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[Ooc] Of Ash And Fire V2.0 - Faq And Discussion


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Out of Character (OOC) FAQ and Discussion




Welcome to the Of Ash and Fire V2.0 FAQ and Discussion.


This story started off as a way of players to write about their characters and how they viewed their Tenno, but has slowly grown into an expansive, long-term Roleplaying Thread which has seen many threads, plots and characters over the course of its existence.


To help new players join the thread and start posting, the wonderful Jeahanne has made a very useful FAQ regarding the story and who to contact. If you are a new player and wish to join the thread, you should read this FAQ first.




Of Ash and Fire – Original Thread [Archive]


Of Ash and Fire V2.0 – IC Roleplaying Thread







Of Ash and Fire FAQ




This is a general FAQ for the thread Of Ash and Fire. It’s here to help clarify and explain a lot of common questions about the thread so that no one feels overwhelmed or like they're drowning in trying to figure out who we are and what we do.




Q: What is Of Ash and Fire and how did it all start?


A: Of Ash and Fire was started by SilverBones, and originally began as a place for people to post stories about how they saw their particular Tenno within the game. As time went on, the thread developed from single character stories and introductions into a long running, collaborative RP effort with well-established characters that, in turn, have spawned their own histories and even threads. Today, Of Ash and Fire is one of the longest-running threads on the forums, and is a place where anyone is encouraged to add their voice to the ever-growing group of stories that we take part in. Stand-alone additions are as welcome as collaborations, and we pride ourselves on being welcoming to all people interested in joining us so long as they agree to follow our thread rules stated below.



Q: Before I post, do I have to read it all?


A: While we would strongly encourage you to read it all eventually, no, you do not have to read everything before you post. However, if you intend to jump into the thread headfirst, make sure if you’re joining mid-story (like joining in during a mission in-progress or something similar) you ask to be filled in on the current situation before you post.



Q: So are there any rules for this thread? If so, what are they?


A: Yes, although they’re pretty basic. Mostly, we follow the same rules as the RP thread, which can be found here SilverBones Guide to Forum RP. In general:

  • Be respectful; both to one another, one another’s characters, and one another’s ideas.
  • Be civil.
  • Do not use another person’s character(s) without permission.
  • Keep to in-game lore/cannon as closely as possible.
  • Do not create Godmode/OP characters (in other words, keep your characters at least somewhat realistic).
  • Do not plagiarize another person’s work in any way, shape, or form from any source, including forum or story posts made by others in other sections of the forums.




Q: So what happens if someone does break the thread rules?


A: Generally, we (usually one or more of the more senior members of the thread) will talk to whoever it is that breaks the rules first, privately. We don’t want to have problems with any writer, and will do our best to work out any issues that arise so that everyone can get back to enjoying writing and reading. However, depending on the situation, the offending stories may be “ignored” in the timeline for the sake of continuity and to keep logical progression of an overall story arc intact, if a story arc is present at that time. In that sort of situation, even if something were to be posted within a collaboration, the rule-breaking post(s) would be treated as if they didn’t exist so as to protect the other writers and stories. If continued infractions persist in being a problem, a Community Moderator may also be asked to remove the offending posts and the writer will be asked to leave the thread.



Q: I’d love to post, but I’m afraid I’ll be teased, made fun of, or rejected…


A: No need to worry. We have people of all ages and creeds here. We will critique to help you improve, but the only teasing that goes on is all in good fun, and only then if you’re ok with it. The respect rule goes both ways; we’ll treat you with same acceptance and respect that we ask you to give us.



Cannon and Lore:


Q: How close to cannon do I really have to be when I write a story?


A: As close as possible. No one wants to limit your creative freedom (we want to read awesome stories as much as you do), but keeping a cohesive universe together where we can all stick to the same basic rules helps to make sure all of the stories everyone writes can seamlessly flow together. Bending cannon is usually alright, but if you have specific concerns about an idea, another person’s characters, ect., come to us. We’ll be more than happy to help you out and clarify anything you might find confusing.



