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  1. Why is it that after 2.5+ years Orb Vallis continues to not load the correct mission ? For Co-op I goto Eudico to load a mission in Fortuna. Then proceed to the elevator to exit into Orb Vallis. As the elevator moves, other players are connected to the game instance. The elevator opens onto Orb Vallis only to find that I have been shoved into a different mission than what I selected. I goto load a standard Bounty - Dirt Unit or something - only to find myself facing the Profit Taker or essentially the wrong mission that I did not load. OR that the other players are simply out farmi
  2. Not sure if anyone bothers with Page 3 but ... when you showed off the udpated UI changes coming for Update 30 (the orange interface stuff) Reb was mentioning the added imagery and so on ... This needs an OPTION TO DISABLE ... where the fucntions of the menu items are the primary feature of the menu. Too many graphcis "just because" might look "cool" but disrupts the ability to actually use the menus. ALSO - The current menus when going into the NAVIGATION are glitchy and do not always function as intended. Specifically when dealing with the INVASIONS menu -- after opening it -- when ther
  3. Submit a Bur Report on the Bug Report Thread instead of complaining on a release thread. SInce you're not too lazy to go dig up one of your old posts but must have burned through a ton of energy (I'm ssorry that you're so tired from that) to go to the Bug Report Section of the Forums and post this there instead - here's the link: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/149-bug-reports/ I did not provide a given platform as I was to lazy to bother finding out if you had platform information attached to your profile.
  4. Wrong. Wukong has been one of my mains for a while now and has never picked up drops/resources while in Cloud Walker Mode (at least since the rework back in June 2019). What Wukong does is drags resources like how Limbo can pull them while in an active Rift Walk -- but BOTH Frames only collect those dragged resouyrces when they deactivate those respective abilities. This behavior has not changed with the recent updates. Are you NOT running with any resource collection mods such as Vacuum or Fetch ? Without one of those; manually having to walk over resources is definitely noticeab
  5. So Nidus was released before Octavia ... but Nidus Prime was skipped.
  6. It would be helpful if the images that DE posts were NOT BLURRY !! The company specializes in graphics and you poost crap quality images.
  7. Saxis on Eris does the same thing ... nothing in this map that could sound an alarm -- Infested -- The only thing that came up was the Juggernaut. Does teh Juggernaut count as an "alarm". ETHIER - The NIGHTWAVE Mission needs to be retitled to "Complete a Mission at OXOMOCO" -- OR -- DE Needs to FIX THE DAMNED MISSION !! A continuous example of how the developers cannot do their job correctly.
  8. Not really -- if you are able to handle Steel Path there are many combinations of weapons and frames that can burn through enemies.
  9. 23 seconds for a full load in -- including animation sequences that can be skipped. If skipped the load time drops to 15 seconds.
  10. Nitain Extract can be had from Ghoul Purge Bounties that pop up frequently at Cetus/Plains of Eidolon/Earth. So players are not as locked as you want to claim they are.
  11. If you have access to the game or Google ... type in "warframe <item name>" ... Press ENTER -- plenty of pictures everywhere !! But I suppose it's the developers job to accommodate laziness of its player-base.
  12. Oh goodie !! Yet another NEW resource that does nothing beyond this minor 'event'. I love how DE can't be bothered to simply pull form the existing 99,999 other resources already available and simply make the process a little complciated to achieve instead. AND BY THE WAY -- Glassmaker dragged on waaaaaaaaaaaay too long. Especially the delay for Part 5. It didn't matter whether the pandemic broke out or DE switched directions and dumped Deimos / Necramechs > (Ophix Venom) in the middle -- I am so tired of the Glassmaker enemies constantly spawning at this point or having to deal with
  13. Have you fixed the damned TWITCH DROPS ? As they started breaking more frequently throughout 2020. It doesn't matter whether it was Twitch or DE or a service provider or squirrels eating the powerlines in between -- continuing to use a broken system without resolving the persistent issues is a waste. And promising Twitch Drops in the same post as "‘ship what we’ve shown’ debt" is a part of that debt.
  14. LOL - I'm surprised they've kept this thread open for additional posting for the last 20 months .. usually DEbuzzards lock threads down in very short order. On Topic -- I am seeing this happen with Gauss. I use Gauss as my main since shortly after Gauss was released (maybe since Sep 2019 or so since there was a short grind invovled w/ RNG and a 3 day build period). The Frame XP has been stuck at roughly 38 Million and change for most of 2020. I did not pay attention to the exact XP number until recently but I do go into the Profile ? Equipment page most sessions and glance at the informat
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