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  1. FORCED ANIMATION CLIPS !!!! If we have to rinse/repeat the same mission over and over again -- Ropalolyst - why are we forced to sit through the animations over and over and over and over and over again ?? Lotus takes up half the damned screen while navigating to the end boss -- AND you moved to cover up the map like Simaris in the middle right instead of her usual spot on the left our of the way. Who the hell keeps making bad interface decisions ? (Load screens by the look of things - each stage of the fight is a separate instance that's stiched together - was it really that complicated to make it a single fight instance ?) Maybe - force the player to watch the clips the first time through if they have not opened the node -- but after that - let us skip the damned clips !! Somehow DE forgot this issue after they released the Vox Solaris (Fortuna Part 2) then had to fix it. New content should be progress and ahve past changes incorporated not reverted back to old bad ideas. Moving forward keep the past changes you've made due to previous feedback in mind so that both the community doesn't have to repeat itself AND DE doesn't have to rework that should have been done the first pass prior to release. Also why doesn't the Ropalolyst simply work like the Sentients on PoE ?
  2. LMAO - You say you have maxed out riven-based builds and you were one-shot killed by the Saturn Six prisoners ? Seems rather contradictory. I have a half built Rhino and half built Plasmor and tacked on a radiation build and melted the refugees and the Wolf even at higher levels. And figured out some of the Kitguns will one-shot the refugees and 3-4 shots killed the Wolf. You must be doing something wrong.
  3. DE - Don't fool yourselves. This is a direct response to the recent EU Law changes towards video games - removing the random aspect.
  4. Nice shiney new update but the game is STILL BROKEN !! Can't get through doors - switching in and out of operator sticks badly - constatnt syncing issues abound - making changes to item mods / appearance / attachments too many times or for a long duration causes the game to desync and crash and on and on. BUT we have shiney new stuff that's broken. AND FYI - the new game mode is not very self-explanatory and the intstructions in this post are vague -- awesome communication there DE. Relying once again on the community to explain WTF you offer up.
  5. In a recent Devstream it was shown underneath the NAME of the item. Right now for Choma for example - I own a base Chroma - it shows a CHECKMARK in a circle and says 1 OWNED. I remember it also showing MASTERED in a devstream (I could be wrong and would have to go back and double check that). But I am NOT seeing 'mastered' listed there right now (mayabe an upcoming hotfix ?). This doesn't help, but just adding to your observations.
  6. DE - you have to give the users an option to DISABLE the ABILITIES animations !! Too much movement visually. It's causing visual problems. And give an option to view the ABILITIES / STATS / Other Item Data without a rollover / hover method. There needs to be a sticky option that allows viewing all the information at one time. Why have a multi-function weapon that has 2+ sets of specs one view per tab - this makes no sense when someone wants a full at-a-glance view of comparable information about an item. Additrional - I understanmd the MARKETING value of hiding the the item stats on the Platinum rollover - but if you are promoting constantly thet "NINJAS PLAY FREE - this information should ALSO show up on the ingame CREDITS rollover/hover as well. But that would be Redundant and simply having a SHOW STATS Link akin to the NEW - View Related (Items) Link at the bottom right that pulls up a sticky view of ... 'related items' would be much more effective. DE plainly added this function into the enw interface - but the lack of consistent interface methods and usability seems like someone did not bother to clean up the various designers that independently worked on thje update and simply slammed their components into the system at the last minute. And having the overview/sticky function for 'related items' but not for specs/stats/abilities OR having a toggle in the Interface Settings to switch this is bad design and planning. Add to that viewing an item with an already moving background - frame or weapon display and then adding in additional movies clips/animations to the mix leads to nothing more than chaos and confusion while showing only one rollover item at a time. I can deal with the background animation as I usually ignore it. As the previous interface still had a stationary text box that pulled focus away from the animation w/ a translucent background but now the user is not able to fullyt see all information at one time and the secondary animation is slammed next to the text and there is no avoiding it. Which forces me to leave the game to go find information about a frame or item on a static webpage somewhere like Fandom's wiki pages. DE needs to do an accessibility pass on EVERYTHING they have added ingame since the release of Plains of Eidolon because it has not been done and is lacking major support and alternative function for this.
  7. Then why the hell did DE post this beyond cross promotion of Mixer and making us sign up for yet another account just to generate more traffic for another 3rd party !!
  8. There needs to be an interface OPTION to DISABLE the animations when rolling over the Abilities when reviewing what an ability is. The animation is VERY distracting as is causing visual issues when trying to read the text.
