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  1. remove the timer on "Hard reset" , when killed. enemy should kneel and stay like that for 5-6 sec (staying open for a finisher ) impact should do something more, other than increasing the chance of the parazon kill , for example - reduce some defense/resistance or make a spot (banshee's alike with an increased damage taken), or anything else to make impact more impactful (pun intended ).
  2. Bloodrush was nerfed a bit too much, 50% would've been fine, same goes to the CO. The need to open an arcane slot for every single weapon seems a bit too much: suggestion - if you apply 50 of these on a single weapon type - next ones after that gonna have them automatically , same goes for a weapon exilus .
  3. Same , really hope they won't overdo it . Lifestrike, a meme strike and a whole crit slide in the rivens became worthless , zenistar - the most recent examples in the melee section , and endless list in general . 1-2 nerfs would be fine probably , more than that- dangerous .
  4. I'd take a cd reduction for "on call crewmate" rather than elite perks , tbh . at least 5 min / 10 instead of current 3/10 .
  5. Yes , rng of the life supports is an issue. The mechanic in a whole is super outdated in general.
  6. Pls look into the defense ai pathing and general behaviour . Something is really wrong and it's not just an annoying long tileset. My estimation- sometimes they are changing from the rush to an objective to an unalerted extermination state . They keep jumping from one stair to another one without actually going closer to the target. They take cover even tho they cannot shoot the target and the distance is > 100m from the target. Sometimes they are just chilling on a back of the map. It's not only for the rj defense actually, Same thing happens quite often in the void fiss
  7. So the defense tileset is really horrible with enemy pathing there. But i'm pretty sure there is something more to it. After the ophelia fix- enemies' ai broke in a lot of ways: my time for opening defense relics in normal missions increased considerably. Sometimes enemies in survival missions just also break and stand in one spot and that's without camping and actually moving a lot. But for defense it's the most annoying and on bad tilesets , it seems that the chance of breaking is higher? They can chill on the back of the map, stairs quite often do it , sometimes after v
  8. Absolutely needed. Usually i'm playing with music , so it breaks the experience . But for my friend , who is a deaf person-it's just impossible to play the gamemode .
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