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  1. Hard agree. I think they need to make looting abilities and affinity boosters just +x% loot that stack additively, not multiplicatively. You feel like you're wasting boosters if you don't also use a Smeeta and Nekros and have an Ivara and Hydroid/Khora on your team. In that case, they would want to buff up the drop rates at baseline to compensate. They could make the loot-frames be just individual +50% effects and have the "moneymaker" of boosters be whopping +400%, so that people would still be encouraged to buy them. Just less pressured to go all-in on using every single looting option. I
  2. Happened again, this time to items halfway down the page (was scrolling back up, after initiating the build of a Ramflare).
  3. Well, DE just touched up Nekros' 1 to be an "Execution" ability, that also synergizes with Shadows of the Dead. So whether they read this post or not, it almost feels like they at least half-listened. I still personally feel like Nekros' kit is really self-fighting though. Since it's still 2.5 keep-away CC abilities that are at odds with his passive, which is redundant to his other ability. I still feel like it'd be neat to amp up Nekros' direct kill-power so that there was a reason you'd ever benefit from his passive.... DE, can you give Nekros' 1 the Gara design? Tap for directional pro
  4. There are now a number of screens that have incredibly incomplete offerings for narrowing down to view specific options. Helminth: Companions: Weaponry: Parazon: Foundry: Arsenal: I'm also going to reiterate another general UI complaint I made another post for. Why is it that the Profile, Helminth, and presumably a number of other menus, severely limit the number of items you can view at once? Modding screens let you see mods from one end, to the other end, of the screen, providing a really good amount of visibility of options. I really wish that
  5. Fair enough! And yeah, inherently this kinda fix would be extra-ludicrously effective on spam-usable options, but that would be the point of ensuring that there's A) a "stale move" feature that reduces effectiveness of any given type of thing when repeatedly used, so that cycling through different options kills something faster than spamming one fastest option, and B) having the amount be pretty darn low in the first place, where the spammability of the option barely becomes a factor. Ideally DE would thread the needle and choose either a %-health or per-level amount that makes things feel eff
  6. Okay, but shattering impact required you opt into using the mod, taking away from other DPS options. And the level point I was making was devil's advocacy, but to be honest, it would make sense to allow DE to decide what will remain tanky or lightweight at various levels, so fair enough for you to point out. Doesn't make the rest of the idea behind the suggestion invalid, it would be really worth having them either do %-health or scaling-per-level damage across the board.
  7. To be fair, the larger the screen, the farther back you will likely be when playing, so I'd personally recommend they pursue the option of scaling up the mods for better visibility, rather than increase clutter by making more and more small rows.
  8. Certain icons are skinny are temporarily skinny in certain circumstances. Was looking in foundry, in the focus lens selection menu, and then the market, looking at focus lens variants, and then when I returned to my foundry to craft a greater lens, at some point along the way I noticed several of the icons were skinnier than expected. The exact number/location of icons mis-displaying varies, but usually disappeared when scrolling down and returning back up to those icons, but tabbing over to another category sees the upper-left image seems to be appearing skinny semi-consistently. Until exitin
  9. You may be being sarcastic, but that is also true, imo. Or at least space them out or upsize them a bit more, so they're more easily viewed, if they don't want to make it overwhelmingly cluttered-looking.
  10. There are a lot of menus that, despite being normal-sized 1920x1080 monitors, see an enormous amount of wasted screenspace. You can see in the below-spoilered images that my outermost HUD margins are set to be just slightly inset from the very far corners, but there is plenty of room for at least one more horizontal and/or vertical column in each of these menus. It'd be nice to be able to scroll through and visually consider 20 Helminth ability options at a time (4x5), or more, instead of the currently minimal 9. Note, that the Modding screen (shown below) is an excellent example o
  11. Hmm. Relogging appears to have fixed it. But I noticed this time it explicitly asked me to kill the other connection, and I don't think it did so the first time. So there wasn't an adequate communication between the API or something, the first time around.
  12. TYPE: In-Game/Mobile-App DESCRIPTION: Redeemed Sporelacer and Ulnaris parts via the mobile app. A short while later, launched game and saw them still in my foundry. Didn't see them redeemed into my inventory. Attempted to redeem from in-game instead/again. Confronted by the attached visuals. From a brief test, did not appear to afflict any other menus. VISUAL: https://i.imgur.com/9Vy0nPx.mp4 < Flashing/Reloading Foundry Menu REPRODUCTION: Redeemed Sporelacer and Ulnaris parts via the mobile app. A short while later, launched game and saw them still in my foundry. Didn
  13. In fairness, the "default bloom and brightness" shouldn't look blown-out on the average GPU/Monitor combo. And I know currently, I'm only comfortable at a below-default bloom and brightness. And from what I hear others say in my discord, a lot of others experience the same. And the annoying part is, it's not even consistent. The Arsenal spotlight is overboard by a crazy amount. I'm comfortable everywhere else in the game with the brightness and bloom, keeping it at a happy medium where I can see things in the light, and some metallics and reflections shine, but dark places still look dark, and
  14. Additive 3% health damage to an ult means that in addition to dealing weapon and ability damage, you just have a flat "you will need to hit these enemies with 33-ish more ults at MAX". As me and Rogue have said, it just establishes a maximum number of casts any ability will take to kill an enemy, which will be a boon for the cheapest, most spammable abilities, that are routinely the most underwhelming for kill-power in the game's later, higher levels. See un-augmented Banshee's Sonic Boom, Ash's Shuriken, Frost's Freeze, Hydroid's Tempest Barrage, etc. You say it'd make more sense to use leve
  15. Pretty true points. I separately made another post a while back asking them to de-link most damage types from each other, so that we don't see the bonkers-crazy multiplication of multishot on top of damage on top of critical damage on top of elemental damage. They wouldn't need to struggle as badly to figure out non-trivial, non-impossible higher values for challenging enemies, since they'd be working with additive damage values rather than multiplicative values. If they therefore make everything effectively 8x tankier by nerfing damage mod synergies, the answer *should* be to just reduce enem
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