  9. DE still doesn't understand interface design !! The coming udpates just add to the issue and make things worse. Splitting and hiding the collective information for an item being viewed, where previously (or currently depending on the changes or not) information could be seen at a glance -- like reviewing ABILITIES for a frame doesn't work. FIne hide the finformation but also give the option to make the rollovers "sticky or to expand ALL of the information. The same goes for the MARKET redesign. Most of the information in the current (as of this commentr) information for an item can be seen colelctively without having to rollover everything on the interface to guess where something is is going to be split off into different components - so the user will end up having t6o roll over essentially everything AND kleep their mouse hovering over the hostpot in order to see only part fo the information. This precedent was set by web designers 10-15 years ago and it was a bad idea then to hide the ientire interface under multiple rollovers and clicks while claiming "fewer clicks" - complete bullS#&$. Just hides the clutter like sweeping crap in your house under furniture to present the facde that something is "clean". We won;t even start on Accessibility issues with splitting the interface up like is being done !! Maintaining an optional "pop up" screen where ALL of the information is available at a glance is significantly more practical than having to rollover multiple items - period. BUT having the option to toggle between which view method the user wants would be better all around. In the DEMO the presenters couldn't even find the Statistics for the Grakata being used as the example. It was there -- having to Hit the TAB key in order to switch EVEN MORE HIDDEN INFORMATION - makes it that much mroe worse. WHY and HOW is switching from an ALL-IN-ONE interface where information can be viewed at a glance with a SINGLE CLICK -- Less practical than having to balance hover over part of an item to see a small part of information only to have to add a second hand to the functionality and press TAB after the focused hover to see slightly more information and having to do that multiple times to glean 100% of the information for an item ? It Makes No Sense.
  10. So playing area mode like Onslaught or The Index where space is confined -- speed works to a disadvantage and is not needed. If a single player wants to move fast ina confined space - more power to them. But unless you elaborate and explain your commment further - you simply come across as someone who only plays Volt and has not bothered to expand your gameplay beyond spamming a speed buff because you can. And you are not adding to the conversation. If I could downvote your comment I would - but DE's thread system only allows for positive accolades unfortunately.
  11. NOPE - WRONG -- There DOES NOT need to be a mandatory gear item just to counteract a warframe ability. It doesn't matter that we have endless slots. The rest of the player coomunity -- let's call the MAJORITY -- vs the smaller minority of VOLT Players -- should NOT be forced to confrom to a single subset group because Volt players can't be bothered to give a damn about how they are affecting other players arfound them. This is the tail wagging the dog.
  12. I was looking through a thread from April last year that was locked ... The current method (if it exists) to opt out of the buff by another player is a PITA or near impossible to perform. The setting IS NOT a practical or "natural" or intuitive at all. The suggestions there mentioned to go from a backflip to a double backflip -- which makes even less sense. My thought on this is to make VOLT primary method of a speed buff to buff ONLY that player using Volt !! Then have a more complicated method of toggling a "team" speed buff AND ONLY within a very short range -- 5-10 meters MAX. IF you are standing right next to Volt when they buff the team then you get a buff. Eliminate any Range enhancement on the team buff so that it does not flood the entire distance of the map. Cool down for a Team Buff would be a significant amount of time. and Not able to be spammed. IF a team member gets upset that they are not receiving a speed buff from Volt -- that player can opt to add their own speed mods OR get their own speed warframe (Volt or whoever else goes fast). IF that player is complaining that they don't get the buff enough of the time when using Rhino - then they need to not sue one of the slower Frames in-game. BUT - JUST LIKE THE RECENT FIX to stop the endless 'teleporter loop' in the Grineer Sealab, this Volt speed buff affecting team members makes players want to leave a squad constantly or become annoyed that a Volt is in the group akin to a bad Limbo player that doesn't know to not use thier Rift Bubble constantly when it blocks ceratin gmaeplay aspects. Volt's speed buff ability is becoming a burden to gameplay and needs to be revisited. Some folks have mentioned that by adjusting the timer or the ability itself it reverts the development progress of the warframe. OCTAVIA METRONOME: I say keep the progress -- limit the spam ability to the immediate player using Volt ONLY. Change the ability to work more akin to the newer Frame abilities like say how Octavia's 3rd ability Metronome. Where the ability is cast - then if the player is in range and opts to participate in one of the alternative methods to activate the "team" ability then by all means the Rhino player that wants to run fast and not switch frames and not add mods can do so. The rest of us can opt out of being flooded by players with very little self control over who they are affecting during gameplay. Personally I HATE IT and will deliberately STOP moving and wait ujntil the time runs out and hope to hell that Volt is out of range before proceeding. If I am unable to do so and the Volt palyer remains in range spamming the ability I proceed at a very slow walk (while my character waddles it's feet like a cartoon). Volt is becoming problematic to the point where I see people complaining in chat more often and people leaving squads when a Volt player joins. EXCALIBUR EXALTED BLADE: Another thought I had was to allow Volt to speed buff themselves all they want to akin to how Excal's Exalted Blade works ... instead of a timer - if they have enough energy they can spam it all they want to - slma into walls and do whatever they wantr to with their own Frame all day long .... but where it wouldn't affect group memebers. ASH SMOKE SHADOW Syndicate Augment: Ash's invisibility is only for Ash when activated - but the Syndicate Augment Mod allows the player to extend the ability to other players fora more truncated period of time compared to the Ash player. Then if that player wants to spam the hell out of a speed buff all day long without affecting players - great. If they want to include their group members - then they are forced to give up a mod slot to add in a VERY SHORT TERM speed boost to members. So the Volt playuer would have to decide if they want to spam the group with speed OR use that slot for something else that benefitrs their own gameplay more. Since Volt IS NOT a Tank or Support Frame this would cause them to sacrifice something else just to a bother to other players. I could seea Volt player just weanting to be a nuisance at that point -- but it would be few and far between.
