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New: Warframe Warpaint Contest!


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Your skills have been put to the test in numerous ways, Tenno. Head shot challenges, Obstacle course races, comic creations, and so much more! But it’s time to reach deep and find your inner Air-brusher!


Be creative and submit your own Warframe Airbrush art using MS Paint/Paintbrush! We all have an inner Picasso in us, Tenno. Channel your innovative prowess and show us what you can do!


Need an Example?

[DE]Megan original



DERebecca original



How to enter:

Using the Airbrush tool on MS Paint (Or Paintbrush app for Mac OS) create a Warframe related image.

Submit it here for judging!



Use MS Paint (Or Paintbrush app for Mac OS) to create your masterpiece.

Mac OS: Paintbrush app.

Upload your image to imgur.com, copy the BBCode, and paste it right into your submission post.

Check this thread out if you have trouble posting your image.



One submission per user

Must be Warframe related and appropriate in nature

You may use MS Paint(PC) or Paintbrush(Mac OS) only

Airbrush tool masterpieces only

Must be your original work- please don’t use other people’s images

The image must include your alias

Do NOT reserve posts in this thread

Any submission that doesn’t follow these rules will be disqualified!



Top 3 winners will be selected based on creativity.

2nd and 3rd place will receive 1000 Platinum.

1st place will receive 1000 Platinum and have their submission shown on the next episode of Warframe Prime time!


The contest starts today, Friday April 25 at 12PM EDT and closes Thursday May 1 at 12PM EDT.




*This thread will open at 12PM EDT today!!


 Unleash your inner graffiti artist! 

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Hey guys! I decided to get in on this contest even though I've never even attempted a piece of fan art in my life for Warframe (or any game for that matter). I've been playing a lot of Ember Prime lately and I had a rather sudden spur of inspiration to do a Ember Prime vs Gen. Sargus Ruk piece. Don't ask me why. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Of course, was done only in MS Paint and is 100% air brush only. Anyway, this is what some visual references and a few hours of work yielded me: 



"Fight Fire With Fire"




(.PNG, 1920x1080)


About the submission:

As you can see I've made some amateur mistakes overall, but considering this was 100% mouse, I think I didn't do too bad for what is pretty much a first time for me. Obviously the scale between Ember Prime and Ruk is a bit off, and Ruk is just meh in general (no pun intended). In contrast, the part of the piece I think I'm most proud of is the Grineer logo on the wall towards the top right corner. 


Also, here's a short little abstract that portrays the story of the piece. Hope you like!


"A blinding light suddenly filled the dark galleon. Red and yellow sparks danced across the military green walls of the Grineer base, illuminating the grand symbol of the Grineer painted a deep red like blood. The light burst forth ever more vigorously as Atalla struggled to hold her focus. She felt great power and energy flowing through her as she thrust forth a searing blast of white-hot magma. But her energy was depleting, while the foul General Sargus Ruk impeded her attack with his own jets of flames. 

The two cones of seemingly endless heat met at a single point where their powers fought for control. The energy of their combined attacks grew and grew into a brilliant display of immeasurable heat that began to scorch and melt the walls of the Grineer base. These were two unstoppable forces at a steady impasse, but it was clear there would be only one who would walk away from the flames..."


EDIT: Spelling mistake

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