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  1. Yes, I meant a flat addition, so that even a .05% crit/status chance weapon would see a jump up to 30.05% crit and status chance. Glad to hear you like all the thoughts :D I'm of the same mind, I'd literally be happy to even just see 1-3 of the suggestions per ability/passive to be implemented, she could shoot up from lukewarm hotdogwater to compelling, interesting, and competitive with other mid or top tier Warframes, without becoming OP.
  2. I think a lot of things with Yareli are able to be pointed out as subjectively worse than tons of equivalent things. Her 1 is objectively worse than condemn or spellbind because instead of moddable AoE you're stuck with only affecting 5 enemies per cast, making it more costly per enemies larger in quantity than 5, and also having pitiful damage and no other fringe utilities like the shield restore or status immunities. Her Merulina is objectively less precise in handling, especially vertically with the lack of aim glides and less extreme barrel rolls. The damage mitigation is objectively less than many other damage-mitigation-centric abilities (her, what was it, 80% compared with 90%-100% DR with things like warding Halo, Mesmer, iron skin, shatter shield, electric shield, splinter Storm, etc). It also locks you out of using Helminth infusions, primary, and melee combat. Her 3 is so-so but really fails to mesh with her kit, as it demands close sustained contact with the enemy rather than hit and run tactics encouraged by her low DR and mobility, it could really do with the damage being more front-loaded as has been previously discussed. Her Riptide though is pitiful. Yeah it has "scaling damage" but only based on enemy quantity. It's basically a more expensive Larva but without the ability to shoot things while they're gathered together, and without a side benefit like the stacks Nidus gains. It's like a zero duration Vortex. The abilities are OBJECTIVELY worse than the majority of their peers.
  3. This is the kind of constructive dialogue I want from DE 😩 Nobody reasonable is asking to get rid of Merulina altogether, or to make Yareli OP or ludicrously innately power-centric. We just want obvious problems with her kit shored up so that the abilities don't approach uselessness by the end of the star chart. DE just keeps slapping the most lazy, flat-numbers onto her without actually changing fundamental problems, like the bleh-feeling handling of Merulina, the lack of an aim glide, the self-destructing of her Seasnares, the lack of scaling on her Aquablades, and how ridiculously inferior Riptide is to Vortex and Larva, due to the fact that you can't even use your Merulina-limited arsenal consisting of your secondary against them, before they get scattered again. I want DE to say SOMETHING about their plans and tentative timetable for Yareli. Cuz this current iteration still feels like it bites. I'm not asking for Yareli to be better than Saryn, or even equal to her. I want her to not be competing for "worst Warframe on the roster" upon release and even after subsequent "buffs". Her abilities should be decent at doing what they're supposed to do, but imo each and every one of them overwhelmingly falls flat when compared to other abilities. EVERY ability shouldn't feel like the worst iteration of it's type.
  4. I know right? I'm buying fewer and fewer prime accessories packs because it feels less and less worth supporting them when they give no indication that they value our feedback or care to add polish to their game by fixing issues.
  5. Imo she still needs an aim glide equivalent, perhaps Merulina glides farther by briefly expelling water behind her. It'd help increase the overall ability to control your mobility around maps full of reset-holes. Naaah, there's plenty of options to simply *add* some synergy and functionality to her abilities to make her competitive compared to the other mid-tier Warframes. And other OBVIOUSLY needed fixes, like having her bubbles not commit sudoku against every possible surface, and having level-based scaling on her abilities so they aren't OP against early star chart, but are reasonably effective against later and post start chart content, along with any number of the other 80+ suggestions I've compiled that would make her more fun to use, more valuable as a team mate alongside other Warframes, rather than lagging behind so badly.
