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  1. Orbiter Entry 00:07 - Upside down cross 00:11 - Cerberus guarding the gate of the underworld 00:16 - Behold.....The Great Queen Spider! 00:27 - Spiderweb ready to eat the trapped Eidolon in the center 00:34 - Puss in Boots..... or a winged cat demon? Some screenshots for a clearer view
  2. This bit heavily depends on what mission type we're talking about. Survival, Disruption, Interception. Inaros does fine here since it's all about just staying alive and killing enemies with your strongest weapons modded correctly against the faction you're fighting. But for Excavation and such however, Inaros is a terrible choice. These missions are about protection, and Inaros lacks abilities to contribute properly to this. Seeing an Inaros here will give others the impression such players are there to leech and/or only look out for themselves, leaving the burden of protecting the objectives to the others. uhh.. what? How does this relate to OP? The problem was clearly described about other very-unprepared players being a bigger problem for the team than the actual enemy. inb4 "go to recruit chat" reply. Yeah, in no way does this guarantee you will be paired with skilled players. You're still going in with people you never met. Also, Arbitrations are on a timer. Often I have <10min left to do one before it disappears. Can anybody guarantee that within that time staring and waiting at recruit chat you will get 3 replies AND all are skilled players? I learned to just solo arbitrations, less hassle, less waiting. If I feel adventurous and decide to go pub, I just quickly join/abort/join/abort until I fall in a team where the choice of frames of the other players makes sense for the mission type; much quicker. I have no problem reviving others, I do it all the time since it's usually a one-time thing per player. But I do not intend to revive somebody several times who clearly is way out of their league and/or doesn't contribute to the mission. Worse, if one of them is rudely and impatiently demanding to be revived as soon as they die, they can stay dead. Not 'abused', OP said 'suffers'. It works based on a percentage of health. With the debuff tokens lowering your health bar, you thus gain less health back when Arcane Grace activates. tl;dr I agree that the debuff tokens should be a toggle-able pick up item, like a datamass.
  3. This is quite normal for years now. Most new eximus units that have been added to the game started with the default 20 scan requirement and after a couple of months when a major update is released, this requirement is lowered to 3 or 5. All previous eximus units went through the same deal. Just scan 5 and stop there. (unless you really REALLY need it completed for Simulacrum purposes, then you will have to bear the high number)
  4. I farmed my Axi A6, Axi P2, Neo T2 and Neo A3 doing Void Sabotage on Marduk. Sure, the reward pool is large (8 neo, 9 axi) all with an equal 5.88% chance but I can rush this mission in ~3:30 minutes on average. Always below 4 minutes for sure. They key is to use Operator's Void Dash to travel really fast through the map since you cannot be stopped or hurt doing this and you can aim with precision where you want to fly to. Gauss is another alternative since he knocks stuff over. Doing defense/survival/interception takes too long for my liking to reach rotation C for that one single chance. I will have done 5 Marduk runs in that time frame.
  5. Attica/Zhuge (Prime) also count as bows, with them it is a lot easier to hit Dargyns. Just spray and pray. Also, the dargyns that show up on Kuva Fortress assault mission, when you are burning the door open, those also count as destroying dargyns. This is the best spot since you don't need to wait for daytime in plains to hunt dargyns. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Riven_Mods That combination does not exist. For killing falling pilots: "Modifiers may include while aim gliding, being alone, or while sliding." Shooting dargyns with a bow has no modifiers, and they're all listed on that page for each individual challenge. When you look at the hotfix history 22.13.4 below, the modifiers for the dargyn bow kill challenges were actually removed. Some ways to cheese the falling pilot challenge. Warframe abilities that count in suspending Dargyn Pilots: Nidus's Larva Zephyr's Tornado Titania's Spellbind Rhino's Rhino Stomp and Limbo's time freezing bubble. For the "while sliding" modifier, you don't even need to be on the ground. Just be in the pose when the kill happens will make it count, meaning you can be in the air in a slide animation (looks like you're doing a jumpkick) and it will count.
  6. Xini is on Eris. If you're farming for specific axi relics that contain the latest Primes or unvaulted Primes, those are added in Bounty 5 on Cetus / Orb Vallis as well. High tier Void missions also have them but their drop rate there is much lower.
  7. I got the achievement by exclusively using k-drive for travel while doing bounties in Cetus and Orb Vallis. Sure, using archwing would've been faster but what's the rush? The game was still here the next day.
  8. Frost Leaf and Lunar Pitcher have always had a 50% chance of spawning in their respective tile sets, since day 1. Either they all spawn as intended or none spawn at all. Possibly a bug that was never fixed. The other plants will always spawn 100% of the time.
  9. Just made a fresh recording of the test using Redeemer.
  10. Use Redeemer. It's accurate enough at long range to kill these lvl1 patrols. Don't try Sarpa, it's very inaccurate for this test. Shoot them as fast as possible and don't miss. You are given a narrow window to shoot them before they turn in your direction. Start from closest enemy to farthest. For the last part, hide first then shoot from behind a pillar, letting the gunblade's hitscan kill each enemy without exposing yourself to the others. oh, another tactic I just tried for the last island part. When you jump on it, the enemies appear in front of you, right? Well quickly JUMP BACK to the 2nd island from which you came and hide behind a corner. You are much farther away and they'll have a harder time detecting you. And Redeemer remains accurate enough.
  11. Yes please! I had to write down this info in a notepad file so I could keep track.
  12. Because they were niche popular, not mainstream popular. Back then, outside of the hardcore gaming crowd I hanged out in, nobody heard of these games. Them being made by Korean developers explains why; this high speed pvp genre has little appeal in the West, that's why you don't find them here (and the small amount of ads I saw of these games didn't help). Western developers know this, they're not going to risk it. They play it safe and bet on the Fortnites and CODs. The current conclave pros who mastered this high speed pvp action, they are it. All of it. That number is not going to grow. There just aren't that many people inside a PVE-centric game who can or want to do that. While Gunz is no longer officially supported, there are fan servers out there, certainly more populated than Warframe's conclave since 100% of that playerbase is there to pvp. It is also peer2peer but has a proper ranking system. (I think). I looked around in those forums and couldn't find threads complaining that people can't find players to play with so I have to conclude their playerbase is populated enough. MAYBE if conclave as it is now was part of the core game since day 1 it might've gained enough interested players for it to gain traction and grow. But it was simply added far too late many years later after WF has been an established PVE looter shooter game. The influx of pvp players now is just too small and slow for that traction to happen so it bleeds out pvp players as fast as it gains them. This is why other pve&pvp games out there fare better (usually MMOs), they were both designed together as one balanced game from the ground up. Adding one mode much later as a watered down add-on tends to not be a success.
  13. Looks clear enough for me. Or is that outlined text not present in other languages? I also failed an MR test once because of a bug. (rescued hostage fell through the floor and disappeared). Having to wait one day meant nothing, considering everything we craft takes 12-72 hours to complete. It takes months to get from one MR to another, so one extra day is "meh". Experiencing such a minor setback in a videogame isn't exactly enough reason for me to cry havoc.
  14. Yeah, I remember the many garble-garble lines of female Grineers. Classic!
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