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Most Fun Warframe?


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In your opinion, what is the most fun Warframe? Also, while we are at it, what's the most fun primary, secondary and melee weapon in the game in your opinion?

If you are starting a thread where you ask for opinions maybe you should start with your opinion.

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Also why the hell does no one use Tesla? Vauban ends up with 400+ mana with a max Flow. I never see people using Tesla EVER. It's always just hurr vortex. It's sad as hell.

Because Tesla is beautiful but weak, and if I want to have fun, I prefer the trampoline

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Zephyr , Nyx , Excal and Volt are tons of fun


primaries : All bows ( except Cernos)


Secondaries ( Angstrum + mobility frame ( Zephyr ) = maximim enemy bombardment ) , or marelok


Melee : Kogake bersek fury speed build + volt speed

Dragon Nikaka+ DJ stance+ excalibur = Maximum honor + Samurai Jack feel (white energy)

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Warframe :

1. Booben : Tesla spam, Trampoline a.k.a. Bounce, Vortex to mangle your enemies into one tiny ball. This frame reeks of fun :D

2. Nekros : I just like that army of undead built to my preference (try a squad full of Bombards, Rollers, Shockwave MOAs, Tech, Ancient, or any elites that is annoying to you. You'll find that they're very annoying to their respective teammates. Add some hacked Shockwave MOAs for more troops)

3. Hydroid : While usually missed, Tempest Barrage looks cool. Undertow lets you see how stupid your enemy is. and Tentacle Swarm is simply push the enemies' elasticity to the limit



Primary :
1. Penta : While people tend to use them as your usual grenade launcher, using them as a trap is fun too. One click and everything goes away 

2. Mutalist Quanta : Nice rapid fire and exploding bouncing ball. What's not to like?

3. Supra/Gorgon : I just find these LMG really alluring. Extra point for Supra for being LMG that spews laser/plasma/whatever that thing is

4. Phage : Flux Rifle, Infested ver. but with more laser!


Secondary : 

1. Castanas : your sticky secondary version of Penta. You can also apply this like Tesla. Apply it to your friend, let him go and activate it when he's being overwhelmed

2. Cestra : your secondary version of Supra, with extra cool point for dual wielding

3. Stug : real sticky cum bomb, apply to selected area (Some can be hilarious. Go for crotch, or face. I dare you) and see it goes boom 

4. Angstrum : Shotgun with rocket pellets. Deadly effective and cool


No melee weapon, I don't usually use them  

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Zephyr, because i love the wind/bird theme and its entertaining to hammer enemies into the ceiling


Primary: Braton Prime because its shiny and looks awesome, and it makes peoples explode on death


Secondary: Lex Prime because Desert Eagle <----- because she is a bird...haahaaa haahaa ha....oh god that one was bad


Melee: Glaive Prime because Dual Dakra Prime dont exist yet

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