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  1. I'm back. I feel like you've missed the several times where I'm suggesting Smeeta should become a more effective and reliable boost for certain specific resource farms, and for DE to buff their paid boosters to make them more attractive options, and to buff baseline drops, in order to compensate players for my suggested removal of the ability to octuple or x16 or x32 their drops. And you're also missing the part where each of the individual loot strategies, in my scenario, still accelerates your loot earnings. Just not exponentially stacking on each other. Gives people more freedom to only use the loot-boosters they feel like using at the moment, without feeling like they're missing out on exponential earnings by neglecting one or two of the options. Players would still see the most earnings when they run every type of loot-booster, I'm just proposing the gap be narrowed, so that instead of having a range swinging between 1 and 32x the loot, we see something more like 2 or 4 to 8 or 16x the loot. Instead of 'Loot*2^BoosterCount', just '(2*Loot)*BoosterCount'. And like. DE is already signalling that they consider Charm to be a problem, with their Essence Timers being implemented. I'm just trying to steer the ship in a decent compromise's direction. If people don't have time to play a grind-heavy game, the entire idea is that they would be spending money instead of time, by buying the boosters, which I'm encouraging DE to boost their effectiveness towards that end. If you have no time to play the game for free, why would you want to feel shoehorned into maximizing your catch-up and looting via playing Frames, builds, and Companions that you don't care for? Don't assume that the average player's loot is getting nerfed in these scenarios and suggestions I'm making, because they're actually getting a buff. Don't assume the no-time-to-grind players would be getting totally nerfed either, because they can still powergrind a bit faster with the non-paid loot-boosters, and they'd be able to get even more out of a paid booster, if anything it'd just be a sidegrade because these systems could be made more reliable in order to make up for the lack of exponential stacking.
  2. I'm giving statistical and logical counterpoints to points, and also my own anecdotal evidence and observations, FrostDragon is reasonably engaging in the debate, can you not ad hominem or strawman me? People may switch to specific other companions for specific purposes, but logically if Smeetas are consistently seen as the most-used Pet/Companion (as opposed to the robotics), that still means they're the preferred meta out of the pets. "Players aren't valuing all the things the different pets value equally", you're right, they're clearly valuing Smeeta's Charm over the other Pet's abilities, consistently. We may have to agree to disagree, but I still think that we can't compare companion stats to robotics on any long-term player's accounts. I haven't hardly used a Carrier (Prime) since they expanded Vacuums to be Sentinel-wide, but he's still my top after Smeeta, for example. We'd really need current-player companion usage per MR per a recent timeframe to more authoritatively determine the truth of the extent of "Smeeta Charm reliance". You're right, and I hope you saw that I agreed that Smeeta is not used "90% of the time". You're right as well, that my observed/presented statistics could in part be due to other pets just being.... Subpar, along with "pet AI" in general, juxtaposed with how the rest of the gameplay and pacing/approaches goes. But if people are choosing it for the buffs in spite of all of the usual Pet-AI system's detractors, and people are so vocally adamant against the "nerfing" of Charm, as far as I can tell that only strengthens the argument that Charm is a meta that people too-readily lean/rely upon. I personally think that having to switch to specific Warframes and Companions in order to maximize your loot-reward from temporary events should not be needed, or even be an option, personally. I'd far more greatly prefer if they flat out doubled, or quadrupled the base rewards of these events, without letting them be affected by these looting-metas, so that players are free to choose strategic gameplay options rather than looting options. DE doesn't let Chroma get double the credit rewards from Index, I personally don't see why they should allow "Loot Caves" in the form of specific Arsenal choices and mission types be a thing. They already got rid of Gian's point entirely rather than nerf it's loot-cave-like appeal (never abused it, idk what it really even was), and always find ways to reduce the efficacy of certain affinity/focus power-farms (goodby Io/Banshee, my old friend), I really see this "meta-looting-abuse" in the same category. It's not "playing the game with meaningful choices", it's "optimal farming". I would like the most-intentional methods of farming to not be what dictates the resource/credits/currency costs if they're 32x more effective than simply "playing the game". Smeeta's resource-boosting abilities could have a place, but I think it should be chosen more carefully than the broad degree to which it can trivialize certain farms (even with it's lack of "reliability", when spread across enough missions). Anyways these are all just points I want DE to consider regarding potential future adjustments to Smeeta, looting, and mission rewards in general. I'm gonna dip out for now, feel free to make your own additional points/counterpoints. No hard feelings, I hope ✌️
  3. If DE baseline doubled all resource acquisitions by either frequency or quantity, but capped Smeeta's Charm buff at being only 1 instance with a stackable duration, and divorced the different doublers so they only added the same amount over again rather than cumulatively exponentially multiplying the pickup, the only people who could be somewhat justifiably upset are those that already busted their backs farming everything without using any of the loot-increasing strategies/equipment/metas.But as someone who's at MR30 and doesn't have too much more leftover to farm for, I'd actually just be grateful at feeling less pressured to use Smeeta for any of the upcoming content, not upset at previous content being made more accessible with less-meta farming methods.