  13. ADDITIONAL THOUGHT --- DE has been blind-sided with an influx of traffic over the past 12-18 months for various things -- Ash Prime giveaway -- Nidus/Khora Debacle and this current Vitruvian Limited Time Order. Although it's impossible to knwo what the future has coming, DE should have plenty of user data (at least on the development side) to be able to forecast trends with the game. TRhe Ash Prime giveaway for example seemed like at the time DE anticipated 50-100 players chiming in for the free Prime frame then got 500,000 instead. Do teh developers look at the public facing numbers on the YT or Twitch channels ? Most of the content DE posts gets a ton of viewership. And I would hope that DE is keeping tabs on the data the game itself generates (or notices trends like an uptick in user attendance at event s liek TennoCon). It sounds like DE nee4ds to hire some Analyists who can give them a better target for situations like I've mentioned. The issue is the fact that every single time DE keeps stating that it was "overwhelmed" by the response of X. STOP being naive and overwhelmed. Learn from the past and figure these issues out moving foreward. Hire staff that would help alleviate these kinds of problems what ever skillset they might be. The next time around - maybe get quotes for 500 - 1000 - 5000 - 10k - 50k - 100k - 250k - 500k (whatever the total order quantity ended up being -- it's printing 101) and the timelines that each would required - then pad those numbers by 10%. Then give THAT timeline to Marketing. After that short of a major screw up you'd hit your target dates and printing allottment. If you hired an old man that works alone in his basement hand-painting the T-shirts one at a time then Yes - 4 months for 100,000 to 500,000* orders is unreasonable and we should not expect our orders before 2030 (or when the old man dies - which ever comes first). But whatever the numbers are - if DE contracted with a decent sized printing house then a 500,000* capacity within 4 months is not unrealistic in the slightest. *I am making up numbers here for the sake of the examples only. And I have a background in graphic design and am well aware of the capabilities of a range of scale companies that could or could not handle a huge influx order. TL;DR: There is a pattern of DE failing to anticipate their growth scale as if they are still thinking they are a "mom n pop" operation. Which in turn is causing them major fail points on a large scale. They need to recognize this and adapt accordingly.
  14. I contracted the Store CS specifically about the T-Shirt on March 21 (figured that was close enough to the END OF MARCH stated on the Order Page: https://store.warframe.com/products/vitruvian-t-shirt-limited-time-pre-order I assumed that this would be close enough to The End of March for an update. I assumed wrong. For the much good that DE is their Store-based Customer Service leaves a lot to be desired. The reply to the March 21 inquiry was: At 2 AM this morning April 9 2019 I had NOT received any notice or udpate or further response as to my order that was due to ship at the "End of March", so I contacted the Store-based Support ocne again. Stating this time that DE was in breach of it's own obligation after already taking receipt of payment for a product that was due to ship at the End of March adn not shipping said product at thje expected date/time. After which I managed to receive the following response at 9:38AM this morning: So the additoional snippet of information is that they received a lareger than anticipated number of orders, so there is a delay in shipping. This SHOULD NOT have taken an abrupt series of Emails to get this information for something that was pre-paid for up front. DE's customer service in that a customer had to through a series fo emails find a tiny bit of udpated information reagarding the delay instead of the company hiding what is happening. A statement at the End of March SHOULD HAVE gone out to anyone that placed an order with an update staus of their order and an updated shipping schedule ( which is still not clear and reads as the order is delayed indefinitely until we tell the customers otherwise.). Transparency is much better than being dsimissve here DE. I will be patient for now - but at some point soon either I will expect a refund or a more clear and concise explanation as to where my purchased product is and when I should expect to receive it.
  15. Sooo .... drop a Marker (Press G -default- on PC) on the location after you collect said item ? If in a squad this would set an alert for other players to that location to pick up an item. If Solo (you're just playing with yourself). AT DE: YOUR INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT CLEAR.
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