  6. With 24 pages of responses to Yareli, full of a few repeat posters, but a large chunk of unique users, yeah, it's "we". I can admit when a Warframe just doesn't check my boxes, there's a few of them that just feel meh. But that's entirely a gameplay preference. I *want* to like Yareli, and see a bunch of almost really cool things she can almost do, and myself and a ton of other Tenno can see that she just fails to do those things. Her dedicated CC ability is significantly arguably far worse than other 25 energy CC abilities, and have 0 synergy with any other abilities, let alone how useless their post cast detection range is, or how they commit sudoku against any obstacle possible. Her Merulina's "mobility" can generously be considered a sidegrade at most, when in cramped tilesets it's a downgrade, the DR is inferior to other comparable DR abilities, and it actively locks you out of a ton of standard Warframe arsenal, such as primaries and melee's, and Helminth infused abilities to boot! And it can't even have k drive mods added to it to suit our preferences. Her 3 is beastly efficient and effective... On the first few planets. On Steel Path it's a useless tickle and brief stagger, it fails to deal damage or CC effectively, despite being a ludicrously short ranged ability. Her 4 is a worse Larva/Vortex/Magnetize, since unlike those you can't take advantage of the grouping with your weapons because you're animation-locked. So yes. WE think Yareli has substantial problems holding her back from feeling compelling to use. And it sucks that DE doesn't address it aside from 90% garbage stat buffs that only make her more effective in the early star chart, rather than fixing her to actually have decent per level scaling or innately better-scaling or tactically potent mechanics. Shouldn't have had to though. It's outright disrespectful to allow one-time-spendable exp to be so significantly wasted, punishing early adopters and rewarding the slower/newer players more *again*. We worked hard to 100% our Railjack, and at least DE reimbursed us when they cheapened it. Here, we 100%ed our Helminth System, and were given a smarmy "like other mmos, when something changes, you don't get free stuff uwu" which is so bullS#&$. They low-key did this to a portion of Railjack Intrinsic grinders too. If you fully 100%ed it, you couldn't earn any more in anticipation of the Command intrinsic. But if you stopped merely 1 rank away from max, you could grind forever so that you could instantly cap the entire intrinsic category. I don't get why you'd defend anti-player practices that might disrespect the time and effort you put into something in the future. It'd be bullS#&$, for example, if they made a post-Duviri Operator rework/upgrade, but it requires an entirely different experience/currency than Focus, giving veterans who've stockpiled focus 0 reason/meaning for having been continuing to earn focus with certain arsenal items.
  7. I love how concisely this describes Merulina's problem. It's at best a mobility SIDEGRADE in anything other than open worlds, but in just people's opinions a downgrade in tilesets, and then all you can do is cast her other abilities and secondary. Compared to other Warframes with exalted modes that still allow gunplay (primary and secondary) melee, and the casting of Helminth Infused abilities, it's so lackluster. Absolutely BULLS#&$ that they don't at least allow the one-handed and no-animation abilities to be cast from Merulina. Beyond even that though, it needs to be spiced up. It should be "K Drive, but better and just as customizable", not "K Drive but worse and uncustomizable and costs energy and only gives you a portion of the DR other Warframe abilities give you".
  8. Half a year later, and the Harrier outfit still SUCKS at mix and matching with any other outfits, since you're stuck making so many channels use colors that look good as both matte or metallic, or using operator outfit components that flat out don't/hardly show those specific color channels. For real DE, how do these look okay to you? An electric golden yellow on multiple other outfit pieces, that turns into a darker orange matte color on Harrier? A slick copper metallic on Harrier that turns garishly peachy? A matte black on Harrier that turns the metallics of the non-Harrier outfits dull? Please follow your own conventional standards, and make the primary metallic channels Lining/Accent, and turn for any secondary metallic channels, use Tertiary. We would be able to mix and match so many more of these potentially fun outfits together if they didn't demand that we use boring colors in order for the mattes and metallics to look decent.
  9. I have similar complaints for the Harrier Operator outfit's channels. It's one of only about 5 or something (lost count) Operator outfits whose metallic channels aren't Lining and/or Tertiary, where 20+ other outfits consistently use Lining for metallics. The annoying part? Even those 5 trend-breakers aren't consistent with each other. They just SUCK at mix and matching with anything else!