  4. If I've counted correctly, there's 37 different distinct sentinel/pet companions. Anything above 3% could theoretically be construed to indicate a clear bias for the given pets over others. Sub-10% bias doesn't actually prove a lack of bias, you need to look at it in the context of the missions, or the pet category. Especially in light of my previous point about Carrier and then all Sentinels having Vacuum before pets did. And again, just do arbitrations, steel path, or kuva missions. If it's not an immortal companion type, it's going to be the Smeeta, by an absurd frequency.
  5. It's totally fine if you insist we're not able to speak to your opinions and preferences. But we're expressing ours, and the behavior we see in certain mission types. Overwhelmingly, I see Smeetas in Arbitration (EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN'T BE REVIVED [at least not normally] when they go down), Steel Path, and Kuva-farming missions, because the chance at doubling, quadrupling, octupling, etc, the loot from these missions is too good for these players to pass up. It's not outright false. I'm viewing the stats on my 125+ strong friends list (half of them randomly friended after silly/enjoyable conversations or random missions), and the only people I'm seeing without Smeeta as their first or second-most used companion, are the ones that only have 2 or 3 companions mastered total and haven't happened to have gotten any Kavats yet. When Carrier was the only option for Vacuum for ages, and then only Sentinels were, and only recently were pets graced with Fetch, you can't judge just by their percentages, as veteran players have played thousands of hours with Carrier for it's vacuum alone. The only reasonable basis for comparison is within the pet-companion category itself, and then the trend becomes overwhelmingly clear. I stopped looking after seeing 40 that have a Smeeta use it the most out of all of their pet-companions, and they're the only non-sentinel companion that I ever see as their top-used sentinel/companion on their profile highlights. The same way that players overwhelmingly used Itzal for its reliable mobility, and the ability had to get nerfed/shared-around for players to feel like there wasn't only 1 reasonable choice to use for mobility, I believe Smeeta needs to see some of the same nerfs. I love everything you said but the hyperbolic assertion that Smeeta's used 90% of the time. Some people have self-control, and stats will likely very quickly prove "90%" wrong unless looking at extremely specific demographics, like MR20+ and the last year or two's stats in isolation, not account-lifespan-long usage. Amazingly simple suggestion for the buff proc though. how have any of us missed this??? That's a good solution to compress the outcome of loot-meta-abuser's maximum output, so that DE doesn't have to plan around their maximum being so high. I still believe that all of the looters should be additive rather than multiplicative/exponential though. The ideal/thorough implementation would not be that your speed in power-farming for resources would result in a net nerf, but rather that people not opting to party up with a Nekros, Hydroid/Khora, Ivara, and both booster-types and a Smeeta, would only see themselves looting at 1/4th or 1/8th your looting speed at worst, rather than 1/16th or 1/32 or worse.
