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Chicks Dig Giant Robots


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You gotta find first gear

In your giant robot car


You dig giant robots

I dig giant robots

We dig giant robots

Chicks dig giant robots





Let's talk Megas XLR, guys. A cancelled cartoon about, well, you guessed it: Giant robots... and monsters. Mayhem with a nice touch of rock and metal, and quite the humor. Let's not forget the references. Man, this show has a ton of them.



I really enjoyed this show to its fullest. It was hilarious at every turn, and the soundtrack had the horsepower. Too bad that it ended with only two seasons. I expected a lot more, seeing it was crazy with robot destruction. 

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I, I thought I was the only one..... 


Though... If this show was a little half turn less light-hearted kid safe show with a twinge more badassery to match the style of the bots and the artists take on the world he created, it'd been perfect.

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Oh my gosh. I loved this show to death.


Right in the chidlhood feels.

Why do good shows get cancelles so early?


Freaking right? Especially on Cartoon Network. (Samurai Jack, Young Justice, Teen Titans, Etc.)

Basically anything that isn't a mindless Comedy that's more than halfway decent.

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