Q: But some of this stuff is obviously not cannon!


A: This is true. There have been several times when things have been written that end up cannon-breaking, and it has posed a lot of problems for all the writers involved. There are several story “arcs” (the Berserker incident for example) in the thread that are clearly non-cannon. Most of these came about as a result of overactive imaginations and an unwillingness for any one person to step forward and confront the writer responsible (after all, no one wants to start problems for anyone, let alone on a public forum). This is especially true in stories in the first half of the thread. However, since that time, we as a group have grown much better at curbing such cannon-breaking problems before they happen. We do still “stretch” cannon (we have a few sentinels for example, who can speak and are self-aware), but incidents that break common sense, cannon, and/or the laws of physics (among other things), are no longer tolerated. As stated above, this isn’t to stop anyone for being creative, and if you have any questions or concerns, we are more than happy to help out or elaborate on what’s accepted. Just ask.



Q: There are a lot of other fanfictions and RPs already on the forums, and I really like their universes. Are all of those considered cannon too?


A: No. There are many other fanfiction writers that are a part of our thread, like Kalenath and others, but while their universes might parallel and even intersect ours, if they aren’t strictly aligned with in-game cannon, they aren’t cannon for us either, no matter how amazing they might be. If you really want to write a character or story that isn’t cannon and share it with us, that’s awesome and we strongly encourage you to do so, but share it with us in its own thread. That way, we all still get to enjoy it, but it leads to less confusion and keeps both your ideas and our thread neat and tidy. Don’t forget, many of us have our own threads and stories outside of Of Ash and Fire too, and keep an eye on forums for good stories to read. Just because you might not end up posting here, doesn’t mean you won’t be sharing it with us in other ways.



Q: But there’s so little Lore in warframe! How do I know what is cannon at what isn’t, or want to write about something that there’s no Lore for yet?


A: Part of the joy and challenge of fanfiction and RP writing for Warframe lies in the fact that there is so little lore to go on. Most of the time what we in Of Ash and Fire end up going with for Lore lies in Codex entries, weapon and warframe descriptions, and occasionally even Warframe trailers and Livestream information talked about by the Devs. Good resources for lore can be often be found on the Wiki and in the Codex, and personally, if I have a question on lore for a specific item or warframe, I start with the wiki since most codex entries are also archived there. If there is no lore or information about what you want to write about, it’s likely best to go only with what you know to be true, and avoid topics that there is no information for.



Q: So if I want to write about something that there’s no lore for then I can’t? Shouldn’t I be able to write about whatever I want since there’s no lore to tell me that my idea isn’t cannon, like pre-Collapse society or other topics?


A: There’s no really easy answer for this question, because a lot of the central topics in the game don’t currently have any lore worth mentioning (like who were the Orokin? What happened before the Collapse and/or my character went into cryosleep? Ect.). Unfortunately, just because there’s no lore for something doesn’t mean that anything anyone comes up with automatically becomes cannon, and so these topics are usually best avoided. The biggest reason we suggest avoiding these topics within the thread is because, if not having lore for something was a free pass for anyone to write anything, it would quickly end up very confusing and chaotic as everyone’s different views of what cannon should be clashed with one another (and the last thing I want is to have to write my character getting out of being suddenly attacked by a Tyrannosaurus rex while jousting the Stalker on a purple hippopotamus, or some other absurd madness xP ). So, while some stories within the thread might touch on topics that have no lore, it’s generally safer to avoid them, say as little about them as possible, and/or give them their own thread. If you MUST post something in the thread that you worry might be non-cannon, clearly state that it’s canonically questionable and put it in a spoiler to avoid mix-ups or confusion for others.



Character Questions:


Q: So, I want to join in, but I have no idea how to go about introducing my story or character. Is there some sort of special thing I need to do to introduce them?


A: No, there’s no specific way you have to introduce your character or story, however, there are threads like this one Share Your Character – OOC Discussion, that can give you a good place to start, post, or give you ideas if you need inspiration. If you want help introducing character, or have an idea but need help implementing it, feel free to ask for advice or assistance. It’s not uncommon for an established thread member to help a newer person out in getting started, either by providing a jumping off point for a character’s introduction, or by providing advice on how to flesh out a story idea.



