decoy or Mind Control actually worth using, or give us one of their better abilities, rather than just nerfing the "only good abilities" and giving them "dispositions".
  6. Capping the effectiveness or the stacking effects of things is actually rather sensible imo. It prevents things from becoming a mandatory meta. "You HAVE to use Marked for Death if you're using Ash/Excal/Banshe/Snipers/Daggers/Slash" would be an annoying meta to have to intentionally nerf yourself by not going with. I kinda feel like Damage, Multishot, Elemental Damage, and Crits all stack up together is pretty bogus too. If I had my way, I'd make modding be how you modify your effects in combat, and combat style, rather than defining your maximum damage. Kinda bogus that changing 1 mod on my
  7. At that point, I point to Brozime's commentary. "If you thought it was too powerful or too obvious a universal pick, why on earth didn't you choose a weaker ability, and buff it if necessary?" to paraphrase. Regarding your earlier response, you have a fairly valid point about clearing rooms with other options, but Warframe has.... Lots of options. Everywhere. And comparing guns to melee to abilities is comparing apples to oranges, one costs ammo, one costs nothing, and one costs energy. They're all intended to kill things. So I feel like it's best to stick with a single argument. Separate
  8. Isn't the Soma fully automatic? The entire point of Marked for Death is to make a damage instance into a "nuke". You're supposed to use it with something like Garuda's fully charged Blood Ball, to make enemies in it's area of effect receive even more damage, or multiply a sniper shot to a whole crowd.
  9. Thanks for taking the time and effort to take a balanced look at it's place in the game and in isolation, to find a happy medium that makes the ability fun and effective, without making it dictate the meta. Can we get similar passes on more of the abilities in Warframe? Rebb's stat-stream highlighted some consistently replaced-by-helminth-infusions abilities (Mesa's Ballistic Battery, Chroma's Breath Attack), and some of the least-Infused abilities (like Decoy, Mind Control, etc)?
  10. I like a bunch of your suggestions too! Honestly, as long as DE added some of these QoL or alternative casting options and buffed up some of Loki's stuff a smidge, he'd be a lot more fun and engaging to play!
  11. It does appear to be for the Keratinos alone. My Venka Prime doesn't do this. My Keratinos does.
  12. I suppose I should clarify that the point of the Disguise is that it could have a longer duration than Invisibility, with some negative mobility tradeoffs, and that it could cause the enemies to not trust each other (stop working in formation, causing the Discord Meter to go up) or even shoot each other (at a high amount of Discord, also keeping the Discord high) when you use it to fight them and their allies. And my suggested additions to Decoy is less Mind Control, and more that they get Hologram-cloaked as a Loki Decoy, the enemies fire upon them, and in confusion and fear, they run away, s
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