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Khal Mission


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Did the mission for the first time. And i'm not impressed at all. This doesn't feel like Warframe. Absolutely didn't like Deacons the first go round getting the Drifter's Camp.

I can't find any of the secondary stuff for Stock, and i've spent a lot of time just running around trying to find those items, but I don't even know what i'm looking for. Tried to speed run it in under 15m for the stock and i'm short by 4+ minutes every time because of the Spider(my gun is doing more damage than the torch?). 4 day cooldown on mission rotation.. yeah i'm just gonna go open relics, sell the parts and buy the weapons with plat. 1 boring mission a week.

I get that DE is trying to give us more and different things to do.. But again. This doesn't feel like Warframe. Can't even watch a video where things are because there isn't one yet. Maybe when it gets close to reset there will be one so I can see what exactly i'm looking for since I can't even complete it in the time frame.

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