Q: I have this awesome idea for a character! I want him to have one eye, lots of scars, and tattoos everywhere! …I can do that right?


A: Sure! Unless you aren’t creating a character that’s Godmode-like or otherwise overpowered, or breaks cannon in some way, they can be anything you want. Corpus, Grineer, and even Infested characters have been known to appear in Of Ash and Fire on occasion (I personally even have a main character that’s a Djinn sentinel), so let your creative juices flow!



Q: It’s against the rules to use someone else’s character without permission, but there are so many! How do I know who’s character belongs to who?


A: There’s a list that’s posted at the end of this FAQ in a spoiler, which lists all of the characters I know of at this point in time and who they belong to. Because the thread does change so quickly (and I won’t have an entirely complete list right away), this list will always be a work in progress, so if the particular character you’re looking for isn’t on this list, just ask someone on the thread and you should know what you need to fairly quickly. However, any posted characters will be accurate when it comes to ownership to the best of my knowledge, even if the list itself is incomplete.



Master Character/Owner List


Note: Some characters will have load-outs specified and some won’t. It’s always best to double check a character’s description and preferred weapons with their owner when you ask permission to use the character, as some characters have load-outs that change frequently and some do not. The load-outs on this list may not always be accurate, but the names of the characters and the people who control them are.


Also, while I will do my best to keep this list up to date, if you wish your characters to appear here and they aren’t posted, please PM me the information you would like added, and I will make sure they get added in.



  • Baaral - Oberon
  • Maalkaris – Nekros


  • Kris- Hydroid, previously Excalibur, Vauban, and Rhino; only constant weapon is Nami Skyla
  • Nikis – Corpus executive



  • Khimera – Oberon, previously Volt
  • Crowley - Nekros
  • Nova-Quinn - Nova
  • Sandalphon - Excalibur
  • Faust - Nekros
  • Searc - Valkyr
  • Emerald/Mirage - Nyx
  • Einherjar (Ein) - Unique, see concept: Einherjar
  • Any sentinels belonging to aforementioned characters
  • Zen - Unique animal character. Six legged, blue-black fur


  • Acantha – Nova; Dread or a sniper rifle (generally Snipetron Vandal or Vectis), Despair, Orthos
  • Peregrine – Zephyr; Soma, Marelok, Glaive
  • Qarin – Djinn Sentinel; Stinger
  • Matteus - Excalibur
  • Vaughn – Excalibur
  • Cain – Ash
  • Tinkerer (Alistair) - Vauban


  • Morlan - Frost Prime; Braton Prime, Twin Vipers, Dragon Nikana
  • Adrazi – Trinity; Strun Wraith, Lex, Dual Heat Swords
  • Argi – Loki; Gorgon Wraith, Brakk, Orthos Prime


  • Ajkrumen – Frost Prime
  • Heus – Rhino, formerly Frost


  • Aiden - Rhino Prime; Tigris, Lex Prime, Galatine
  • Lily - Ember Prime; Paris Prime, Akstilettos, Glaive
  • Arina – Trinity; Grinlok, Marelok, Bo


  • Aigloblam - Purple and Silver Excalibur; Synapse, Despair, Dual Zorens with Dagger Axe Skins
  • Zel - Immortal Skinned Ember Prime; only constant weapon choice is Regular Skinned Zorens
  • Dulcia - Immortal Skinned Saryn; Synapse, Embolist, Mire


  • Ghost in the Machine - Imortal skinned blue and red Nyx with Vespa Helmet, Uses Lanka, Despair and Dragon Nikana.
  • Idhren - White and Black Nyx, Soma, Ballistica, Nikana
  • Fenrik - Immortal skinned Black and Gold Nekros with Raknis helmet. Dread, Ether Reaper.
  • Revenant - Solid black Immortal skinned Volt with Storm helmet, Latron prime, Twin Gremlins and Dual Kamas.


