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  1. MystMan

    Please split the Riven mods into their own chat.

    Except there is no way to do this. The word " riven" isn't used in a Riven's mod name. <weapon name + randomized words> So what is there to filter out ? Like AlingsasArrende mentioned above, a riven checkbox is all that is needed.
  2. MystMan

    PvP idea (no battle royal)

    You might want to rephrase the wording in that sentence to: "I wonder why people who want to play PVP are not interested in Warframe's PVP,........." Because the rest, the overwhelming majority of Warframe's playerbase, are not and never will be remotely interested in playing PVP. There is no carrot on a stick big enough to change their minds. They are here because Warframe isn't about pvp. I believe that is what Guzmantt is getting at. In the beginning, it had no pvp at all. Just a simplistic 1v1 in dojos. Warframe at that point already established itself as a PVE haven. Then trough the years multiple (failed) attempts at pvp were developed. I think the current conclave is like the fourth attempt at pvp so far? Yet people are still asking for a 5th try thinking that will change something. All these failed attempts cost time and money. They can't casually keep doing this over and over wasting money. I don't even want to know how much of a financial loss Trials was, designing all those maps to only remove them later. (I'm not buying that "they will return" feedback. They're not.) The numbers you want to have in Warframe pvp are just not attainable. [Power fantasy game genre] + [pvp genre] do not mix. One of the two has to sacrifice its identity to make it all work. And after doing that, you are then no longer playing Warframe but something else. And since people are here to play Warframe and not something else..... you see the problem here? Just like Archwing, conclave has a way too small player base who enjoys these game modes. This will forever stay so. I seriously doubt Railjack will change how people view Archwings, as from what we have seen they are only used as a simple taxi to travel between ships. Their control scheme will likely remain the same. Warframe is about to be 9 years old soon. If they haven't been able to develop a successful pvp after this long time..... gotta be realistic here. I just don't see it happening. Just enjoy conclave for what it is.
  3. MystMan

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    #1580360 This medal spawn location still unreachable. Ledge too thin / invisible wall preventing us to stand on it for pickup.
  4. All my post wasn't specifically meant only for you personally. I'm talking about the "content-droughters" in general. And I never said "not liking the game". Not meeting expectations != dislike a game. The more specific your expectations are of a game & the faster you rush through it, the more quicker you will get bored when these expectations aren't met. Reaching this goal will feel shallow. You gotta enter these games with a very open mind and no expectations for best results. From what I gather over the years on these forums, there are 2 types of gamers in Warframe. Those who play it purely for its gameplay, the experience of it. After getting all the loot they need/want, they continue playing it for the sake of playing it because they enjoy the mechanics of the game mode(s). (Or they play with friends, which makes any game fun). I still play the hell out of Archwing because I'm of the minority who enjoys it for what it is. (I do miss trials, though). Those who play solely for rewards. They constantly need a carrot on a stick to be motivated to play. Once the limited specific carrots are gotten -> content drought. The gameplay is a secondary reason of why you play, not the primary. Expecting new carrots to chase every 2 weeks is impossible, no game can churn out new content at such a high pace. (I use 2 weeks as an example because I saw a thread about January 2019 being a dry month because no new content...... we've been in the new year for a mere 2 weeks and already somebody was expecting new content). You said yourself you're not into collecting much. That alone means there are still more things out there worth chasing to keep you busy. Except you already decided they're not worth your time. Thing is, it is the very collector gamers who rack up thousands of hours in this game because they want to own everything. This is very normal in looter games. There is always a solid player base who play this genre with the intent to farm and master everything. And getting everything will take you a long time. The entire content of the game is fully catered to them, not just the bare essential frames/weapons/mods. Creative players make their own wacky goals. And those with a wild imagination construct works of art in their lisets and dojos. There is no functional purpose to this but when it comes to having fun with creativity, must there always be a purpose? "Art for art's sake" as the saying goes. And then there's fashionframe. 'nuff said. Lastly, like every videogame, you play them for fun. If there is nothing left in one to entertain you, play another one in the meantime and check back from time to time to see if new carrots content has been released. It's not like videogames are jobs we are forced to show up at to play from 9 to 5 every day.
  5. The more you want of everything the game has to offer, the more there is to keep you busy for a long time. If somebody decides that 75% of the game content isn't worth farming because they consider it useless or they don't like certain game modes, they will run out of things to do very fast. Those who want to collect everything, they will be kept busy non-stop with no end in sight. Every time they're about to get everything, months will have passed and new content will have just come out, resetting the cycle. In all looter games (and most MMORPGs), if one's only focus is to reach "endgame" as fast and most efficiently as possible, you will always burn out and get bored. You're never meant to play these games with "endgame" as your sole purpose. You're meant to soak up the experience and enjoy what the game has to offer and casually make your way to whatever endgame there is while gathering fun memories. If a game doesn't live up to any of the above expectations for you, then the game is simply not tailored for your needs. And that's ok. It's not possible for a game to cater to absolutely everybody.
  6. MystMan

