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  1. Use Mirage and keep spamming Hall of Mirror (1) and keep moving. Her holographic copies will also draw aggro, handy for the excavation and defense mission. Majority of enemy attacks will miss you and your damage output is increased a bit. When you have the energy to spare, use her Eclipse (3) to double your damage in the light and reduced enemy damage in the shadows. Since the enemy is Corpus, equip weapons with innate toxin damage to kill them quicker, bypassing their shields https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Damage/Toxin_Damage I recommend Paracyst because you need something that fires quickly enough to destroy nullifier bubbles. Acrid for secondary and Dual Ichor for melee. Edit: Augment mods still work. You really want Hall of Malevolence equipped for even more damage.
  2. I see radiation hazard, I use this I spam it on my allies immediately as the mission starts. They can run, jump and spaz around all they want, problem solved. I keep an eye on my HUD for their Halo health and re-cast it as soon as it runs out. Oberon's Hallowed Ground requires you to be standing on it at all times. Not everybody plays like that, they run around all over the place off the plants or jump a lot.
  3. When you click on a mission node: there is the timer countdown then the screen zooms in on the node while fading into darkness and the screen goes black to start the actual loading During 1 and 2 you can cancel this process at any moment and instantly be back in your orbiter; the mission has NOT loaded in yet. It does this at 3. The acolyte CAN disappear during these critical last seconds of step 1 and 2. It has happened to me only twice throughout the years of acolyte hunting. The odds of such bad luck timing is very low, but it's not impossible. You have to keep the acolyte mission menu open during the mission starting process to notice if the planet name next to their name doesn't instantly change to "unknown location". Otherwise you'll waste your time searching every room for something that isn't there.
  4. Even unmodded, some weapons were already too OP with their PVE stats. Once you figured out which ones they were, it was really easy to steamroll others who didn't have them. For example: Acrid - innate toxin damage even when unmodded. Ignored shields, and our Warframe's ferrite armor is also weak against it, making TTK a lot shorter. Glaxion - high status% even when unmodded. Swing that ice beam around like nobody's business and spam cold procs all over the place, slowing everybody down for easier kills (with above Acrid or melee for example). Amprex - able to hit multiple grouped targets . Ignis - still hated to this day in current conclave 2.0 for obvious reasons. Notice how these are all clan research weapons, so if your clan didn't have them you would be at a severe disadvantage against players who did have them. And these OP weapons gave quicker kills -> quicker unlocking of mods -> making your frame and your weapons more powerful -> you kill much quicker AND you are much harder to kill yourself. This created an exponentially widening power gap between players who died a lot (reset back to 0 mods) and those who barely died at all since they kept getting more powerful. Once that gap reached a certain distance, the losing team couldn't catch up anymore. The outcome was already decided. I saw a Mirage lock down a long corridor all by themselves using Hall of Mirrors by spraying it with machine gun fire non-stop. It was practically a kill-zone you couldn't pass through unless you were an iron-skinned Rhino or such. (back then all 4 copies of Hall of Mirrors did damage, as opposed to today's only front 2 copies). And several press-4-to-win abilities were instant death-bringers. Rhino's Stomp, Ash Bladestorm 1.0, Saryn's Miasma 1.0, Mesa's Peacemaker 1.0,etc etc. There was zero defense against these skills. Whoever their team had a frame with such OP abilities unlocked pretty much ended it all by themselves, a one-person maelstrom of destruction. It was no longer competition, it was a massacre. And I have experienced these flaws from both winner & loser perspectives. Unless everybody from both teams are packing equally OP (or equally weak) frames/weapons , gear mattered more than skill. Hence why today's conclave 2.0 had to gimp all that down. pvp is this game with pve stats was always impossibly unbalanced. Funny thing, the new Kuva Bramma bow was accidentally allowed in Conclave with its pve stats for a few days before today's hotfix removed it. You can guess the absurdity that caused where skill didn't matter, OP gear did.
  5. Kill dargyn pilot before they hit the ground - you can still do this challenge after they hit the ground. The challenge criteria only checks if they're airborne when killed. Nidus' Larva [2] picks things up from the ground, Titania's Spellbind [1] and Lantern [3] floats them from the ground (mod for negative duration), Rhino's stomp (mod for negative strength). Shoot them while they're up there and you're done. Headshot while aimgliding - put Patagium on your frame and Tractor Beam on your MOA and you can float for a really long time. Just jump straight up and glide, easier time to aim. a kitgun with Pax Seeker does all the work for you.