  • Aero – Zephyr, formerly Nova; Soma, Detron, Fangs
  • Cyanide – Saryn


  • Nyght - Excalibur Prime (Blue)
  • DraikoHunter
  • Aktos - Ash
  • Vulcana – Valkyr
  • Eeva


  • Azmodiel ,"Az" – Mag; Boltor, Seer, and an Ether Blade
  • Yuriel ,"Yuri" – Rhino (deceased), might be used in memories of pre-fall and generally @(*()$ with Az's memories/mind
  • Michael , "Mike" - Oberon - weaponry undecided
  • Daniel ,"Dan" – Ash; weaponry undecided apart from his Dual Kamas
  • Charzel, "Charry” - An intelligent Grineer Ballista; so far, just using a Vulkar
  • Samael, "Sam" – Nyx; weaponry undecided
  • Grell - A Grineer Trooper thought-slave of Sam's; Uses some kind of shotgun


  • Quinn -  Vauban; Aequitas Foundry Master, rarely seen or heard from, enjoys vodka.
  • Ans – Volt, Master with the Nikana.  Prefers melee over other combat, doesn’t like people that much, but is very caring.




I hope all of this helps clarify some common questions, and that we see you in the thread soon! Good luck, and may the writing Gods smile upon thee!



Of Ash and Fire






With a big, big thank you to Jeahanne for writing the FAQ, we all hope that you find this thread informative and helpful when writing a character for Of Ash and Fire.


Please make sure that this thread is used for OUT OF CHARACTER discussion, and that IN CHARACTER posts are put on in the IC Roleplaying Thread.



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It seems i must make the first out of Character Post.

I currently have only one character in Of Ash and Fire. And im currently working with Jea on my current arc!

I love roleplaying (i kind miss rolling dice) and im very eager and willing to do Collabs. Just let me focus on one arc at a time!



I play Rachim - A Loki Sniper that hasnt work much with other Tenno since the loss of his small Family.


His Loki's colours are a more Heavily Saturated version of the standard Blue and Red. His energy color is Electric Blue.

He works in Extremes, either in melee combat, or at long range with his Vectis

He ALWAYS has an Ether Dagger on him, his Orthos Prime is the source of pain and pride. 4 Names are engraved into it (Mike, James, Chris, and Chandra)

He is bi-polar as a result of losing his comrades. He bounces between Sarcastic and Carefree "standard Loki"ness to Cold Manupulative and Calculating.

He has not been Out of Frame since awakening from his Cryo Pod

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Welcome all to the [Ooc] Ash and Fire thread.


All of us current, "old", members are here thanks to SilverBones's first post and we are all grateful for that, being able to meet all of these people and becoming good friends. (again thanks SilverBones)


We welcome you all and taking a part from one of my own stories (i am the Foundry Master, Quinn),


"They were all scarred, broken and tortured by their past. That is who they are, bound by their broken body and souls. This is how they lived, thrived, helping each other, healing each other...


Aequitas dojo, a home to the fallen, the broken, the crippled, a home to all"


Welcome home tenno.



You can contact me i am will to help you work on things, revise, and answer questions to the best of my ability, just toss me a Pm and ill see what i can do.

Edited by QuinnsWing
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Hm, this looks very cool, I'd like to write up a character for this, but I'm afraid I'll have my hands full for a while, thanks to the Life in a Dead System continuity I've heavily invested in.


I'll keep an eye on this, though, I liked a lot of the posts in the old thread.

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Agreed. I'm already "working" (because it's helping me procrastinate on my homework) on a write up intro for my characters.... I don't usually like that kind of thing, but I'm guessing new people will want something more concise than 440 pages to sort through to figure out who my characters are... so yeah *sigh*


Regardless! New stories and new people! And a new beginning for the thread! So yay! *dances around*

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I don't personally wanna start anew, especially when we do have one ongoing story arc that's split between this thread and the old one... however, I don't see anything wrong with a new story (if anyone sees it as something they want to do) as a reintroduction for them for people new to the thread.

