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  1. The in-game report system does nothing, it's just a placeholder. The real report system is in helpdesk, where you can select a report category, describe in words what it is about and you can attach screenshots as proof.
  2. You're making too much sense with your logic and rational thinking! People can't handle that, you're freaking them out into a frenzy! AAAAAARGHH!!!! 😅
  3. Do people who keep spouting that "use recruit chat" actually follow their own advice or do they just enjoy mentioning platitudes? The thing about recruit chat is, it involves waiting and staring at your screen doing nothing for several minutes waiting for replies (if you get any at all) to fill a lobby for who knows how long. Who enjoys that? Recruit chat is quick only when it is about farming new fresh content, like the latest Prime items, daily sorties, events or Nightwave challenges and such. Anything else that is old (older or vaulted relics relics, any star chart node), you're going to have a harder time filling all those player slots; the more specific you are, the harder it will be that somebody wants that exact same goal as you who also just happens to be staring at the recruit chat at the same time. That is quite a heavy RNG by itself. "H ESO 8 waves" or "H ESO infinity waves" Who honestly believes you will consistently get 3 replies within 2 minutes at any time time on any day you type that in recruit chat? You're better off saving your time by just doing it solo (or take your chances with a pub group). And herein lies the problem I have with ESO: the efficiency drop rate doesn't scale based on # of players. A solo player is expected to be just as efficient as a 4 player team at wiping every ESO map? There's like only 3 nuker frames this is possible with, and it has gotten boring (for me) because of this. I'd like to use other frames but even when packing 8-forma OP weapons that just isn't possible. Regular SO can be done with every frame to wave 8 easily due to the efficiency rate dropping slower. The capture rate of Interception scales based on # of players, such feature should be present in ESO's efficiency kill rate too. You shouldn't be punished because "you dare play this game mode alone!" forcing you to stick with the 3 meta ESO solo frames forever.
  4. I have been getting this bug a few times where after I get back in my frame from operator mode, I am only able to move and look around. All attack and interactive buttons no longer work. I can switch weapons (including spear, mining laser, scanner) but the attack buttons do not function. Warframe abilities do not function. Use key does not work. Operator button no longer works. Glyph and emotes no longer work. Gear wheel still works, I can drop item restores and specters. If this bug happens in open world maps, getting on k-drive / archwing (since they're gear wheel items) and then back to my frame, fixes this problem. Being revived from bleedout does not fix this. Dying and reviving fixes this (not a recommendable option when doing Arbitration obviously) /unstuck does not fix this Jumping off the map does not fix this This seems to happen only in online mode so it must be some hosting issues that causes this control lockdown. Easiest way to fix this is the /unstuck command gets expanded to also mimic whatever happens to us when we are reset from stepping off our k-drive/archwing.
  5. I turn voice chat off in all games because it never comes out with audible good quality. It's always distorted, low volume or just too much background noise. Why get distracted by a voice I can't understand? Hearing somebody with a good mic has always been a rarity for me.
  6. Hitting the grenade, with melee, guns or Warframe abilties, will detonate it and the damage will be done to enemies only.
  7. Grineer Galleon (a.k.a. The Hydron map) 8 medallions They will be located in the surrounding enemy spawn rooms at the edges of the map. This includes the starting room you spawn in. Run one circle around the place and you will find them all. Europa crash site 6 medallions The very room you spawn in has 5 right around you. The 6th one is further down the tunnel in a room to the left, where I am looking at in this pic. In the zoomed-in radar pic you can see all 6. Uranus Underwater lab 8 medallions There are two types of maps on Uranus used for defense/interception, the recently added one is a giant open cave. It does NOT have medallions. The original one with the tunnels connecting several caves to each other, that one has the medallions all over the place. Any sort of loot radar mod is highly recommended here, the more the better. Earth Jungle 5 medallions Unlike the other tile sets above, Earth Jungle does not use the same map for both inteception + defense. It has unique maps for each. The defense map has NO medallions. And there are two types of interception maps. One has a giant hole in the middle of the map with catwalk platforms connecting the capture points. This map has NO medallions. The other interception map with buildings on solid ground has 5 medals. They spawn in the enemy spawn area in the back of some cave entrance between capture points A and D. You can already see 2 medals in the left pic. Sometimes only 4 medals can spawn back there, that means the 5th one is in the secret room behind the interactive crane at capture point B, I'm looking at the entrance in the right pic. Just "use" the panel located there. Trivia: a couple of years ago, the Corpus frozen dam Def/Int and Corpus outpost Defense maps used to have 3-2 medallions respectively but for some reason they were removed. (This last pic is from +Skysplitter+'s Steam medallion guide) So these 2 maps and every other Defense/Interception map not listed in this post do not have medallions.
