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  1. CANNOT BE RARE if it is listed as a Common drop on one of the regular Deimos missions.
  2. NO They should not. Seeing as how NIghtwave is temporary and then the Frame would be unobtainalbe for the time periods between any new Nightwave series. IF they discontue Nightwave then noboday can acquire the Frame until they migrate it to something else. The ONLY tiem this tends to happen is witth PRIME FRAMES and equipment. That is expected. But to treat a baseline game acquisition as if it were a Prime component is asinine. So when tehy goto release the Xaku Priem ina few years how f*cking rare do you want them to make those parts?
  3. Why is DE refeatureing the Tatsu with Xaku though? Some connection between Void and Sentient energy? Does Xaku take advantage of Sentient energy? Seems dumb without context.
  4. This goes for the Thaumica for the Xaku parts also. I spent 2 hours yesterdat mining and only found 8 (count). Need f*cking 60. Is DE really expecting us to burn through 8 hours just for 1 resource to builg an entire WF ? I'm fine witha free game and grinding for resources, but holy S#&$ even Nitain Extract is easier to come by.
  5. WOW !! 9 UPDATES LATER and DE STILL cannot be bothered to fix The Man In The Wall constant glitch that was introduced in the Derelict Shift !!
  6. "You will be able to Mod your very own Necramech using the 16 new Mods, obtained as drops from slain Necramechs." I was just thinking to myself the other day that it has been a looong time since I upgraded Melee Damage and Ability Strength mods -- YET AGAIN -- and I was thinking about doing just that, and here we are.
  7. "- Every Warframe can be Subsumed to permanently provide 1 specific Ability to Helminth." This is the information that was missing when making some fo the earlier announcements. Was wondering if we would have to constantly rebuild warframes to feed the abilities. So one and done.
  8. "Reduced overall sounds of the Necramech, including very loud death sounds." Oh come on, that was the best part, we never have any fun. Why do things have to die quietly.
  9. This just sounds like an impossible stairs challenge. (See MC Escher)
  10. Nope. Don't remeber that at all. Actually had no trouble getting medical bonds. Burned through those rather quickly. That was likely you. To be fair, Fortuna/Obr Vallis had -- AND STILL HAS - many issues but collecting medical bonds was never one of them.
  11. [DE]Rebecca: "Who is this for?We consider this a customization system for very experienced Warframe players (Mastery Rank 15 8 Prerequisite). We do not intend to let newer players unlock this system. We intentionally placed the Segment deep into progression to ensure only experienced players could access the Segment and begin their journey with Helminth. _____________________________________________ Except for when high MR players take low MR players into the missions with them, get the unlock early on. Because that never happens. [DE]Rebecca: Who is
  12. TYPE: In-Game: Orbiter DESCRIPTION: Being in the Orbiter, Returning to the Orbiter the "man in the wall" constantly showing up exceedingly.since the Derelict Shift 28.3.0 udpate. VISUAL: The visual would be the Operator showing up in a random location in the Orbiter. But a screenshot is pointless. The audio plays "Hey Kiddo". REPRODUCTION: This reproduces every 2-3 minutes if in the Orbiter for any duration of time. This repeats every single time you enter your Orbiter. EXPECTED RESULT: NOT to occur Every. Single. Time. NOT to occur every 2-3 Minutes. OBSERVED
  13. Air support craps oout at random on most any mission type. Doors also won't open at random on most mission types. These are not limited to Orb Vallis. The doors staying closed began around the introduction of the Plains of Eidolon, which showed up randomly around different parts of the star chart. And with subsequent updates and upgrades this problem hjas progressively become worse. The Fortuna Release is not stable in the slightest to begin with and broke many parts (outside of Fortuna) of the game that still have not been addressed in 2+ years. This is primarily due to D
  14. A whole 8 weeks = quite a while now .... [all of the following is speculation - I did not watch the devstream for primary kitguns and do not know if the devs made any statements regarding the topic] In any event, since the part of the kitguns that contributes to MR is based on secondary weapons and that part is used to build out a primary weapon, yes the stats will dump into the secondary metric. The methjod of counting class of weapon towards usage or MR may have been an oversight from DE who likely cobbled together a quick path to release primary modular weapons without having to
  15. [sarcasm] Yep. DE is not aware that various warframe parts and drops are located in the Derelict missions. Nor are they aware that most of the palstids and nano spores and mutagen drop from the Derelict. So they are removing the Derelict and replaing it with the new open world coming with the Heart of Deimos release a week from now, but have not thought about your conerns as to whjere to collect the existing resources at all. I supoose they will retire all of those resources and components and so nobody will be able to get corrupted mods or collect nano spores or build Nekros ever agai
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