  6. When I started there was no pvp. People were asking for it, though. 1 They added the dojo pvp rooms. Nothing major about it, just for giggles. It had no balancing at all since it used pve stats,battles would literally take only 2 seconds to end most times. People kept asking for more. 2 Then came conclave 1.0 where it was 1v1 or 2v2 matches on specific starchart nodes. People kept asking for more. 3 Then came the Solar Rails. The zero-balancing issues from dojo pvp was still there. Skill barely mattered, it was a gear check. Groups that brought the best (cheese) frames & weapons had an unfair advantage. If you wanted to beat that, you had to join that bandwagon. Some frames had their first versions of press-4-to-win skills back then, there was no defense against them once they got unlocked, the battle was already decided at that point. People who dished out this cheapness obviously remember this game mode with rose-colored glasses, not so much if you were on the receiving end. This and all the taxing fiasco just made the whole thing a failure for everybody not in the alliance cartels. They shut it down and people kept asking for more. 4 Then came conclave 2.0 and the chore of having to re-balance everything for it. It has no proper matchmaking skills or an in-game mechanic to close that gap (think Blue Shell from Mario Kart). This fails to retain novice players and only hardcore players stick around. People kept asking for more. ("lack of rewards" was never its problem, stop bringing that up) 5 Lunaro was introduced. Dead on arrival. People kept asking for more. 6 DE's other pvp game, The Amazing Eternals gets shut down before leaving closed beta. Most people didn't even know this existed to ask for more. (Personally I think that instead of making this, they should've made Warframe conclave as its own separate game as it was already very popular) Warframe is now 7 years old. Its playerbase is vehemently established to be PVE-based. Nothing wrong with that, pvp isn't a mandatory content that all online games must have. You got to give DE credit for trying this many times to attempt their hand at pvp. Other game studios would've stopped after one attempt. And for the umpteenth time because still too many people believe this, they had no hand in the core design of the Unreal Tournament games, that was all Epic. DE only assisted in designing some models and maps, not the gameplay and the engine. If you like conclave as it is now, enjoy it and be happy it's there at all and not removed like trials, since it doesn't cause game-breaking bugs to the rest of the game. But I don't expect DE to spend any more resources and time into it, based on the multitude of attempts I numbered above. It's just not economically sound anymore to do so in a 7 year old game. To still think that conclave can be salvaged and become popular is like the players who still stick around train wrecks like Fallout76 and Anthem. if you can't fix a disaster within 1 year of launch (like No Man's Sky), it just ain't happening. I'm a numbers-and-facts guy, I don't do wishful thinking that the power of friendship and plot armor can make Warframe into a pvp powerhouse. If conclave as it is today was added since day 1, it might actually have been a success. But a lot of players of today would then never even have bothered to try this game out since they specifically came here for a pve-only experience. In this alternate timeline, who knows how Warframe would have fared 7 years later.
  7. I joined around update 7 in 2013. WF stood out to me as not being another cookie-cutter Early Access survival perma-death pay2win PVP games that were flooding the market during that time. I tried it out, liked the fast-paced gameplay, responsive controls, and variation of missions and possibility of viable builds of your own choosing; no forced meta-builds. And the grinding is an improvement compared to other grinding games out there. It didn't take me a month to get from A to B, something other grind games do terribly, demand much time/effort from the player but give little progress/reward. Graphics aren't a primary reason for me to play something but I admit the game looked pretty sexy.
  8. If a console spawns, it's always only one. Note on that wiki page all 3 reward tables are the same. Possibly a quick copy/pasting gone wrong when that page was made?
  9. The rivens are used on the chamber type of the Kitgun. Currently there are 4 chambers: Rattleguts Gaze Catchmoon Tombfinger You can see which chamber your kitgun has in the Arsenal screen. In the weapon select equip screen, select your kitgun by clicking on it once and on the right it will show you out of which components your gun is build from. (Chamber/Grip/Loader)
  10. If they were intentionally disabled, then they might as well have removed the antitoxin blueprints and the Lotus spoken lines about it. I'm sure it's a bug. They stopped giving an extra reward quite some time ago after some major update. I'm guessing 3 years ago? I used to run those antitoxins back then just for fun and did get an extra reward but they were very "meh", common resources. Finding the 3 hidden locker caches in that mission give better loot. The anti-toxin rewarded usually credit caches worth less than the cost of crafting the anti-toxin itself. But that forma reward chance was extremely low that I wouldn't recommend people to farm it that way. You're better off trying to get forma from the Lua music puzzle room, and even that one also has a very low chance but I got more forma from that one over the years (5) than I got from the Anti-toxin (1). Btw, that music room has been stuck with the same solution for years as well, it's not random anymore.
