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  1. So in order to build the Exergis; other new Corpus weapons and some added Amps and to level up with Vox Soalris; the only way to do this is to go through specifically the Heist Bounties in the backroom of Fortuna and acquire specific compenets from them. The problem with this is having to sit through 3-4 minutes of dialog for each mission run - every single time. Why is it in most cases that DE allows us to skip dialog or minimize the dialog but for the above (and for spot like Simaris) we cannot skip the dialog and are forced to sit through it every time we intereact in these places ? The SKIP mechanic is already in game and there is no reason why we need to be forced into sitting through the dialog every time we goto run a mission in order to progress during the game. Unless you are intentionally forcing players to slow down. Not that DE doesn't already do this by placing excess build times on components in the Foundry (unless someone decides to use Plat to speed up the process). I've noticed this for awhile but it really becomes apparent when you get to Fortuna and want to build the new Corpus shotgun and only need 2 components from the missions for the build. And you waste more time sitting through the dialog tghan you do running the mission -- Every !! Single !! Time !!
  2. Holy S#&$ with the audio problems. Volume flucuated to extremes !! Had the audio nearly all the way down and WTF ever settings you had for your mics completely cranked the volume back up / overloaded speakers. No excuse that you all cannot produce a video with normalized audio.
  3. uberfu

    Tennobaum 2018

    What would be cool is if we could see the results from last year as maybe a motivation to meet or beat that mark. But DE used the same URL for last year's progress.
  4. uberfu

    Tennobaum 2018

    I fyou read the original post you might find what you're looking for.
  5. uberfu

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    Makes them need to go back and revamp older Prime Frames like Rhino and Frost (as these don't look much different than the non-Prime versions). Let's put some "gold" shoulder pads on Rhino and call it a thing.
  6. uberfu

    Fortuna: Limited-Time Twitch Drops!

    And anyone wasting their time on Page 3 of the thread -- you can grind more credits per hour than you get from the drops without half trying.
  7. uberfu

    Fortuna: Limited-Time Twitch Drops!

    No you didn't. You had to read before you wasted a comment that nobody cared about; but instead became very redundant and lazy for no reason.
  8. uberfu

    Fortuna: Limited-Time Twitch Drops!

    F*ck This DE !! We already tried this and wasted a hell of a lot of time for nothing last time around. Khora and NIdus can be had faster by grinding in-game than watching a week of streaminmg with no drops. Fool Me Once .... Don't waste your time on this crap !! ADDITIONAL -- Many of the Streamers also looked lioke they were contractually obligated to stream and did not actually want to stream or showed barely any interest. And now they're doing it a second time while fielding yet another round of irritated viewers and players that will not get Khora or Nidus (because nobody gives a sh*t about the other loot items). The only excitement for viewers will be watching which streamer is the most irritated.
  9. uberfu

    Fortuna Mining ??

    How in the hell are we supposed to mine deposits on cave ceilings and high up on mountain sides significantly out of reach of the laser cutters ? Places that can be reached by archwings (and flying WFs) but not by anytrhing else. Also found 1 deposit underenath a short rock outcropping on the ground -- upside down that wouldn't be cut.
  10. uberfu

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.1 +

    Yay ... A bunch of costemic fixes while the entire game contiues to destabilize.
  11. The issue is specifically the entirety of Fortuna !! I went to the Plains of Eidolon on Earth and ran an hour of missions without any issue whatsoever. Also ran a bunch of Relic missions. Syncing issues abound there but at least managed to stumble through to completion. But all in all Fortuna locks up - desyncs - doesn't sync at all - doesn't load - crashes. It's locked my entire computer 2 times now where I had to physically reboot from the buttons on the box. Kicked me back to Fortuna from Orb Vallis in the middle of missions at random. As if the mission were cancelled and the group was disbanded. Just ran a low level 4 part mission - on part 2 - search for 3 caches - there were ONLY 2. There wasn't a 3rd cache (the yellow area circle decreased down to nothing) so unless the 3rd drop landed outside the larger yellow area at the start OR was completely invisible and muted it wasn't there. I loaded once today into a group mission only to find no mini-map and no mission marker or text for what it was. Could not use weapons - could not use archwing - could not initial abilities - Eudico was speaking but was inaudible - basically "mumbling" (but i know unless DE recorded actual mumbling or tossed on some FX the base dialog shouldn't have reverted to what I heard without some coding frak up). In any event as I have mentioned in several posts since Fortuna's launch -- CODE CLEAN UIP IS NEEDED BADLY. Fortuina will be nice once DE stablizes it. Let it also be noted that DE in a recent Devstream stated that they'd rather (and the community too) would put out a stable release than meet an arbitrary deadline. Sorry but this release feels more like meeting a dealine over putting out stable code. PoE had it's problems after launch but Fortuna has topped any isseus the Plains had. And you'd think that the 2nd time around the process would have been smoother than last year. But add to it the failed launch event where either the coding was so frakked that players could not sync their Twictch accounts for the event and/or the drops were frakked OR DE duped the user base to generate more traffic for their precious Twitch streamers that need a paycheck (they need to go get a job like the rest of us if they need money) ... DE is shooting itself in the foot right now and repeatedly. Orb Vallis is so bad you can't get out there rtight now - and if you can you either get perma-stuck / booted back to Fortuna or the game crashes. And before anyone cries about how this is all MY internet connection or MY computer settings or MY whatever .... Go Cry To Someone Else!! I promise it's not on my end otherwise I'd be having trouble with other games and other parts of WF and other aspects of my computer and connectivity to begin with. TL;DR - Fortuna is a half-assed release (after DE claimed taking time to make it stable) and needs major attention.
  12. uberfu

    "Vallis Spelunker" Achievement unobtainable

    LMAO - there are sooo many other larger issues with the Fortuna release than a passive achievement.
  13. uberfu

    Warframe Black Friday Sale

    As much as the details of the post do in fact point to new players .... DE should change the title from Black Friday Sale to New Player Sale. Otherwise they actually need to do something for recurring players for Black Friday. But then again regulars can buy the starter packs also.
  14. uberfu

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    Probably nobody received a Warframe. There were a couple of rumors that a couple fo folks received one by Saturday but nothing confirmed or broadcast. Because the of the extensive problems w/ the drop scheme this past week and the lack of any validity seem more like a couple of people stirring trhe pot to egg folks on.
  15. uberfu

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    LMAO -- DE has the backbone to run a stream tonight and NOT address this past week -- WTF !!