    Railjack should be PvP

    You do realize that this phrase can apply to the very pvp that you want, right?
  7. MystMan

    Railjack should be PvP

    The word "potential" is thrown around so much these has lost all meaning. And not just in Warframe, but everywhere on the internet. In Early Access games and abandoned dumpster fire flopped games. It is downright wishful thinking naivety at this point. I see people hang out onto games they clearly don't like anymore but insist in "potential potentials". By the time they finally cave in and leave for other games, they have wasted such a long time and energy by hanging on to something that was never going to meet their expectations. They tried an unusually high amount of times to implement pvp in this game, way more than any other game studios. They all failed. There is no such thing as "fifth time's the charm". It's a waste of time to expect good pvp in Warframe. Move on to other games for that. It's the most logical thing to do. Any game dedicated for whatever specific different genre you want will always do better than what Warframe can offer you in a tacked-on diluted version of it. There's nothing wrong with trying (and try and try they did), but you have to throw the towel in the ring once you accept that some things are never meant to be. And after 5 attempts, it is a safe bet to give up.
  8. MystMan

    Enemy and loot radar

    Yeah, I'd also really would like to get enemy / loot radar mods to work when on K-drive. They work fine when using Archwing, both in space and in open world maps. That is extremely useful knowing where the enemies are or to see mods & ayatan star drops.
  9. And this is the reason that DE's attempt at pvp hero shooter failed (Amazing Eternals). It didn't have the numbers of desired players to even sustain itself. So they pulled the plug while it was still in closed beta before it went the way of LawBreakers. Making pvp these days in this over-saturated genre is just not wise; it's a high-risk waste of resources. Definitely not worth it in a watered-down tacked-on pvp mode. It was an impossible uphill battle since its inception. It has to be mindblowing since day 1, otherwise just don't bother. It will never get the traction it needs to take off. The conclave we have now is like 3 years old after other previous failed "attempts" at Warframe pvp. It's not going to magically do a 180 and become a Fortnite killer ..... in a fortnight. *ba-dum-tsss* If you enjoy it for how it is now, enjoy it. It's not going to be better. If you don't enjoy it, look elsewhere in the huge pile of pvp games out there.
  10. EXCALIBUR PRIME BATTLE ROYALE! ....because somebody else was eventually going to say that bad joke anyway. But for real, The New War and a whole new solar system map. New tile sets.
  11. MystMan

    Make Archwing Mods more Accessible

    In POE, the Tusk dargyns drop some AW mods. I've gotten a couple from them. Actually, you're supposed to farm the mods doing low level AW missions. Even without mods, the enemies there are zero-threat paper targets. Farm these missions to get the mods. Besides from enemy drops, the AW exterminate missions on Montes (Venus) and Syrtis (Mars) always reward you with a mod at mission completion. Love it or hate it, the AW Rush mission on Phobos has several mods in its rotation reward table. Unfortunately, they don't stack so you need to let 1-2 ships get away to get the lower tier rewards. That mission is purely a speed run, it can be done with zero mods and starter gear. It's all about control and fast reaction. Also, in deep space AW missions, you can easily miss out mod drops because you don't see them as easily. Have Loot Radar and Thief's Wit equipped on your warframe. They still work in AW missions, making it easy to see mod drops on your radar.
  12. That's..... not a flattering thing to say to DE. Have you seen gaming news about those AAA companies for the past 5+ years? They are terrible. To their customers and worse, their own employees. How much they earn loses its meaning if the sacrifices they made to earn so much is downright horrible quality & human treatment. Those corporations are run by businessmen who know (or care) nothing about gaming/gamers and think they know better. But I digress, I'm onboard with the "opt out from hosting" suggestions. It's the easiest solution.
  13. MystMan

    Was Sheldon serious

    Maybe we'll get a wiggling red nose skin; what he showed us in Devstream was the preview! 😜
  14. I started playing when Gradivus Dilemma event was happening (Oct 2013). It was a lot to take in and learn the mechanics. I took it slowly, already knowing that rushing through these types of farming games is never a good idea. The Wiki became the codex of ultimate wisdom. Mercury was the starter planet back then. I would only move to the next planet until I had acquired and crafted each planet's frame, making me better prepared and well-equipped in my mods, weapons and fusion cores inventory. Rushers would get crushed around Saturn still using their starter weapons (enemy level scaling was very different then). On day 1, I asked a question in region chat, realized how stupid and immature almost everybody is in there, turned it off. It has never been turned on ever since. I liked the game enough at that time that I bought Dark Sector, played it in tandem with Warframe. Good gameplay but terribly written rushed story with uninteresting characters. Excalibur's Super Jump.... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!!
  15. Stovers spawn inside caves. The icon on the main map is an estimate location, showing which nearby cave you have to explore. After you enter, keep walking further in and eventually in the center area of the cave you will see the true location of the Stover icon in the zoomed-in map of the cave.