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Eximus Need A Few Tweaks/reworks


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Eximus units are a great addition and add to diversity and challenge in missions, especially with the added spawn rate as you endure more on survival missions. But I feel some types are lackluster, or not at all challenging, but punishing.


These units should be deadly, but not punishing. They should also help boost out the surrounding units to make them pose as a threat also.


Current Eximus Units:


1 - Blitz: Rare encounter, I feel this unit could have an added aura that makes enemies inside the aura gain a 50% knockdown resist and Tenno inside it lose any kind of knockdown resist (with exception of blocking). This would make them more of a threat.


2 - Parasitic: While some people hate losing energy, these units are nice cause you can react and kill them. It takes a certain time to drain your energy, and you aren't incapable of regenerating energy by picking orbs or using restores. They are fine as they are.


3 - Arson and Arctic: I really like them. The auras seem to make units more deadly, while they debuff you. Along with that they have a power that adds challenge, yet aren't OP. You can run/block the fire blast, or take down the snowglobe. You have ways to bypass them, as long as you react to what they are doing.


4 - Leech: They seem too simple regaining life when they hit you. Give them something like a team aura that makes all units regain health as they hit you. This actually adds a threat level.


5 - Guardian: These are good also, recovering shields. Id add in an aura that makes Tenno shields not regenerate as long as you are inside the aura, or the Eximus unit is alive.


6 - Shock and Venomous: These are my main problem. Taking away your energy without touching you, instantly, or in the venomous case poisoning you without touching you isn't challenge, its punishment. You have a melee system, but you keep adding mechanics that promote shooting at the targets as quick as you see them. My changes would be quite simple:


- Shock: The unit has an offensive aura, that once a Tenno is inside, one of his powers, randomly, goes offline. The same comes back online after killing the unit, or leaving the aura. This adds a threat level, but isn't punishing. Additionally an aura that gives enemy units extra electric damage with a 5% chance of proccing eletric. An electric based power also, to fit in with the ice and fire Eximus types would be interesting.


- Venomous: He could have attacks similar to the old J3 Golem, launching, from time to time, projectiles that upon impact leave a small poison gas cloud. Feel free to add on.


I think thats about it. Feel free to post also ideas on other Eximus units that could be added so theres a bit more of a challenge and diversity. These should be similar to notionphils topic on dumb enemies, yet challenging.

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Can we change the names too and add certain enemy types exclusive to certain factions? You have good ideas, but these seem a bit too overpowered in terms of team capabilities/solo play, especially in the higher levels where they are bullet sponges.

For example:


Guardian-crewmen/ospreys/MOA/elite crewmen/corpus tech (instant shield recharge, buffed shield amount, drains shield)

Shock-elite crewmen/corpus tech (Electric Shield, Shock, Electric Surge, electric attacks)

Blitz-crewmen/elite crewmen/corpus tech/MOA (knockdown attacks and radial stuns, modified Pull)

Force-corpus tech/MOA/ospreys (has Sanctuary, Vaporize, and modified Crowd Dispersion)


Arson-bombards/napalms (fire attacks, Fire Wave, Blast Grenade, Inferno, Fire Blast)

Arctic-heavy gunners (ice attacks, Ice Wave, modified mobile Snowglobe, modified Avalanche)

Modified Guardsman/new name-light units/medium units (near invincibility to self and nearby allies, vulnerable to elementals)

Leech-light units (slowly steals energy, Pull, corrosive attacks)


Berserker-ancients (fast, modified Roar, bullets ineffective) 

Sanguine-leapers/ancients (slash attacks/high bleeding proc, modified Slash Dash)

Parasitic-chargers/crawlers (slowly steals energy, modified Venom, modified Molt, corrosive attacks)

Mutalist Arctic-mutalist ospreys (similar to Grineer Arctic Leaders, has Coolant Leak and replaces toxin cloud with viral cloud)


Guardian-ospreys/MOA/crewmen/drones (see Corpus Guardian Eximus)

Sanguine-ancients (see Infested Sanguine Alpha)

Blitz-crewmen/lancers (see Corpus Blitz Eximus)

Arctic-lancers/heavy gunners (see Grineer Arctic Leader)

Neural-sabotage object/boss (corrupts entities within the Void, radiation attacks and "mind control", Absorb, Pull, Regen x3) 

^(Tower I-IV sabotage/assassinate?)^


This would get rid of the annoying instantaneous drain of energy, overpowered toxin auras, and would implement new types of enemy variations.

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I like these ideas!

Getting rid of the "instagib ENTIRE energy pool/poison of Doom auras just because!" would be awesome. That's NOT challenge, it's just cheap.

Renaming the eximi depending on their faction to feel less similar would be good too.^^

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