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Group Alchemy canister requirement should be changed/adjusted.


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Just played pub alchemy fissure- and it was a mess.

There are few big problems:

It requires way too many element canister throws, what creates more problems:

1 -Since it takes too many- people are refusing to participate in the mission objective and
wait for someone to surrender and do it for them. Usually it's 1-2 people in a squad actually doing the objective.

2 -Since it's only few players doing it- puts a lot of strain on hands, way more than other modes.
And quite a chore at that.

3-You need a lot of specific canisters, but other colors still spawn and your minimap is a pure chaos.
No visibility.

Suggesting few solutions.

1-Lazy one and boring one- put a timer after the correct throw, making it so it takes the same time as solo.
So even if multiple people throw a canister- it takes the same time.

2- Since the element canister is basically a lantern from the NW event/ deimos boss- Why not to take the mechanic from there?
You pick up a canister/lamp/lantern and you have a choice- throw it right away or charge it with kills and then throw a super charged one.
Less strain on hands , more engagement.

Second variant of this is charge the super canister by running through the same element canisters (so pick up a canister- run by another ones of the same color without picking them up everytime)- helps with the strain as well and gives you a quest to go through the chaos and finding the correct ones.

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