  6. Also as I've been pointing out in other threads recently, they're free to play. They rely upon people being too impatient to wait/grind, in order to make money (see 24-hour crafting time forma, when you can use far more than 1 forma per day). It may be a fully cognizant decision of theirs, that they expect you to buy Warframes and Sentinels to powergrind to a certain MR that gives you the features you're impatient for. If it's a fundamental part of their business model, good luck trying to convince them to make less money. No such thing as a free lunch, spend your time, effort, and controller wear/tear, or spend on their purchasable available Warframes and Affinity boosters to get there.
  7. They're pointing out that *everything* in the game will cause at least a small amount of wear and tear on controllers, keyboards, and mice. I can't possibly imagine you're spending that much time socketing stars for endo. If you are, use it as motivation to get to the easily attainable MR so you can bypass it. A little bit more wear and tear on your controller in MR farming, and you won't suffer this wear and tear from socketing ever again. If you never get to MR10 though, and even if you never socket an Ayatan again, you'll still get wear and tear from playing the game. From a certain perspective.... It's not too different from grinding and leveling up a pokemon so that it one-shots wild pokemon on early routes, rather than requiring several hits. Just play the game, and after a mere approximately 10% of the content/arsenal, you'll have that feature.
  8. These would be why I'd wish for them to make "resource sinks" (recreational stuff like micromanaging a perfect Riven roll, making Dojos, experimenting with Helminth, etc) be composed mostly of either common resources with a high cost that could be more affected by Charm, or far lower quantities of rarer resources that can't be Charmed. And have both hypothetical costs set around the assumption of only having looting be capable of being additively increased instead of the assumption that it can be multiplied several times to an exponentially greater amount. Having Charm affect both Rare and Common resources that one both actively and/or passively farms for, just means that anyone aiming to get anything will always want to run Smeeta at all times. I'm personally okay with the most effective looting option being a resource booster if all costs were lowered or drop rates/quantities increased and that I wouldn't make more or less loot on or off the booster by equipping a Smeeta or looting Hydroid/Nekros, etc. I just want each individual looting option to have value without pushing players to double, quadruple, and octuple down on resource gathering, and have drops/costs set accordingly.
  9. Busted math and inconsistency is 100% why I think DE needs to disentangle themselves from a bunch of these silly multiplicative interactions. It only exacerbates a "double down on every DPS/Loot meta at once" mentality, for those that experience a FoMO on contribution to the DPS and the gains from looting in this looter shooter, and player "abuse" of that leads them to "balancing" with bandaids like the essence timers you brought up. The timer is so dumb honestly though, it just reduces the window of time available to perform the same abuse. I want to only miss out on 1/8th of the potential loot or DPS when I drop one of the meta components/mods, not 1/2. And I'd like resource/currency costs and enemy EHP to be based on meta weapons and modding and looting setups that are only (less than) 10x as effective as the non-meta setups. The sheer *slimness* of enemy level ranges at which a given (non-cheesing/mechanics-abusing) loadout feels challenging without being unfair is ridiculous, as is the degree to which it's trivial with cheese or prior to that level. And the fact that you're losing out on 1/2 or 3/4 or 7/8ths or more of your potential Kuva reward on Kuva-awarding missions by not taking a Smeeta just removes player choice. Just like Itzal took away choice in regards to mobility among archwings, before they bestowed Blink to all. Just like Archwings still make K Drive an inefficient/inferior choice under most circumstances. DE needs to be willing to make more controversial baseline rework-type decisions that make the game better. Blink was better for the game. Melee rework was better. The recent updates to physical and elemental damage makes the game better (although that's a bit incomplete and needs more). Gotta keep looking at both the broad picture, and the immediately adjacent/related picture, to keep things from swinging wildly between meta and useless, and forcing players to choose between being meta/ efficient or useless/inefficient. Bit of a soapbox but oh well. Think it'd be good for the game to take it to heart.
