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Steve, there are MANY ways to improve the Dark Sector system.

You have some good ideas in there.

I look forward to seeing what you guys do with the potential of it.

BUT..for now...


Start with this.


Do this and you eliminate a large portion of the frustration and it gives you time to do whatever else you need.

yeah i've made that suggestion a while ago already. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/215917-dark-sectors-stay-neutral-in-conflicts/#entry2511258

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-Road-building expansion of Dark Sectors (in that building a rail potentially reveals another Dark Sector beyond).

-These Dark Sectors will become the Frontier when the new faction invades (dramatic music).


A new faction that's hidden beyond the dark sectors?

Could some Orokin have survived, rebuilt, and be planning to retake their old empire?

They must be angry at us for what we did to them several centuries back... right?

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I believe that PvEvP is fun but not intuitive at this stage of development. In fact if you are going to go the pvp route make it so that certain weapons and frames get nerfed or buffed when they enter conclave. perhaps a conclave aura? I do not know if that is possible or if it is worth putting resources toward. ( I would rather see buffs/nerfs and more content in the PvE area of the game but that is just me.) The updates sound promising but I hope they do not turn sour.

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I'm a fairly new and casual player, meaning I play when I get home from my 8-16 hour work day and on my days off. As a casual player I can't really see any meaning for the dark sectors to even exist? I get that the exp and resource boost are good, but damn near every night when I get home and log on they're always contested and I can never play the regular mission. I get that the tax system helps large clans or alliances formed from small clans, but not if it's continuously contested preventing the alliance in control to gain any tax's because the normal mission is locked while they're having to shell out battle pay just to keep it up only for it to be contested 30 seconds (made up number) after the previous attacker? Yes lore behind the dark sectors would help bring the philosophical "why these are here" and "why tenno must build these and fight for these" answers, but it still wouldn't bring an actual game mechanic aspect to them. The only game mechanic I see is extra exp and resources, and 90% (another made up number) we can't even get them.


1) Maybe the exp and resource boost should still be applied to the attacking/defending aspect? Maybe allow decent drops in the attacking/defending missions?


2) Maybe the defending alliance still receives tax's from the attack/defend mission (they are still in control even if they're under attack... just saying... could help increase battle pay). This also means resources and credits drop decently in the attacking/defending missions. 

        a) Yes I understand that allowing the defending alliance to collect tax's off of the attacking alliances missions to increase their battle pay thus inciting more players to run the defend missions, but shouldn't that be the risk of attacking someone else's rail? There needs to be a possible consequence of attacking someone's rail. Make it somewhat hard to do. Not just click attack, get your alliance members to run attack missions, and hope other players run your attacking missions. 


3) Maybe make them feel like they're worth the time? 


Quoting myself here lol.


I've noticed a lot of great changes in the darksector missions now. They're not constantly contested anymore and I get to run the regular missions a lot more now because of it.

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While that's true, making rails even easier to contest (ie no cooldown) will just make people not care about it. Even with the system we have now people in major alliances are saying "what's the point with all this? Why are we fighting to defend this territory that's just going to be contested again tomorrow?"

Fighting for it constantly makes it less prestigious through mundanity. "Oh, you hear Eclipse defended Sinai again?" "Meh, that's, what, the thirtieth time this week? Let's go grind Nuovo for beacon

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i agree with you mogambu and i messed up my last post here i was trying to respond to someone elses quote so i appologize for being a newb on that one.

 the rails are quickly loosing mine and many of the smaller clans i play with on ps4. we farmed and spent a lot of time looking forward to it and creating a

small shadow clan alliance with absolutely no chance to place our own rail. the rails arent cheap for us smaller clans and with no chance to attempt to place one just to be able to say we participated sucks. i hope some other changes can be made i do enjoy what i have played so far but not being able to

even have a chance to place a basic small clan rail of our own what did we waste all that time farming and collecting the necessary resources for.


i dont have a true fix i would just like an option of some sort. the first to click option on deployment also does suck and i am glad DE is looking into it.

i waited by 4 rails last night for 6 hrs waiting for timers to hit zero and maybe get a chance to place a rail even if it only lasted one round and we lost

it later to being contested we just wanted a chance to put ours out there so losing the resources and credits didnt feel like a total loss.


lol we just want a chance.


ps. thanks to everyone at DE for all the hard work. i love this game more than any i have played before and love how the community gets a chance

to get involved. from someone who truly appreciates and marvels at what you guys/girls have done with warframe so far truly thank you.

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One suggestion would be that while a rail is being contested, some of the bonuses for the node are removed.  That way, people still have an incentive to fight for the rail, rather than simply ignoring the fighting and playing the nodes.

All the yes

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