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The Brokk And Manticore As Seperate Weapons.


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Both models work as weapons, why not make them seperate? 



The manticore skin for the scindo is in no way a slashing weapon, furthermore the axe class could use a puncture or impact weapon and the manticore is a blunt thing with spikes. 


The brokk too is similar. It's a weapon, we've got animations for it; Why not make it a weapon on it's own with different stats? 






The dagger axes. Both the scindo and the zoren. It'd be tempting to change them too. Both dual swords and axe classes need puncture weapons. 




For those that already have the skins either:

A- They're grandfathered in.They can keep their manticore looking scindos

B: They are put in the foundry at the "claim" stage

C: They're awarded to the players automaticaly with free slots? 

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Why? What would be the point of getting an extra weapon slot? It IS essentially two weapons for the price of one inventory slot. What exctly is your problem? I think you mean to say thank you for giving me thse different weapons for the same weapon slot. I'm sure you are welcome. 

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Despite having potatoed my Scindo and use it exclusively as a Manticore, I'd be down with both it and the Brokk becoming new weapons. Both weapon pools for those types are criminally small. The Axe type only has one axe and two greatswords, for crying out loud. I'm not so sure about the Daggeraxe skins though. They could be their own weapons as well, but if memory serves they don't have any statistical changes to using them when the Brokk and Manticore skins do. Though I'd welcome another Axe, I think we can agree the Dual Sword pool is deep enough as it stands without adding more to it.

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YES PLS with different stats droped from bosses like Vor have Seer pistol. But DEVS ......... PLEASE! power up all heavy weapons, reapers and single daggers. Heavy weapons are too slow compared to low damage, Reapers and Heavy weapons should be slow as they are now but more DMG and Slide dmg slides are so slow and deals only 120dmg? o_O fast as hell dual swords make about 250-300 slide dmg da hell? I know that these are Dual swords so as a two hits but heavy weapons are heavy to make more dmg heavy should have around 180-240 slide DMG because they are slow.

Scindo,Fragor, Galatine,Gram - Dmg 65-80 almost the same as Dragon Nikana but they are slower so I think it is OK. Slide Dmg 180-240 because they are heavy and slower.
Reaper Prime, Hate and other scythes - dmg compared to speed is good but for me they should have higher critical chance about 20% because it can for example hit between ribs. Slide dmg 160-210.
Single daggers should have more speed about 30% and higher critical hit chance or status about 10-15% because with daggers you can for example hit in deadly point to make bleeding opponent.

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