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The Orokin Rogues - A Tenno Dual Boss


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Location: Tower ?? Assassinate.






Lotus transmissions:


“I’ve already sent several cells into this Orokin ship attempting to recover your dormant brethren held within. The final transmissions from each indicate that the Tenno have been awakened from cryosleep – and personally silenced our allies. What I ask of you isn’t easy, Tenno, but you must find these kinslayers… and eliminate them.”


"Datalogs from this ship indicate that the Orokin chose never to replicate the prototype Warframes of these Twin Tenno, citing issues of stability in improperly synchronized users. Each siphons from the same unknown power source, focusing their abilities – making them all the more dangerous together, or separated."


“Readings within this ship show that the Neural Sentry has been replicating itself here. Our sleeping allies may have already been recalibrated to defend the tower. They may not be in control, but they will try to kill you, and we cannot reverse this programming without killing them. Put them to rest, Tenno.”


The Arena

A wide, mostly flat chamber with a high ceiling and tall pillars; consider the Grandest Hall of a clan dojo, without the mezzanine or side rooms. The lighting is dimmer than the rest of the ship, though not yet dark, showing that the room has been damaged from previous battles. In the center of the room is a dual-cryopod, broken open from the inside. Littering the cracked floors and entrenched in the walls are a mishmash of recently-charred, deformed and bisected Warframes. There are only two entrances to the chamber, exactly opposite one another.


Upon stepping further into the chamber, the female twin will drop from the ceiling onto the cryopod (using the same animation as a typical drop-in entry from ships in open air missions), while the male twin comes out of hiding and seals the door behind the intruding team of Tenno. Your team is then set upon from both sides.


Phase 1: The Sibling Rogues


The first phase is a battle against various methods of interface screw. Neither of the Rogues can be targeted by player-cast debuffs barring statuses, and both will benefit from player-cast group buffs and healing skills – unfortunately for the players, the Warframes still recognize them as Tenno operatives, even on the minimap. As with Stalker, they will still be damaged by direct-damage attacks. All taunts consist entirely of eerie silence or low static.

Note that during this phase, they each have a paler appearance and a Neural implant, much like Corrupted mobs.


Apollo is the grounded male of the duo. He fights with only a Brutal Tide-stance Kogake, which procs Radiation and staggers on every hit.

-          Invisibility: As per Loki’s, Apollo will use this to attack players from behind; however, initiating a combo during this period will briefly make him visible to players. Apollo attempts to maintain this at all times, attacking rarely.

-          Menagerie: Apollo creates a random assortment of clones of the Tennos’ squad, as well as of himself and Artemis. These clones have low health (a la Vay Hek clones) and will not use powers, but will use their melee weapons to attack the party (if the player does not have one equipped, they will use unarmed melee). All clones spawned in this manner use the same minimap marker as the players. Slain clones may drop energy orbs and ammo, but not mods.

-          Concussive Blow: Best described as either a melee-range Soul Punch with high knockback, or a single-target Sonic Boom with high damage. Uses this at the end of an uninterrupted combo.

-          Pull: Single-target variant with knockdown, as per Stalker’s; Apollo will use this against players who attempt to wall run or use movement abilities.


Artemis is the flying female of the duo. She fights with only a Gleaming Talon-stance Glaive, which procs Magnetic on a successful thrown hit.

-           Hover: As per a Corpus Osprey’s; once airborne, Artemis stays in the air and bombards players with her Glaive. Hover can be disrupted by stunning her, knocking her to the ground.

-          Tail Wind: As per Zephyr’s, Artemis uses this for quick travel or assault; however, if struck by a player while performing the attack, she is stunned. Artemis is guaranteed to dive bomb the suspended player with this whenever she activates Well of Life.

-          Snow Globe: As per an Ice Leader’s, Artemis can make herself invulnerable towards most attacks that can reach her, but does not slow players caught inside.

-          Well of Life: As per Trinity’s, only much shorter; however, the suspended Tenno’s health is not multiplied, and they retain their abilities while the effect is active. Well of Life'd Tenno also attract the attention of Apollo's Menagerie.

