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NSW Lua’s Prey: Baruuk Prime: Hotfix #6

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NSW Lua’s Prey: Baruuk Prime: Hotfix #6


Patience gives way to unleashed fury in Baruuk Prime Access! Instantly add the latest Prime Warframe, his signature Prime Weapons and exclusive Prime Accessories to your Arsenal for a limited time. 

Doomed are the fools who attack the peace and exhaust the restraint of this reluctant warrior.


Punish those who test your restraint. The first strike in a combo stuns enemies when Cobra & Crane Prime are wielded by Baruuk.

Vanquish chaos with dual firepower.

Exclusive Baruuk Prime Glyphs


Baruuk Prime Accessories feature: 

  • Asila Prime Syandana
  • Vaaditum Prime Ephemera
  • Baruuk Prime Mandala
  • 90 Day Resource Booster
  • 90 Day Affinity Booster

Instantly gain access to Baruuk Prime from the in-game Market or earn Relics in-game to craft Baruuk Prime, Cobra & Crane Prime and Afuris Prime in your Foundry. 

Now that Baruuk Prime Access is available, the following items have been added to the Prime Vault for a future Prime Resurgence rotation. If you have Relics that contain these items they will remain in your Inventory.

  • Octavia Prime
  • Tenora Prime
  • Pandero Prime 

With this Vaulting comes the shift of the following Syndicate Sacrifices:

  • Replaced Perrin Sequence Rank 4 sacrifice of Pandero Prime Receiver to Magnus Prime Barrel.
  • Replaced Perrin Sequence Rank 5 sacrifice of Octavia Prime Chassis to Gara Prime Neuroptics.

Riven Disposition Changes:
As with each round of Prime Access come updated Riven Disposition numbers, check the full details here: 


Learn more about our Riven Disposition Guidelines here:


  • Helminth Segments Bundle has been added to the in-game Market! Includes the Helminth Segment and Helminth Invigoration Segment. 
    • “Helminth hungers to make you stronger. Welcome Helminth into your Orbiter with this bundle and you will be able to replace Warframe Abilities, Invigorate Warframes with temporary buffs.”
    • Mastery Rank 8 required to purchase. 


  • Removed unintended “Auto Sprint” Option from settings. Related: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1330133-auto-sprint-option-cannot-be-set-to-yes-stays-disabled-by-default/
    • This was fallout from Lua’s Prey mainline, this option was not intended to be released. 
  • The in-game Market landing page now shows both “Featured” and update specific items/bundles(in this case Lua’s Prey specific items/bundles). 
  • Removed the Arsenal and Mods consoles in the Relay Drydock. 
    • This was causing multiple issues, and unnecessary since the Arsenal and Mods can be accessed via pause menu.  

Conjunction Survival Changes & Fixes: 

  • Fixed Lua Thrax and Sentient enemies not scaling in Conjunction Survival missions. 
  • Fixed transmission issues in Conjunction Survival missions. 


  • Fixed hitches that would occur if someone pasted a Riven link in chat. 

Console Specific Note: 

  • Fixed other options in the background being selected while viewing Platinum in the in-game Market.


