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That Special Somegun


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My Primaries, potatoed and forma'd several times


Boar Prime - bababbabang! everybody in the room is dead. Also Great for charging nova's AMD quickly at close quarters.

Soma - Mainstream rifle is just mainstream, I dont need to say anything more.

Flux Rifle - Because it cuts people Chuck Norris style (split from head to crouch).

Ignis - With accelerant it will roast highlevel Grineer in no time.

Dread - Because of them 20k critz


My Secondaries

Wraith Vipers - A hand held mini gun and my insurance policy against stalker.

Dex Furis - I just love the sound it makes.



Dragon Nikana - Infested Sushi Anyone?

Dakra Prime - I just like it for no reason

Amphis - because of that stun, damage, and mobility.

Dual Ichors - Chops everythin up is seconds

Dual Heat Swords - The first actual dual swords in game can you believe that!!!!

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Grakata's been with me ever since I rushed Sedna for Saryn parts. I remember blindly firing clips straight down corridors, deliberately leaving damage mods off so that they wouldn't kill the target before I popped all the Venom bubbles.

Dropped off for a while, then came back when I realized Heavy Caliber barely affected its hitrate. Then I took it on a 40-minute survival and had trouble again, this time because I was losing ammo even with accurate headshots.

That incident has made me focus on ammo efficiency a lot more. I get into closer range before firing so I get to make every shot a headshot. Grakata's recoil actually hasn't felt too bad because I'm not going full-auto into a crowd anymore, to the point where I've unequipped Stabilizer and still felt fine.

Aklex is the first weapon I potatoed and formaed. Four times. Seventeen shots, seventeen kills. Either that or soloing Ambulas in less than a clip. Got Steady Hands on it, wouldn't be able to live without that mod.

And Saryn is my go-to frame for pretty much everything. Fulfills a "random" Nova's role in T3D, halving enemy health with Viral procs instead of doubling damage dealt. Yeah, AMD boosts damage even more but I haven't seen a Nova use that in T3D yet. She's tanky, still does appreciable damage on Miasma even with Overextended, and is really glowy when channeling.

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Banshee is my only real constant. I run her pretty much every way possible.

Latron Prime is my go to weapon, but it takes a bit for me to get ny aim in as you need to get headshots to make the most of it. Akbolto are old favourites, had mibe since U7, but wraith vipers are another option.

Running a Dragon for now, since I might as well abuse it while it is OP.

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Trinity/Loki <Loki disarm and invisibility makes for perfect set ups for my primary


The ogris is the best weapon ive ever used in WF, Im in love with the thing


Secondary stug for its power and Rage suicide mode


Melee would be...


I like Fang prime a bit and love Dual Ichor


Dragon Nikana might be taking their place soon...

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