-          Heavy Impact: If Artemis ever strikes the ground, she unleashes a shockwave proportional to the distance she fell.


Apollo will use his abilities to sabotage the player team by forcing them to attack one another (through a combination of Radiation procs and cloning), while keeping them on the ground to protect his "sister". Likewise, Artemis will debuff players with Well of Life to expose them to Apollo and his minions, and drain their energy to prevent them from fighting back.


Once one of the twins is knocked out, their continuous effects on the field end and the other will use their abilities to create an opening to revive them (a la Zanuka and Alad V). Apollo will use Invisibility and Menagerie while Artemis while use Heavy Impact and Snow Globe, each to make a barrier for their partner's revival. If the downed twin is defeated (ie the other is stunned or distracted long enough to let them die), Phase 2 begins.


Phase 2: A Survivor and A Memory


The second phase starts with the surviving twin regenerating to full health and gaining a Channeling visual effect, while unleashing a cry of anguish (a la Roar or Warcry) that throws all players to the walls in an explosive blast of rage. The surviving twin's neural implant short-circuits/falls off, and s/he replaces some of their abilities, with their entire strategy changing as they become hysterical with grief; they will initially focus on the player who dealt the killing blow to their "sibling" until that player is knocked out, then clean house. Taunts suddenly are comprised of very loud static and guttural growling noises.


Apollo stops using Invisibility, but instead gains Teleport and an attack speed boost (super-Quickening?), while Menagerie exclusively summons clones of Artemis. Apollo no longer uses guerilla tactics and instead attacks head-on, unleashing reckless and frightening flashes of radial combo attacks. Following a successful combo, Apollo will use Concussive Blow and follow immediately with a Pull on the same player to begin another combo, until the target is dead. If his combo is interrupted, he will Teleport to the farthest member of the Tenno team and begin his new combo, relying on his Radiation procs to finish the job he just left.


Artemis loses Snow Globe and her ability to Hover, but instead gains her own version of Concussive Blow and increased travel speed on her Glaive throws. Artemis ceases to attack by flying, and instead jumps into the melee to unleash devastating combos against the players. Each time she selects a target, she will pre-empt combos with Well of Life and a jump+Tail Wind (aimed to proc Heavy Impact near her target), and end combos with Concussive Blow and a Glaive throw. If her combo is interrupted, she will jump+Tail Wind upward and away, throwing her Glaive on the way down as she selects a new target.


When the fight ends, the survivor teleports/flies (as appropriate) to the corpse of their fallen "sibling", collapses, and begins a self-destruct sequence in a last-ditch effort to kill the intruding Tenno (visually not unlike the end of Mag’s Bullet Attractor).


Rewards at extraction as per usual, but do not include parts for Apollo or Artemis' unique Warframes.

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I like this concept. +1


Also not to be rude or anything, but could I make a suggestion for Apollo? 

What if he gained a kind of sustained Radial Blind? 

How it works is that he starts lighting his body up, making it very hard to look at/directly around him due to the light. While doing this he will start weaving around shots, making it hard for players to get a clear hit.

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Better than anything I could do!


I'm not really sure about the weapons they have there (didn't mention katanas in the OP), but the original concept has room for adjustment!

thanks, though i actually didn't see that kogame part lol. I just figured that since apollo would had invisibility on most of the time, he'd be sleek and there's nothing more sleek than dual thin swords (such as the katana). 

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Ugh, now that I look back I kinda hate that second one(dat inconsistent shading D:<). Anywho I don't feel like doing things half baked so here's my last submission. Tried to do my best with this one. Artemis Phase 2:


I felt that she'd be the polar opposite of Apollo (like Apollo going beserk attempting to kill anything and everything near him, and Artemis snapping and relentlessly attempting to kill the person whom had the last hit on Apollo in a relentless cold and calculated manner) , so I didn't open up her jaw like Apollo. Also I figured that since that was the case she would just have her "wings" blaring at phase two and some parts of her turn black to reflect her cold nature.

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