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  1. If they were intentionally disabled, then they might as well have removed the antitoxin blueprints and the Lotus spoken lines about it. I'm sure it's a bug. They stopped giving an extra reward quite some time ago after some major update. I'm guessing 3 years ago? I used to run those antitoxins back then just for fun and did get an extra reward but they were very "meh", common resources. Finding the 3 hidden locker caches in that mission give better loot. The anti-toxin rewarded usually credit caches worth less than the cost of crafting the anti-toxin itself. But that forma reward chance was extremely low that I wouldn't recommend people to farm it that way. You're better off trying to get forma from the Lua music puzzle room, and even that one also has a very low chance but I got more forma from that one over the years (5) than I got from the Anti-toxin (1). Btw, that music room has been stuck with the same solution for years as well, it's not random anymore.
  2. For PC, we get that stuck drone bug sometimes too. It happens on a specific hill edge. What we do to fix it is to tell everybody to move away from the drone, like far enough to be outside it's detection range. Then one player slowly walks up to it and this resets its path-finding script, forcing it to move again. Hopefully this method works for you on consoles.
  3. It's not really possible to link anything to Dark Sector lore since there was so little fleshed-out lore to begin with. It had more plot holes than actual plot. You enter the game with questions and finish it with many more questions. And character development was just awful, Yargo was the only character I cared about; everybody else had no personality, including Hayden.
  4. MystMan

    Conclave Rewards

    You would lose that bet. By the time conclave was added to the game years after launch, WF had already established a core PVE-only player base. That core was never going to try out any pvp the game had to offer. Go look in random people's profiles. Plenty of zeroes in their conclave/lunaro stats. Had conclave as it is today been there since day 1, it certainly would've gained the needed traction to grow its playerbase into something more, resulting in an actual working matchmaking system. But since it came in so late, the conclave base ended up too small for any matchmaker to properly work, creating that vicious cycle of "...not enough people -> no match found, because not enough people -> no match...." unless you live in specific regions and play during specific hours only to get stomped by pros. Another counter-effect of this scenario would be that people who came to WF for pve-only would have been turned off by the game seeing it having a large pvp content; many came here specifically to get away from that, something I saw quite a lot of people be very vocal about throughout the years. I actually do that. Since forever. I like spy. I can solo tier 3 spy missions faster than the first rotation of endless missions with a 100% guarantee Meso/Neo relic. Endless missions do not give me that 100% guarantee since their drop table is diluted with endo and mods. (I'm very glad though that after all these years we finally have a 100% dedicated Axi farming spot in Lua disruption). The problem with Conclave was never its rewards. The game mode just isn't liked by the majority who tried it, and getting into it is more chore, less fun. Back in the day (yes I'm old 😫) we didn't enjoy the old arena games like Quake and Unreal franchises because of rewards, there were none. Their gameplay was 1.simple fun and 2.easy to get into. Conclave lacks these 2 points for the average gamer of today, no amount of loot can fix that. In a looter-shooter game, the loot is actually the secondary bonus, not the primary. The primary objective is to have fun foremost; without that people who want the skins will not bother and ignore them or "farm rep" to get them and never play conclave again and we're back to square one. That special game mode where everybody had opticor and getting hit once kills you, that mode made sense. Easy to get into and everybody was on equal footing. I don't know why that wasn't permanently put into the game. The people who play conclave today because they enjoy it: they're it. You're not going to get an explosive player growth. You get to enjoy it at least because it's there. Trials had the same story, the small % who played it regularly, they were it. That player base was never going to grow because that game mode was so hated. I myself liked it and played it every day. I still miss my daily Trials runs with my clanmates. I didn't care about the arcane rewards at all, playing with them is why I enjoyed it. Rewards (the goal) is not the main reason we play games, it's the fun experience (the journey).
  5. It's this. Had it happen to me every time I park my ship next to the Derelict ruin.
  6. From what I experimented with those doors, their functional hit detection doesn't work right with just every amp, even if you see damage numbers. My main amp was a Shwaak prism and 90% of the time, that didn't open them, in both solo or co-op mode. I switched to an amp with Klamora prism. Now it opens them 100% of the time. I didn't go and test every single prism to see which ones work and don't work on the doors. I just stuck with what works. Take note that in co-op mode, if another player with a Shwaak fires on the door, it bugs the door and it won't open anymore even if I afterwards hit it with my Klamora. So I have to make sure I'm the one to always hit it first. If all else fails, a Propa scaffold has that secondary bomb attack that has a huge explosion range when fired directly on the door. It won't open it but it will destroy whatever is on the other side and vacuum will suck up the contents. That's how I got a Captura scene.
  7. Normally we get 3 rewards at the end of a Railjack mission. Hacking that console gives you a fourth. Count them at the end when the reward screen pops up, there will be a fourth. You MUST do this before finishing the mission. If you hack it after everything is done, you won't get anything from it. That Unidentified Item gets unlocked only when the game loads up the reward completion screen at the end of the skirmish. It will not try to do so again if you hack the console after the mission rewards have already been displayed. The drop table of that console is large. Here it is: Spectra Vandal Blueprint Rare (8.60%) Spectra Vandal Barrel Rare (8.60%) Spectra Vandal Chassis Rare (8.60%) Spectra Vandal Handle Rare (8.60%) 3X Fresnels Rare (8.60%) 4X Kesslers Rare (8.60%) 50 Dirac Rare (8.60%) 100 Dirac Rare (7.52%) 100 Dirac Rare (8.60%) 200 Dirac Rare (7.52%) 150 Dirac Rare (8.60%) 300 Dirac Rare (7.52%)
  8. For now, MK2 and MK3 rockets are dojo research only. They don't drop from missions. You need to finish researching the MK1, followed by MK2 and then research MK3 to get those.