  11. For PC, we get that stuck drone bug sometimes too. It happens on a specific hill edge. What we do to fix it is to tell everybody to move away from the drone, like far enough to be outside it's detection range. Then one player slowly walks up to it and this resets its path-finding script, forcing it to move again. Hopefully this method works for you on consoles.
  12. It's not really possible to link anything to Dark Sector lore since there was so little fleshed-out lore to begin with. It had more plot holes than actual plot. You enter the game with questions and finish it with many more questions. And character development was just awful, Yargo was the only character I cared about; everybody else had no personality, including Hayden.
  13. MystMan

    Conclave Rewards

    You would lose that bet. By the time conclave was added to the game years after launch, WF had already established a core PVE-only player base. That core was never going to try out any pvp the game had to offer. Go look in random people's profiles. Plenty of zeroes in their conclave/lunaro stats. Had conclave as it is today been there since day 1, it certainly would've gained the needed traction to grow its playerbase into something more, resulting in an actual working matchmaking system. But since it came in so late, the conclave base ended up too small for any matchmaker to properly work, creating that vicious cycle of "...not enough people -> no match found, because not enough people -> no match...." unless you live in specific regions and play during specific hours only to get stomped by pros. Another counter-effect of this scenario would be that people who came to WF for pve-only would have been turned off by the game seeing it having a large pvp content; many came here specifically to get away from that, something I saw quite a lot of people be very vocal about throughout the years. I actually do that. Since forever. I like spy. I can solo tier 3 spy missions faster than the first rotation of endless missions with a 100% guarantee Meso/Neo relic. Endless missions do not give me that 100% guarantee since their drop table is diluted with endo and mods. (I'm very glad though that after all these years we finally have a 100% dedicated Axi farming spot in Lua disruption). The problem with Conclave was never its rewards. The game mode just isn't liked by the majority who tried it, and getting into it is more chore, less fun. Back in the day (yes I'm old 😫) we didn't enjoy the old arena games like Quake and Unreal franchises because of rewards, there were none. Their gameplay was 1.simple fun and 2.easy to get into. Conclave lacks these 2 points for the average gamer of today, no amount of loot can fix that. In a looter-shooter game, the loot is actually the secondary bonus, not the primary. The primary objective is to have fun foremost; without that people who want the skins will not bother and ignore them or "farm rep" to get them and never play conclave again and we're back to square one. That special game mode where everybody had opticor and getting hit once kills you, that mode made sense. Easy to get into and everybody was on equal footing. I don't know why that wasn't permanently put into the game. The people who play conclave today because they enjoy it: they're it. You're not going to get an explosive player growth. You get to enjoy it at least because it's there. Trials had the same story, the small % who played it regularly, they were it. That player base was never going to grow because that game mode was so hated. I myself liked it and played it every day. I still miss my daily Trials runs with my clanmates. I didn't care about the arcane rewards at all, playing with them is why I enjoyed it. Rewards (the goal) is not the main reason we play games, it's the fun experience (the journey).
  14. It's this. Had it happen to me every time I park my ship next to the Derelict ruin.
  15. From what I experimented with those doors, their functional hit detection doesn't work right with just every amp, even if you see damage numbers. My main amp was a Shwaak prism and 90% of the time, that didn't open them, in both solo or co-op mode. I switched to an amp with Klamora prism. Now it opens them 100% of the time. I didn't go and test every single prism to see which ones work and don't work on the doors. I just stuck with what works. Take note that in co-op mode, if another player with a Shwaak fires on the door, it bugs the door and it won't open anymore even if I afterwards hit it with my Klamora. So I have to make sure I'm the one to always hit it first. If all else fails, a Propa scaffold has that secondary bomb attack that has a huge explosion range when fired directly on the door. It won't open it but it will destroy whatever is on the other side and vacuum will suck up the contents. That's how I got a Captura scene.
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