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  1. Do people just post comments to the devstream thread and not watch the actual devstreams expecting to be spoon fed because they're too lazy to skim the stream for a couple of minutes ? This was answered in the last stream.
  2. Seeing as how exalted weapons were affected when they released Melee 2.0 - let's go with yes.
  3. You don't watch the streams too much do you!
  4. DE might want to link to some official legal rules for this contest. As well as the fact that technically a purchase is required to participate.
  5. IT IS NOW SEPTEMBER !! These shirts were ordered almost 1 YEAR AGO -- 10 MONTHS. Has anyone heard from DE and when these will be shipped ? At this point I either want my shirt or want my money back !! This is beyond ridiculous.
  6. The problem is not the range Rebecca. The problem is the coding is faulty when if a player can be standing on top of the Thumper and not get credit -- that isn't a range problem, so expanding the range out to 200m is all fine and good until the lack of credit at the end is still not being allotted. DE seems to have many issues with giving credit where it's due in recent months.
  7. CitizenV is correct if you are not in range when the Thumper is destrpyed -- regardless of being in a Squad or on the same Map -- you will not get credit for the kill.
  8. FORCED ANIMATION CLIPS !!!! If we have to rinse/repeat the same mission over and over again -- Ropalolyst - why are we forced to sit through the animations over and over and over and over and over again ?? Lotus takes up half the damned screen while navigating to the end boss -- AND you moved to cover up the map like Simaris in the middle right instead of her usual spot on the left our of the way. Who the hell keeps making bad interface decisions ? (Load screens by the look of things - each stage of the fight is a separate instance that's stiched together - was it really that complicated to make it a single fight instance ?) Maybe - force the player to watch the clips the first time through if they have not opened the node -- but after that - let us skip the damned clips !! Somehow DE forgot this issue after they released the Vox Solaris (Fortuna Part 2) then had to fix it. New content should be progress and ahve past changes incorporated not reverted back to old bad ideas. Moving forward keep the past changes you've made due to previous feedback in mind so that both the community doesn't have to repeat itself AND DE doesn't have to rework that should have been done the first pass prior to release. Also why doesn't the Ropalolyst simply work like the Sentients on PoE ?
  9. LMAO - You say you have maxed out riven-based builds and you were one-shot killed by the Saturn Six prisoners ? Seems rather contradictory. I have a half built Rhino and half built Plasmor and tacked on a radiation build and melted the refugees and the Wolf even at higher levels. And figured out some of the Kitguns will one-shot the refugees and 3-4 shots killed the Wolf. You must be doing something wrong.
  10. DE - Don't fool yourselves. This is a direct response to the recent EU Law changes towards video games - removing the random aspect.
  11. Nice shiney new update but the game is STILL BROKEN !! Can't get through doors - switching in and out of operator sticks badly - constatnt syncing issues abound - making changes to item mods / appearance / attachments too many times or for a long duration causes the game to desync and crash and on and on. BUT we have shiney new stuff that's broken. AND FYI - the new game mode is not very self-explanatory and the intstructions in this post are vague -- awesome communication there DE. Relying once again on the community to explain WTF you offer up.
  12. In a recent Devstream it was shown underneath the NAME of the item. Right now for Choma for example - I own a base Chroma - it shows a CHECKMARK in a circle and says 1 OWNED. I remember it also showing MASTERED in a devstream (I could be wrong and would have to go back and double check that). But I am NOT seeing 'mastered' listed there right now (mayabe an upcoming hotfix ?). This doesn't help, but just adding to your observations.
  13. DE - you have to give the users an option to DISABLE the ABILITIES animations !! Too much movement visually. It's causing visual problems. And give an option to view the ABILITIES / STATS / Other Item Data without a rollover / hover method. There needs to be a sticky option that allows viewing all the information at one time. Why have a multi-function weapon that has 2+ sets of specs one view per tab - this makes no sense when someone wants a full at-a-glance view of comparable information about an item. Additrional - I understanmd the MARKETING value of hiding the the item stats on the Platinum rollover - but if you are promoting constantly thet "NINJAS PLAY FREE - this information should ALSO show up on the ingame CREDITS rollover/hover as well. But that would be Redundant and simply having a SHOW STATS Link akin to the NEW - View Related (Items) Link at the bottom right that pulls up a sticky view of ... 'related items' would be much more effective. DE plainly added this function into the enw interface - but the lack of consistent interface methods and usability seems like someone did not bother to clean up the various designers that independently worked on thje update and simply slammed their components into the system at the last minute. And having the overview/sticky function for 'related items' but not for specs/stats/abilities OR having a toggle in the Interface Settings to switch this is bad design and planning. Add to that viewing an item with an already moving background - frame or weapon display and then adding in additional movies clips/animations to the mix leads to nothing more than chaos and confusion while showing only one rollover item at a time. I can deal with the background animation as I usually ignore it. As the previous interface still had a stationary text box that pulled focus away from the animation w/ a translucent background but now the user is not able to fullyt see all information at one time and the secondary animation is slammed next to the text and there is no avoiding it. Which forces me to leave the game to go find information about a frame or item on a static webpage somewhere like Fandom's wiki pages. DE needs to do an accessibility pass on EVERYTHING they have added ingame since the release of Plains of Eidolon because it has not been done and is lacking major support and alternative function for this.
  14. Then why the hell did DE post this beyond cross promotion of Mixer and making us sign up for yet another account just to generate more traffic for another 3rd party !!
  15. DE still doesn't understand interface design !! The coming udpates just add to the issue and make things worse. Splitting and hiding the collective information for an item being viewed, where previously (or currently depending on the changes or not) information could be seen at a glance -- like reviewing ABILITIES for a frame doesn't work. FIne hide the finformation but also give the option to make the rollovers "sticky or to expand ALL of the information. The same goes for the MARKET redesign. Most of the information in the current (as of this commentr) information for an item can be seen colelctively without having to rollover everything on the interface to guess where something is is going to be split off into different components - so the user will end up having t6o roll over essentially everything AND kleep their mouse hovering over the hostpot in order to see only part fo the information. This precedent was set by web designers 10-15 years ago and it was a bad idea then to hide the ientire interface under multiple rollovers and clicks while claiming "fewer clicks" - complete bullS#&$. Just hides the clutter like sweeping crap in your house under furniture to present the facde that something is "clean". We won;t even start on Accessibility issues with splitting the interface up like is being done !! Maintaining an optional "pop up" screen where ALL of the information is available at a glance is significantly more practical than having to rollover multiple items - period. BUT having the option to toggle between which view method the user wants would be better all around. In the DEMO the presenters couldn't even find the Statistics for the Grakata being used as the example. It was there -- having to Hit the TAB key in order to switch EVEN MORE HIDDEN INFORMATION - makes it that much mroe worse. WHY and HOW is switching from an ALL-IN-ONE interface where information can be viewed at a glance with a SINGLE CLICK -- Less practical than having to balance hover over part of an item to see a small part of information only to have to add a second hand to the functionality and press TAB after the focused hover to see slightly more information and having to do that multiple times to glean 100% of the information for an item ? It Makes No Sense.
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