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  1. Those long-ranged enemies at high level are indeed deadly snipers. (Jugulus, Tendril Drones, Carnis). Their long distance often keeps them out of the range of several CC abilities as well. They can and will destroy that drone in less than 30 secs while, depending what frame you are using, you are chasing these threats around one by one trying to save the drone and yourself. Mass AOE offense frames can kill stuff quickly enough, but other frames that lack this or don't have the means to protect the drone directly, you're gonna have a hard time keeping it alive. You pretty much gotta be prepared
  2. Fallen Necramechs are also found outside in Deimos during Fass time (when the red worm is active). You can notice them from the blue energy emanating from their carcass. There are specific fixed locations where they may spawn, which one is RNG every time. What I did to finish this codex entry was just go outside, go to the locations I am familiar with, scan the necramech if I find one, go back inside, repeat. Until I got tired of looking or Vome shows up and kills Fass; at which points all the fallen necramechs outside will become active and thus become "allied necramechs"
  3. Focus on getting some Magus Lockdown arcanes for your operator. That stops them for some seconds. You can keep using it with diminishing duration each time. This buys you more time to do damage. Zenurik Focus school has Temporal Blast which also slows them down. To deal massive damage quick, use Gunblades at point blank range or bring your best crit (melee) weapon build. But if you say 10-20% get through, that isn't really that bad since your goal is to farm Axi relics only. Disruption doesn't rotate its reward table back to the beginning. It just goes on infinitely in Drop Table
  4. Lua - Apollo (Disruption) Easily the fastest and only way to consistently get Axi relics Tier A Tier B Tier C Neo A3 Relic 14.29% Axi A10 Relic 14.29% Axi A10 Relic 12.42% Neo I2 Relic 14.29% Axi A11 Relic 14.29% Axi A11 Relic 12.42% Neo M3 Relic 14.29% Axi B3 Relic 14.29% Axi B3 Relic 12.42% Neo R4 Relic 14
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