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Sorry, I haven't been too active lately. Been sick as a dog after eating bad chicken. So are we gonna continue the story where we left off, or reintroduce our characters and start anew?



I don't personally wanna start anew, especially when we do have one ongoing story arc that's split between this thread and the old one... however, I don't see anything wrong with a new story (if anyone sees it as something they want to do) as a reintroduction for them for people new to the thread.


Im going to introduce the backstory im currently drafting up as a "Flashback"ish daydream.

I plan on having Rachim come to right where I left off originally. Just to reset the tone for the character before diving back into it.


I was thinking of summarizing the mission as it stands in an introductory paragraph for the next post after his intro. what do you two thinK?

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I know you lead the RP's alliance ingame...


but who leads the clan in character?

Its a council 


And yea i think i could write something up for another "intro"  for my characters for any new people, though i still need to meet up with the "Old Crow", intro first, to writing! (tomorrow!)

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I could do the same. All of my mains are in a mission with Rachim, so it won't be too much of a stretch to write their perspectives and add in some extra stuff to re-introduce them. Although really, Peregrine already has her own thread... https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/208166-fanfiction-wings/ I mean, it's backstory, not a true intro, but it's something for now at least. I'm also halfway through a new chapter on that, so this should time out decently...


I don't know how quickly I can get a post done though. It's finals week until Monday (my last exam is Monday) so I'm fairly well bogged down with studying and homework, but I can try to whip something up in what spare time I have.

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Skirata is an Excalibur, has the Pendragon helmet, maybe a picture will be given soon... other aesthetic details are somewhat spoilers so PM if you want to know more.


His full name is "Brad Skirata," however very few characters are even aware he has a first name.  Most know him only to be just "Skirata."  It is a minor detail, but no one is allowed to have any character call him by his first name without first discussing it with me.  Other personal background details or personality details are somewhat spoilers as he has changed both aesthetically and mentally.  I am eager for ppl to use my character, just let me know via PM first. (or if you know of another way of contacting me, that's fine too)

Edited by BRad_Skirata
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Its a council 


And yea i think i could write something up for another "intro"  for my characters for any new people, though i still need to meet up with the "Old Crow", intro first, to writing! (tomorrow!)

As far as i know we never totally established who is on the council. Story wise Aigloblam has been kinda anal about monitoring the Dojo and stuff, and hes Definitely on the Ruling Council. And I can name some people that i KNOW are, even one who shouldnt be, cause canon, but should be, cause of many other reasons.

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As far as i know we never totally established who is on the council. Story wise Aigloblam has been kinda anal about monitoring the Dojo and stuff, and hes Definitely on the Ruling Council. And I can name some people that i KNOW are, even one who shouldnt be, cause canon, but should be, cause of many other reasons.

there was a mutual agreement made for a few definite people that would be in the Council (but not limited to).  I had these names partially included in an old post of mine... gonna have to find it...

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As far as i know we never totally established who is on the council. Story wise Aigloblam has been kinda anal about monitoring the Dojo and stuff, and hes Definitely on the Ruling Council. And I can name some people that i KNOW are, even one who shouldnt be, cause canon, but should be, cause of many other reasons.


If i had to geuss.


Aiglo, Ty, and Crow?


edit: lol, i kinda figured this was FAQ material.

Edited by ensignvidiot
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We can add it in later if it's needed.


I THINK the Council consists currently of Crowly, Skirata, Aigloblam, Khimera, Excalibur, and maybe Quinn? I know Quinn was looked at for a post for awhile, but I don't know if he actually ended up in it or not. And Ajkrumen was on the council at one point, but is no longer (because *redacted*).

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Suppose when I get a brief respite from either Uni work or reading fanfiction (I may have gotten addicted to stuff on fanfiction.net),

I should do a little bit for Nyght, a 're-introduction' for the sake of newcomers. Got local copies of all the older stuff I've written for him too...


And who knows... maybe I'll get tempted into making an additional character.

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