  10. "Players may not always be good at providing solutions, but they're very good at identifying when something is wrong", I believe this is almost exactly something that one of the developers stated during a prime time, in regards to player feedback. DE clearly knew something was super wrong with Yareli upon release given the fact that they near immediately did the easiest possible fixes to buff her up, with stat improvements and numerical tweaks, several times. But this is exactly the opposite of what everybody thought was wrong with her. We have pages upon pages upon pages of people laying out exactly how counterintuitive Yareli's design is, and how blatantly inferior it is to most other Warframe's kits. If Yareli's abilities have zero synergy, and her Merulina actively locks you out of melee, primary, Helminth Infused abilities, and standard mobility, then her abilities should each on their own feel massively useful compared to the abilities other Warframes have that sometimes only shine DUE to the synergies. Instead we have abilities that are neither impressive standalone, nor impressive via synergies. And it's been 3.5 months since they opened the feedback. She clearly should have been left in the oven longer, or been more comprehensively tested prior to release, and yet DE is dragging their feet on even acknowledging her problems, instead applying the laziest numerical tweaks to her, and not giving even an indication of whether they'll improve her after New War. And they've never acknowledged how scummy it was to force fully Subsumed players to have to spam infusions or invigorations to get the additional Helminth levels, where players with remaining Subsumes could far less wastefully get to them. All we're asking them to do is TALK about them a bit, instead of sweeping it under the rug and waiting for everybody to forget about it, which is the scummy tactic they keep employing until big names like Rahetalius point them out.
  11. Yeah that's my thing, they should make Merulina forgiving and effective enough to outweigh the fact that it's a K drive that handles and controls like a K drive. It should be Yareli's juiciest ability, a worthwhile signature. Instead it feels like a drunk blimp that reduces your options and efficacy by a ton.
  12. There are tons of things they could do to make Merulina feel worth not-replacing, and this is definitely one of them. Give us a compelling reason to engage with Merulina's K drive... Make it auto cast and/or refresh the duration on Yareli's abilities based on the tricks she's doing, so you can play and contribute via K drive usage. All neat thoughts!
  13. You'll note that I said "rewards", I was referring to the arcanes that take forever to farm up due to RNG giving you more than you need of one, and not enough of the others. And don't get me started on the fact that you need to unlock it per weapon. It only allows you to effectively make individual already meta guns compete with the melee meta for steel path. And even those galvanized mods just exacerbate the distance between meta and non meta weaponry, since they're mild nerfs to the weapon until the kills roll in, which non meta weapons will struggle with.
  14. I feel like that's extremely unrelated. It's one thing for them to not respond to one specific new requests. After all, many people are constantly suggesting things, and many would be needless complications, or completely change the game from what it currently is, or completely change the premise of what a Warframe or weapon or enemy is supposed to be. IT'S ANOTHER THING ENTIRELY FOR DE TO NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE THE MANY PROBLEMS THAT EXIST WITH THINGS THAT THEY EXPLICITLY OPENED A DIALOGUE WITH US FOR FEEDBACK AND IMPROVEMENTS. Yareli still feels like hotdogwater, more clunky and ineffective than every other Warframe and equivalent abilities, despite being given loads of feedback, they only changed her in ways practically nobody asked for. The Helminth System and its abilities in general, as well as the Invigoration system and its effective punishing of people who opted in early and Subsumed Warframes being the previous maximum rank, has been met with very consistent criticisms. DE has essentially only acknowledged one of the issues, with the duration and effectiveness of one of the new abilities, the loot finding spark. The Arsenal Divide "fixes" further exacerbated the distance between meta and non-meta weapons, and DE hasn't addressed this issue at all. It also fails to address how for players that play the game without engaging with the Steel Path, melee will still overwhelmingly reign supreme, and you still have to play Steel Path and use melee spam in order to get the rewards that allow you to switch to using guns. DE shouldn't ask for feedback and do nothing and say nothing when so many people advise that they believe something is problematic in the same way.
  15. I can understand these perspectives, but personally I don't agree with them. There have been iterations of Mag's kit and times of gameplay where she felt severely lackluster, I think any complaints are just remnants of that from people that haven't tried her again. But Mag is definitely better at doing CC, enemy grouping, and damage, than Yareli is. And with Merulina's mobility at best being a side grade, but at worst being a downgrade in many people's opinions, and with the DR being way worse than other Warframe's DR abilities (far below 90% DR, and no status immunity), and with Riptide being worse for grouping than Vortex and Larva and Magnetize, imo, Yareli currently ranks far below Mag. Seasnares feels worse than most 25-energy cc abilities (Spellbind, Condemn, Pull), Merulina feels ridiculously clunky and locks you out of melee, Helminth abilities, and primary weaponry, and normal mobility, and is able to be ludicrously energy wasteful if you want to dismount, and has worse DR than most DR options, her Aquablades is atrocious for both damage and CC, and her Riptide is terrible compared to Vortex, Larva, and Magnetize, it doesn't even let you take advantage of the enemies being briefly clumped up.
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