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Tennobaum Holiday Card Contest [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]


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tennobaum2023_4k (1).pngGet ready to embrace the winter wonderland, Dreamers! We're launching our annual Tennobaum Holiday Card Contest, and this year, the theme is all about snowball fights and snowy adventures. Whether you're a seasoned illustrator or a budding Captura artist, we invite you to create a heartwarming, snow-filled card cover. The top 3 illustrations and top 3 Captura images will be transformed into physical cards, sent to the talented winners, and made available as free downloads on our website once the contest concludes.

How to enter:
Share either a holiday-themed illustration or Captura image in this thread. A snowball fight in your dojo or a piece of fanart are great images to kick off the season! 

1st place – Grendel Prime Access 
2nd place – 1000 Platinum 
3rd place – 750 Platinum 
A free PDF copy of the top 6 cards available after Tennobaum 


  • 1275 x 1650 for portrait
  • 1650 x1275 for landscape
  • One submission per player
  • Submission must be your original work
  • Do not reserve spots in the official contest thread
  • Submission must be appropriate for all of our community
  • Submission must be holiday themed images only

Winners will be chosen based on creativity and quality of the image. The contest starts now and runs until December 13 at 2 p.m. EST!


 Thank you all for participating in this year's Tennobaum Holiday Card Contest! This contest was as thrilling as a snowball fight on a winter's day ;) Looking forward to more celebrations and shared moments together, Tenno. 

Megan and Zach went through the winners and honourable mentions on PrimeTime 373

You can also see the winners and honourable mentions below: 




1st Place Captura: Skogsjel, PC1st place cap- skogsjel.jpg1st Place Illustration: Rahny, PC

1st place d - Rahny.png

2nd Place Illustration: LittleKippie, PC

2nd place d- Little Kippie.jpg

2nd Place Captura: Toxicdarque, PC

2nd place cap- toxicdarque.jpg

3rd Place Captura: lukette05, PSN

3rd place cap- lukette.jpg

3rd Place Illustration: Firefoxxxx, PC

3rd place d- firefoxxxx.jpg

Here are some printable files: 


1cap Skogsjel, PC.png

1ill Rahny PC.png

2cap toxicdarque, PC.png

2ill LittleKippiePC.png

3ill Firefoxxxx, PC.png

3cap lukette05 PSN.png



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