  10. Your phrasing strongly suggests that you're arguing that the loot ability from Charm is the only reason people run Smeeta. If DE's manufactured discontent (monetization of people's desire to skip grind/time with plat purchases from market or from players) is so severe that people experience a significant FoMO on chances of bonus loot that they feel they constantly have to run Smeeta for the Charm to stay ahead of the game's resource requirements, then the loot/reward balance is just screwy. If removing Charm's boost to rare resources would negatively impact the game, you're indicating that it's a meta. I'd prefer to reduce FoMO and increase the value of player's personal choices and preferences, and their impact on their playstyles. I don't want DE balancing future resources costs, or asinine features like loot decay (such as the despawn timers on Steel and Vitus Essences), based on people exponentially stacking every possible resource booster that exists. THAT would be (and is currently) adversely affecting the game.
  11. Make looting (and weapon modding) stack additively rather than multiplicatively. Additionally, make Smeeta's Charm useful for farming the listed resources for a given planet by increasing the gain/yield/frequency of Charm, but prevent Charm from affecting rare/exclusive/mission-unique resources (such as Kuva, Steel Essence, Arbitration Essence, etc). Bump up these now-unaffected-by-Charm resource's base drop rates/quantities up by as much as +100% to compensate for the loss of doubling (and in ridiculously lucky/arranged circumstances that honestly shouldn't exist, octuple) individual drops of rares. Further thoughts/explanation: (sorry for the clickbait-y title)
  12. Unlocks such as Arbitration and Steel Path access is locked behind quest/star chart and game progression. But DE locks a few other nifty (not-game-shattering) features behind MR10 and a few MR past that, to encourage engagement. They're a free to play game, they have to be balanced in such a way that the game is tolerable for the average or patient person, but the impatient will spend money/plat on Forma and such instead of grinding for it. Or in this example, people might buy "good" but "difficult to grind-for" weapons, or weapons locked behind un-preferred gameplay content. You'll need to give some really compelling reasons behind it being bad gameplay design or outright player-hostile, beyond just being an inconvenience that they monetize, if you're gonna stand a chance at convincing DE to change... Anything, really. MR30 requires 2,250,000 points, 2 million more than the 250,000 points required for MR10. Which means basically, you only need to "master" approximately 10% the game's MR-contributing content in order to attain MR10. EVERY Warframe (not including primes) alone would put you past the required amount of points. You could subtract a few of the more tediously-ground Warframes (RNG Nidus, Gauss, Equinox, Harrow, etc) by getting the Primes currently available/in-rotation for frames you enjoy, and by simply crafting and ranking some of the market-blueprint-purchasable sentinels, or weapons. You can play with pubs and only have 1 or 2 "mastery fodder" weapons/warframes/companion equipped at a time, and main your remaining real weapon(s) of choice and you'll get there in no time. The user above said they did it in 35 days. It's pretty trivial, especially compared to getting to MR30 or Legendary 1 (aka 31), where you get the Blessing feature. I didn't complain about that being gate-kept, I just looked forward to getting it and worked towards it.
  13. Oooh, or just going to Maroo directly and, recognizing that she's dealing with an "experienced Tenno with better things to do", she allows you to just directly select all of the statues you wanna sell, and asks if you want her to slot them for you, bypassing the slotting process on our end entirely.
  14. DE, you will receive a lot of platinum if you allow us to purchase additional Operator Appearance Config Slots. We can buy 3 bonus appearance configs for Warframes, and we can farm additional copies of Warframes (or keep their non-primes) in order to end up with crazy numbers of really diverse appearances for our Warframes. I'm sure I'm not the only person who wants 3 or more standard appearances to switch between as our mood strikes, but also wishes to have additional slots with which to experiment and think of new appearances. Please give us additionally purchasable config slots for Operators. Bonus points if you make them reorganizeable like Warframe's, extra bonus points if you give us Equipment Configs, for switching between specific Amps and Arcanes. It'd be neat to be able to have aesthetically tactical/stealth-looking outfits and appropriate arcanes and Amps, or open-combat ones, etc, that are switched to when we select specific Warframe Loadouts.
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