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  1. As much as I appreciated DE regularly recognizing the community that supports it and gives back to it with things like the Anniversary gifts among others; This year's method of release is Confusing and seemingly disorganized. It comes across as an after thought where DE realized at the last minute the anniversary showed up. So slap something together add a couple of trhrow out pieces and call it a day. The 2 Items per weekend; with no information about what the intended plan is is bad form and inconsistent. The first weekend, the first 2 items showed up, players completed them, and I for one was surprised that only 2 items were being released. Then caught the trail end of the 2nd weekend relase and realized some more gifts were passed out. Again no notice / announcement or any information about what the plan was. Now, it's what; the 3rd / 4th weekend out and another round of 'gifts' have been presented. Should we expect more going into April ? Is this weekend the last of the offerings ? If someone missed a weekend, are all of the offerings going to be reoffered a final last time en masse ? For a game dev company that touts open information to the community -- This AS USUAL / once again flies in the face of that mantra. IF DE is going to continue to make that claim then you need to back the claim up -- saying it and doling something else does not solidy the reputation of the company. Something like an anniversay you weould think would be a bigger deal than you seem to be making it this year - especially since Tennocon and society norms have been disrupted this year due to a world wide pandemic. You'd think celebrating a milestone would have been more than a passive "oh yeah we need to release something I guess" Also - if any of this was mentioned in the middle of the random, 1+ hour dev streams in recent weeks that is not giving direct information to the community at large; not everybody sits through those hours of streams just to glean a single shred of information that pertains to that person. This type of information should be contained in a searchable manner in the announcements thread of the forum or on the main website at a minimum regardless of whatever other medium outlets DE chooses to use. Not everybody is on Twitter. Not everybody is on Twitch. NOt everybody watches the dev streams. The community / communications mangers should have a ready list of every outlet that DE uses and make determinations as to what few priority outlets should be used always then what outlets to focus on for promotional stuff like the Free w/ Twitch Prime ongoing promotion (as an example which might not need to show up on DEs YT channel). DEs marketing and communciations is severely lacking and disorganized lately and it would benefit the company to get a better ahdnle on it. Case in point -- this year's anniversay promotions.
  2. This is rather disappointing. Moving forward from Railjack and Scarlet Spear -- it looks as if DE is pushing WF more and more towards full on Multi-player ONLY and away from Single Player Co-op.
  3. This is not true. I get harrassed by Lichs nearly every time I go do a mission. They are already integrated into the main game. And there is no way to avoid them except to stay in the beginner tilesets. I am not interested in dealing with the Lichs right now as there is plenty of other content to focus on in the game and avoid (due to a S#&$ ton of broken code everywhere). There needs to be an option to fully OPT OUT of the Lich mechanic -at a minimum akin to toggling on/off Quests. I haven't even bothered with htis and somehow I have an active Lich annoying the S#&$ out of me every time I log in and every time I return to my ship. I am not going after the Requiem relic missions anytime soon as I don;t give a damn about them.= Many things in-game need OPT OUT or toggle switches. No one is being forced into Railjack or out ot Fortuna or to go acquire Excal Umbra - but for some idiot reason every player that jumps into a map that meets the criteria of the Lich initialization, you are now stuck with this annoying "feature" with no method to hide / mute or disable it.
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