  • Fixes towards Sargas Ruk, Lech Kril, Exploiter Orb, Lephantis, Vay Hek, and the Archwing Pursuit Ship not taking damage from single target weapons (only AOE weapons could damage the weak spots).
    • It is important to note that these are temporary fixes to prevent the complete inability to defeat these bosses due to the above issue. A code fix is required to address the issue which we are unable to release before the holiday break. So in the meantime, seeing as progstops are a top priority, we had to make some necessary tweaks to how these Bosses operate so that they could be defeated. These tweaks are temporary for the holiday break and will be reverted in a future update to bring these Bosses back to their original mechanics:
      • Vay Hek now takes damage everywhere and doesn’t rely on the weak point mechanic during his drone phase.
      • You can shoot any of the Exploiter Orb’s three vents, but still only deplete a maximum of one third of the Orb’s Health per phase. 
    • There are also some issues with this workaround that will be fixed with the future revert: 
      • Secondary mechanics that rely on hitting things are not always triggering.
      • Punch-through lets you hit weak points on the opposite side of a target. 
  • Fixed quickly swapping between the Phenmor (Incarnon Mode) and Secondary weapon  leaving the player locked in the equipping animation. 
  • Fixed Garuda’s Blood Forge Augment Mod not refilling the ammo of Battery Weapons. 
  • Battery Weapons will now have their ammo charged to full instantly when Bloodletting is cast. 
  • Fixed Eximus enemies not dropping Health and Energy Orbs in Sanctuary Onslaught missions. 
  • Fixed Eximus enemies not contributing towards the Efficiency score in Sanctuary Onslaught missions. 
  • Fixed embedded Tenet Ferrox after a throw expiring earlier than intended. 
  • Fixed enemy spawns at times not occurring in the Sover Strait Railjack node. 
  • Fixed Grendel’s Pulverize ball being smaller than intended with the Voidshell Skin equipped. 
  • Fixed the Lotus’ Amaga Skin having squished face/lips in transmissions. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player leaves your squad with a different Glyph selected.
  • Fixed limited time holiday items that are coupon discounted in the in-game Market showing 0 Platinum in the UI. 
    • This was a UI issue in the item’s Market page, the confirmation screen did indicate the correct Platinum amount that would be used to purchase the items. However, if you purchased a holiday item with a coupon while this issue was live (Friday, Dec 9th to this Hotfix) you may send in a ticket to support.warframe.com for a purchase revert (remove the items from your account and restore the consumed Platinum). 
  • Fixed Incarnon Weapons losing their crosshair when flying around in Archwing in open landscape areas. 
  • Fixed the Vort, Glazio, Talyn, and Laith series of Railjack weapons showing as “Common” in the UI when they are “Uncommon/Rare”. 
    • This also fixed issues when trying to Valence Fusing a higher tier Railjack weapon into a lower tier one. 
  • Fixed the Akbolto Prime’s projectiles not inheriting emissive colors. 
  • Fixed some Festive Dojo decorations not appearing. 
    • These will now remain permanent fixtures in the Dojo decoration menu.
    • Also fixed duplicates of the Holiday decorations appearing in the menu. 
  • Fixed a default Excalibur appearing alongside you when extracting with the Skaut during Quest replays. 
  • Fixed the dangling bit of the Narvarr Prime Leg Plates floating when equipped on the Garuda Tengushin Skin. 
  • Fixed Invasion progress showing in the End of Mission screen for nodes (including Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos occupied) that also have an active Invasion mission on it. 
  • Fixed the localized Chipper’s Shop timer showing at odd locations on the screen. 
  • Fixed Focus School selection not being respected when quickly swapping between Drifter and Operator. 
  • Fixed placeholder text appearing in the “Additional Platinum Needed to Rush” popup. 
  • Fixed opening chat linked Mods/Looks causing overlap with the End of Mission UI.
  • Fixed the Syndicate UI header lingering on screen after leaving the “Change Pledge” screen. 
  • Fixed inconsistencies of the “owned” tag over the purchase button in the in-game Market when an item is on sale. 
  • More fixes towards the in-game Market UI not accounting for the price of each individual Warframe Slot in the Complete Starter Slot Bundle.
  • Fixed the Winter Glyph Pack IV’s in-game Market diorama being too bright/not matching the layout of the other Glyph Packs. 
  • Fixed rare occurrence of the in-game Market item dioramas resetting after purchase. 
  • Fixed script error related to doing damage to anything that isn’t a weapon. 
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Thank you very ver y much !!!

Baruuk Prime is gorgeos !!! I'm sure Santa is going to give me this Prime Access ! 🎄🥰🎄


Just to get some information : any news about abilities and augments that are not working as intended ?

Any news about the "rework" of Valkyr Prolonged Paralysis having been a nerf instread of a buff ?




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