  9. Since this thread is specifically about Kepler, Phobos, it most definitely is not a gear check. This is a low level planet (lvl12-14) and you CANNOT be killed by enemy fire, they do too little damage to be a threat. Just ignore and fly past them. The only thing you need to focus on are the mines that slow you down. You can literally do this mission with zero mods equipped with the started Archwing gear and have plenty of time to spare. This mission is all about control and quick response reaction from the player. I made this video years ago when we had a different flight mechanics for archwing but all the advice I wrote in the video still applies today.
  10. I would like it to work just like the default system we have now, the mission start vote popup message. Where one person can veto the mission start with their vote. Right now, a RJ mission starts instantly when a node is clicked on. Other players will not get a warning to ready their gear or even know a mission was just selected until they realize they're in a wormhole travelling somewhere.
  11. Not in the case of Velocitus (and Corvas). Only the mod Shell Rush affects Archgun charge attacks, it was designed specifically for them. Regular Warframe primary/secondary weapons that have a charge function which we use on the ground do not have a uniquely designed mod for faster charging, so for them any mods that increase fire rate gets the double function of increasing rate of attack and their charge rate as well. Let's hope DE doesn't change this and add a separate charge mod for them like for Archguns. 😕 Fire Rate mods helps when you use Velocitus as a semi-auto rifle and want to quickly fire uncharged shots. I found that this method kills RJ enemies faster than using charge shots. (I have a riven for it, +fire rate, +grineer damage, +crit chance; acceptable results). Against these tanky RJ enemies, charge attacks will give you lower DPS. Just spam uncharged shots for better results; it it tiresome on the finger though. Or just use Cyngas, it clearly outperforms everything else I've tried.
  12. In the control menu, I bound my "Roll" to my mousebutton4. This overrides the double-tap Shift command. That button now also does AW blink for me. I can tap shift as quickly as I want, it never rolls or blinks. This enables me to blink while boosting in AW.
  13. The way the 3 requiem slots work favors the first slot too much. All 3 slots should have equal importance in guessing. If you happen to guess slots #2 and #3 correctly, you will never know this until slot #1 is guessed correctly. All 3 slots should be judged simultaneously, and not from left to right. It should use the system from the boardgame Mastermind (also known as Codebreaker). All slots are judged per turn instead of one at a time. You can eliminate pieces right away that are never used.
  14. Do that at your own risk. It's not allowed and displaying it on the forums that you do this is ill-advised if you get caught / reported by others with proof. No standing will be gained in private lobbies. It has to be set to public. A game they ASSISTED in developing. They made models, textures and maps only. The core mechanic game engine what made the game so popular, that was done by Epic Games. They were always in charge of the overall development of the franchise (The Unreal Engine is their IP after all).
  15. Yes. It really is. It always has been. This counts for every product out there, real and virtual. If you have the money to show your product in prime time channels you will gather massive people to try try out your product. That's why Superbowl commercial ads are among the most expensive ads to pay for in the world. Destiny 1 was hyped A LOT before release as the most expensive game of its time. That type of publicity is priceless. Everybody talked about this for months, I saw it mentioned on TV everywhere all the time. Even No Man's Sky was hyped to hell. The devs had TV interviews on prime time shows and whatnot. And it's because of that hype did people stick around despite its disastrous launch to give it a second chance. And its devs thankfully took advantage of that. A non-hyped game would've died and never recovered. The magnitude and timing of ads is indeed very very powerful.
  16. How relevant are these top10 lists to the average consumer? 80% of those games I will never play because they are genres I am not interested in. If we filter a top10 list to our personal tastes, we all end up with indivdualized top10 lists, each looking different from one another. And not being in these generic top10 list is automatically grounds to be called a terrible game not worth playing? So should all the other millions of games on Steam pack it up and go home because not being in the top10 is "literally unplayable"? Just play something until it is no longer fun or until you finish it, then move on to the next game. Then come back later when a big update drops. Or don't come back if you feel like not coming back. Nobody cares what you choose to play except you. We all WANT to play as many diverse games as possible while we are alive on this planet, not just one and treat it like it's a job until retirement. I actually appreciate the pauses of content drought Warframe has, they actually give me much needed time to play my enormous backlog of other games.
  17. A big flaw in the Armored Core comparison is that you couldn't (over)boost forever, you had to take breaks and recharge your boosting power or be forced in a long cooldown session without being able to boost if you allowed yourself to overheat, making yourself very vulnerable. In Warframe there is no such limitation, you can bulletjump forever. Bringing back the stamina bar exclusively for conclave would make much more sense and make it more comparable in line with other contemporary more populated pvp games. And the TTK in Armored Core is much higher since we're talking about giant mechs. Also, there are massive missile barrages that auto-lock and seek you out, something Warframe doesn't have. (Nyx' psychic bolts is the closest thing and you can't spam that).
  18. Orbiter Entry 00:07 - Upside down cross 00:11 - Cerberus guarding the gate of the underworld 00:16 - Behold.....The Great Queen Spider! 00:27 - Spiderweb ready to eat the trapped Eidolon in the center 00:34 - Puss in Boots..... or a winged cat demon? Some screenshots for a clearer view
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