  8. There are at least 4 locations that I know in Corpus ships where the cache will not show up on your map because they are hidden really high or really low, beyond the range of radar mods. One is the elevator shaft. Whenever you enter one, look straight up, if there is a yellow light far away at the top, that's a hidden room you have to wall jump to reach. Another is in a dead end room often used to open the blast door in reactor sabotage, it has two platforms in the back with some lockers. Wall jump upwards from there to reach a hidden area above. The very large room where you often fight Corpus bosses like Sergeant and Hyena, with the orange containers in the ceiling. The caches can spawn in the containers, but also higher on the ceiling beams to the side. And last there is one hidden under the floor, the entrance is hidden behind a raised wall in a hallway. You have to drop twice in that hole to enter a small chamber. If your volume is high enough, you can actually faintly hear the cache if you walk over it when you're in the hallway. This same logic also applies in Grineer tile sets. Some caches are hidden in very high places out of reach of radar mods. To find them you have to be really exploratory-curious to look in every nook and cranny. Finding the caches is actually easier compared to finding all the Kuria statues, now those are seriously hidden in locations waaaay out there! 😳 tl;dr any place that has a very high ceiling, bullet-jump up there and look.
  9. I used Ivara sleep arrow for this challenge yesterday and they were all perfect captures. Last I remember is that the requirement was that her arrow hit the animal's body directly, not through the splash effect by hitting the ground near it. So I aimed at the bodies.
  10. Is this about the Nightwave challenge? Read the text after you capture an animal. It has to be a perfect capture. Not bad, not good, but perfect.
  11. The Wolf (and other “stalker” type enemies) now have a level cap of 60 for Solo players and 75 for public squads. Significantly reduced the Wolfs tankiness.
  12. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Fetch Pets now have vacuum with this mod since update 24.0.2 (5 months ago) But but but ......!!! .....this is really funny to look at!! Wolf is trapped in this animation for a few secs giving me time to land free shots on him.
  13. It's random every time. Quite annoying when doing syndicate missions because medallions can spawn in those side passages. If you find 8/8 then those items on your radar are just Orokin crates, if you find 7/8 then unfortunately the one in the corner is definitely a medallion.
  14. The stats for how many players and how frequent trials were played is actually public knowledge, no need to speculate on the numbers. http://www.wfraids.com/ https://trials.wf/stats/ Considering that there was a long waiting time before you became eligible to earn an arcane reward again, people played each trial category once a day. The top raiders chart goes all the way down to #3001. That's not a small number. (#481. Top 500, wooh! 😃 )
  15. The closest thing that resembles Warframe's pvp is Gunz, a game from 2003. A very niche game that only hardcore gamers even know exists, the general gaming populace never heard of it. And there's a reason for this as to why it's such an obscure niche game: there aren't enough gamers who can handle and enjoy this high speed pvp, the demand just isn't there so it never took off to the limelight like the Counterstrikes and Battle Royals and their many many clones. Slower paced pvp is simply what the market wants and enjoys the most. Developers know this so they all have stuck to that all these years, this is why it's so hard to find Gunz alternatives. Gunz is still up btw and it's a safe bet to say way more active and alive than Warframe's conclave. I like Archwing, it has its flaws and is certainly no ZOE (Zone of the Enders). But I'm not going to hold my breath hoping it will do a 180 after all these years and become an amazing mind-blowing different superior game mode. I'll just enjoy it for what it is. If I want the ZOE experience, I'll just go play ZOE. Take it from me, don't waste your life sticking around a game you have burnt out from hoping it will become something better you want it to be. Game development takes years to make and perfect, years better spent looking and discovering other games that you will like. There are people who stick around in MMORPGs for years because they hope it will change direction and become something they want it to be. By the time they get tired and move on ~4 years will have passed. That's a huge waste of time. You can't fault DE for not trying at least, and oh-how-many-times they have tried to implement different pvp in Warframe only for them all to fizzle out shortly after release. Other devs normally never dare try to get out of their comfort zone and take risks, and for good reason. These risks cost lots of time and money, something they don't have an infinite amount of. So whatever pvp experiments they still insist on trying despite its repeated failed history streak, it's going to be a minimal effort risk. I enjoy and stick to Warframe for its strengths. For its weaknesses, I'll just go somewhere else instead of expecting them to be improved. It's the logical thing to do, I expose myself to a multitude of games and player bases this way instead of just one. Why limit myself?
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