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That Special Somegun


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             So everyone eventually finds the set that just... clicks. Whether it be finding the thrill of mowing down enemies in a line, or picking them off one by one as they wonder who is killing them, everyone finds the weapon they enjoy the most because it fits their play style. And that goes for warframes too. For me, I LOVE they way frost plays, and have never unequipped hate since I got it. I think I might stick with my WTV or Aklex, and I am not even close with a primary, but thats besides the point. What I want to know: What makes you guys "click". What do you enjoy the most? Just a fun little topic, want to see what the rest of the community thinks.

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Ash. Ash will forever be with me and my main frame <3


As for primary, Soma, for the high levelled stuff, love using it.

Secondary is akvasto, so fun!

Melee is Fang Prime. Gotta love those crazy stabs.


I love using Paris, Kunai, D. Nikana though. Full ninja mode!

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boltor with punchthrough <3

because killing 5 grineer with 2 bolt is awesome :D




lato prime <3

because enemies exploding into meat chunks is awesome too :D


as for warframe and melee...i guess i'm still waiting for that ''click''.

love using Loki and Frost. Nikana or Dakra appeal the most  for me atm.

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Nekros for that "master of death" feel

Dread because it is immensively powerful and more versatile than sniper rifles,looks awesome too

Dex Furis cuz why wouldnt you like two mini-machineguns with a Lotus symbol on them?

Nami Skyla/Hate wheter I feel like ninja-slicing or soul-reaping

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What makes a weapon click for me is when its magazine consists of a number of shells that contain multiple pellets that upon firing spread into a cone, increasing hit chance, but is most effective at close range.


Still waiting on my shotgun staff, but now that all melee weapons are h0mogenized based on grip type, it's unlikely to happen.


EDIT: Thanks for the 2nd grade level censoring system, DE.

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Zephyr, Tigris, No Secondary as of yet, Hate/Dragon Nikana

Zephyr is just the class I always like playing, being the "assault" class. I like high mobility, I like medium tankiness.

Tigris is a beast. It honestly is. It might not have the highest DPS of all the weapons out there, but it has its role. I usually kill 4-5 creeps with a single shot and it can consistently fire instead of firing a lot and then taking a while to reload.

I haven't found my favorite secondary. Or rather I did(Magnus), but then they made the akmagnus and it's better and I don't like it as much...

I built hate because I got it. Then I just grew to love it. Dragon Nikana is also much fun. I love both because they're both functional and cool.

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Nekros/ Loki are my favorite warframes, I own and use them all but I always find myself going back to these. My go-to weapons, regardless of level: Vectis/Strun Wraith, Twin Gremlins/Vasto, Nami Skyla/Dakra Prime/Dragon Nikana. Hate, however, is by far my favorite. They all seem to click, and they balance each other really well.

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There's nothing more reliable to me than Vastos and Latrons (both prime and regular), those two have carried me since Earth to Pluto, and into the Void and Derelicts. Nothing can take the place of a semi-auto rifle and a revolver in a marksman's heart


And then Melee 2.0 came and I luckily got Hate (which I've been yearning for ever since I learned I can get Stalky's weapons), and although it's only been ranked halfway trough (since I'm maxing out something else first right now), I'm loving it as much as I like the Vastos


As for frames, Nyx has been the perfect one for my style, doing CC is awesome!!

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As far as frames go... I've not quite got that "Favourite" secured yet - I mostly play Saryn (Love the AoE potential of a good Venom or Miasma), Nova (Again, AoE potential via Molecular Prime and Antimatter Bomb) and Valkyr (For when playing defensively just isn't working)


Primary Weapon:


Soma - I like it's versatility. It's slow initial fire rate makes it great for semi-auto shots into weak enemies or for longer range sniping. It's large magazine and high RoF allows for those "I need all those guys dead now" moments and it's high crit rate makes it pleasing to use - Especially with some Punch Through your screen just gets filled with crits.


I did have a lot of fun with the Paris and Dread, they're pretty nice to use and the huge crits they can put out on headshots is amazing... I just got very frustrated with them when targets would move at the last second before a hit or when teammates with rifles would clear an entire room before I could even draw a single arrow (With full Fire Rate modding) - Even more so when I was doing the same thing to other bow users with my Akvasto


Secondary Weapon:


Akvasto - Just fun to use, looks amazing and is quite effective. The fact that dual wielding weapons which clearly only has 6 chambers has been modded to allow me to have 17 shots is a bit funny though (Not accounting for multi-shot procs)


Melee Weapon:


After trying out a few melee weapons, I finally got to the Dual Heat Swords and I must say, these things are great - They have decent damage, they can naturally hit multiple targets (Unlike some other swords that can only hit a single target) and their inherent Heat damage AoE (With a large radius I might add) just goes so well with dealing with Infested (Even more so as Valkyr who sorely lacks AoE in Hysteria)

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nova + vectis with metal auger


oneshot three enemies at once, and if they are too fast, just slow em down :3



Primary Weapon:


Soma - I like it's versatility. It's slow initial fire rate makes it great for semi-auto shots into weak enemies or for longer range sniping. It's large magazine and high RoF allows for those "I need all those guys dead now" moments and it's high crit rate makes it pleasing to use - Especially with some Punch Through your screen just gets filled with crits.


i call my soma with shred "the lawnmower"

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Originally ?


Latron / Lex / Nothing.

I like semi-autos in third person shooters, so that's where I went first back before account resets. I was so happy when Latron Prime came out, but I was disappointed at how inconsistent the shots were because of Split Chamber and medium crit chance. I would plink things in the head and have no idea if they would die or not  Still have the same problem and rarely use it. Haven't even forma'd it that many times because I don't really even want a pub stomping gun that I need headshots with. If i'm going to pwn easy stuff I'll use a flame thrower or machinegun.


Vectis helped. Forma'ing Grinlock now.


Finally got Lex prime put in recently though, and NO COMPLAINTS THERE! :D





Hydroid <3

No warframe ever 'clicked' for me. I always wanted a male frame that stood upright and had something I could cast onto an area for CC. Made due with Radial Blind and Stomp for a long time but now after a year, I've got Hydroid!


Tigris <3

Tigris is my all time favorite weapon in any third person shooter. I rarely use it unfortunately because most content just isn't hard enough and what content IS hard enough doesn't really allow for a two round mag, but while I forma'd it (6x XD) I had a blast on Apollodorus when I got grouped with really low level players, where we were having a hard time. Proof of concept is very clear in my mind and I'm looking forward to Tigris Prime, hoping that they don't do anything crazy and make it have more barrels or anythig. Hoping it's over/under instead of side-by-side though. Just because.





Still waiting for a real polearm. Scythes in WF are like fighting pickaxes and while they ARE very cool the way they did them, they are NOT polearms. Same thing with Orthos / Orthos Prime. These are just a different kind of staff. I want a real spear, halberd or partisan, used like a pike with a big long reach and lots of puncture damage but also big chopping swings. 


Maybe have it break down into a retracted pole in the sword slot and the blade in the dagger spot with a handle. Quick melee pulls it like a short sword, but when you swap to melee mode the animation puts it together and extends the handle real quick?


Meh. I'd settle for shield and short spear I guess. 


But yea, still no melee weapon 'clicking' for me yet.

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Primary - Even if its a bow, the sound and its ability to go through enemies is just grand. Mod it to explode and WAPOW, fun


Secondary - Akstiletto, While its a dual weapon its versatile and its lovely sound.


Melee - The Irate Pirate, Nami Skyla. Its got massive slide damage, so when you slide to close distance between you and an enemy and then preform a glorious execution. Plus who doesn't wanna be a pirate?

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