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New: Warframe Warpaint Contest!


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Spent a little bit making a Loki it's meant to be his idle dual pistol spinning animation minus the animation done useing laptop trackpad and wireless trackball mouse in MS paint.


Oops forgot the alias in the image fixed with new image.


WOW lots of good paintings which makes me scared for mine but I'm still proud of it so good luck to all.

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i'd love to have frost prime, but still do not have it.
so ... I present to you frost prime and a few hidden hearts...
in the end I'm a girl, so forgive me that hearts :P

I tried to reproduce/imitate as best I can frost prime,

and not hurt him in this picture ;D
tools: ms paint, airbrush - 4 different sizes, colors layered over each other, wacom tablet

(i'm not english so forgive me mistakes)

ps.for the doubters - as surely you can see - it is reproduced to the famous wallpaper from google,

yes i know that bcs I based ot this.

ps2. i added name of warframe, coz i forot about it.



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Banshee with her "default" loadout (Lex, nothing else).


(Body additions: Imperator Syandana, Clan logo, event logo, Immortal Skin)


Got lazy in the end there and couldn't deal with using the large spray, that's why there's a lack of pixel mess on the lower half.

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Carrier x Pear, by Psychosist



Ah, I did this early in the morning and forgot to add a description. Er, knowing that I wouldn't be able to paint nearly as well as some of the competitors in this thread, I decided not to paint a Warframe and start with something small. A Sentinel! I always thought that Carrier looked funny for a sentinel, mostly because he really resembled a pear fruit (I even have a pear color scheme for him!). I thought it would be cute if I took his resemblance to the pear and painted it for you guys! I haven't used MS Paint in years, but back in the day, I used to run Art Shops in every forum I joined, and MS Paint was one of my biggest tools! Good luck to all the contestants!

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