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Veilbreaker Update 32 Needs a GENERAL Category of Broken Items > Gear Wheel Broken after Veilbreaker Update


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Expected Behavior: Infinite gear wheel

Actual Behavior: Gear wheel capped (acts as if it's over capacity)


Trying to add items in my supposedly infinite gear wheel post Veilbreaker Update FAILS. As if the infinite wheel now has a hard limit (that I have far exceeded). As if removing enough items from the wheel will bring back the functionality.

I had 21 items on the wheel ... I went to add an item - the circular arrow was missing at the end of the run of items.  I removed one item  21 > 20. The circular arrow was still missing (so now that I have removed one item - I can no longer add it back) and am now at a hard limit of 20 items instead of 21.

I tried logging out and restarting the game. I ran the cache cleaner from the game launcher. Same result. Direct install (not Steam).

I had no problem adding gear items in the last ~2 weeks as I had Nightwave Missions for opening Derelict Vaults (where I needed to add Dragon Keys to get in).

The only change has been Veilbreaker.


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I don't know why they haven't just made it automatically crunch, or maybe they I don't know. I have only ever seen the add button at the end disappear, when somehow, a slot in the middle of your ring becomes empty somehow, and usually filling that slot or removing it, returns everything to normal.

That being said, I dunno what would have gotten buggered on your ring. I know personally the game automatically removed my On Call Crew summon for some reason

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