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Top Trinity Builds?



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I wouldn't go with duration on Trinity, rather focus on giving your cc buddies energy with stretch and intensify. :D

Maxed Narrow Minded makes your Energy Vampire so much less supportive when the energy hardly reach your teammates or yourself.

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Personally I barely used link either way, so I made my build around energy vampire and healing:




It is built 100% for reactive healing and energy supply, so the duration is as low as possible. (note: this also kills link quite effectively)

I wouldn't say it's the 'best' build, but it suits what I want to do with my trinity perfectly: healing.


As for the aura: I went with enemy radar since my energy vampire has pretty fast procs, and costs almost nothing to cast, so maintaining energy is somewhat more of a formality (unless you get drained).

But you can swap it for energy siphon if you feel like it, or don't forma that slot and put a D-polarity aura on.

Blessing is unranked because it still fully heals, but has a lower duration. Duration you don't want with reactive healing.



Fun fact: if you run out of O2 on survival, and have the full 450 energy, you can keep your team a bit up to health whilst you run to extraction :3




Thank you guys for the feedback, I forget to account for power range.... here is my updated build.





do keep in mind: energy efficiency caps at 75%. so having both streamline and fleeting full is a waste.

And on a different note: If you only use 1 survivability mod (vitality, redirection, etc), you're better off with vitality.

Why? Because toxins ignore shields 100%. And we have those pesky drones now as well, so even more poison in the air.

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Thank you guys for the feedback, I forget to account for power range.... here is my updated build.


Well your blessing last 4 seconds, It may save your teammates in that time but I prefeer an unranked blessing so it last 1.2 and I can cast it again if needed.

You're over the cap on efficiency.

I undestand the natural talent for Link but the animation on blessing are already fast enough so I'd discard it.

The range is huge but Energy Vampire would just replenish 40 energy in total; 36m with just stretch but 100 energy reger per cast is great and you could only re cast it nearby an ally that maybe didn't get the energy on the first cast.

I like to use quick thinking because I'll always have my energy at the top and thus I'll have a little more time to cast blessing in case I'm about to die.

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I've taken to copypasting these in every new trinity thread that pops up. I would suggest trying a search first but oh well...

Darzk, on 16 Jun 2014 - 5:30 PM, said:snapback.png


2 ways to play her now, imo. Short duration with Rank 0 Blessing, and spam Blessing whenever you or a teammate need a heal. Alternate Energy Vampire's every 3-4 Blessings and cast a short duration Link when you need the knockdown prevention. Or ditch Link and get even more effective health with QT and Flow.


The other way to play is bring QT/Flow, no health or shield mods, and build long duration as before. Nuke yourself with an AoE weapon until QT is activated, and press 4 for ~30 seconds of 99% damage reduction for your whole team. You can then hit Link, bringing you to 100% reduction, and build with Stretch, maybe even OE, and self nuke as before.


Darzk, on 17 Jun 2014 - 11:32 AM, said:snapback.png


I guess it depends if you're willing to add some forma. 


Energy Siphon aura is mostly wasted, because you can get 88 energy restored at the push of a button. So I would forma to - and use Corrosive Projection, or Enemy Sense. While keeping the D polarity, you might consider Physique. It'll give your teammates a bit more health, thus giving you another split second in which to cast Blessing to save them.


Well of Life will be mostly useless, I doubt you will use it often. It's fun to combo with Energy Vampire to do some awesome ability damage, but it won't instantly kill armored units anymore :(.


I would replace it with Intensify, to make EV restore an extra 30 energy and thus allow for another Blessing between EV's. You could also replace it with Quick Thinking with some forma, once you get it, for a huge chunk of extra health. The final option I would lean towards is the use of Stretch, making EV restore energy in a larger radius (good for helping teammates) and making Link reach farther, good for increasing the usefulness of that ability.


I would keep Natural Talent; EV spam is much more fluid and given you may end up casting Link every 6 seconds it'll give you a nice chunk of effective playtime back.


The two Trinity builds I use are:



Trinity can make the team immortal, or react to teammates dying by healing them. A variant of the latter has >3700 ehp but no Link.

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I was waiting for this.

+1 for Darzk.

Listen to Darzk. He is one of the best Warframe builder around. The guy's a walking encyclopedia.

I pretty much improved my playing and modding skills by just reading his stuff and applying his builds with some adjustments to suit my playstyle.

Edit : if you really want an off the beaten track build that even Darzk would scratch his head and go wtf, look no further than my 4 forma DPS Trinity (all mods are maxed unless stated otherwise)

Energy Siphon/corrosive projection - in polarity (1st forma)

Energy siphon for solo. Corrosive projection for team play. Switch as required.

Blessings - in polarity

Link - in polarity

Narrow Minded - in polarity

Quick Thinking - in polarity

Vitality - in polarity (second forma)


Streamline (rank 4)

Fleeting expertise (rank 4) - in polarity (3rd forma)

Flow - in polarity (4th forma)


You will need an Ogris or some multi forma explosive weapon or a high viral proc chance weapon.

Arcane Aura Helmet is also required.

You will also need balls of steel to jump into the middle of a killing frenzy mob with Link active.

You will be the designated tank of the party. Healing only when you need it and not for your teammates.

Heal will last 17.4 seconds.

Link is around 20 seconds.

Remember to recast when Link expires or you'll find yourself on the ground.

Keep up the kill count with your Ogris but remember that you cannot tank a shot from your Ogris so stay away from the blast (I would strongly recommend not using the firestorm mod and until you are familiar with how heavy caliber affects the rockets, don't use heavy cal yet. Corrosive damage is important so use the event mods in your Ogris).

Congrats you are now a DPS tank.

Disclaimer : this is a non conventional build that I have tested extensively. It works for me but you may have a different playstyle from me.

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My general build for most warframes except, I use Consitution instead of Intensify on Loki and I use Steel Fiber instead of Redirection on Valkyr.

Alternative: If you wanted to, you could use Constitution instead of Intensify on Trinity similar to Loki. I choose not to however because Energy Vampire generates more energy and deals slightly more damage with power strength. Well Of Life gives a higher % life steal and total heal with power strength too, but honestly no one uses Well Of Life except to suspend an enemy. The other reason is I can't use Blessing for the team heal as often with too much duratuon.

Note: When they nerfed Blessing, they buffed Energy Vampire by allowing all the remaining energy ticks to be released upon death. Therefore you can instantly acquire full energy and not have to tell your teammates to stop shooting the marked enemy.

I essentially spam link, use energy vampire to instantly refill my energy when 100 or less, and use blessing when I or a teammate gets low enough health to maximize the % damage reduction and the heal.

Mods I do not recommend using on Trinity:

Blind Rage: Decreases power efficiency which affects the energy cost of all abilities. It does increase the amount you acquire from Energy Vampire, but you only need so much power strength to get max energy and it's a contradiction if you're increasing energy costs. This is the worst corrupt mod in general to use for all Warframes.

Narrowminded: Decreases Link range which is your main defensive ability. If you are not linked with an enemy, you do NOT get damage reduction and proc immunity. It also makes limits the range to give yourself and teammates energy from Energy Vampire. I would not use this besides fighting infested because the range makes a difference on Link. It also significantly increases the time between ticks of Energy Vampire which is a problem if you don't quickly kill the enemy and it also significantly increases the duration of Blessing which is good for the damage reduction, but bad for not being able to heal your team including you as often.

Overextended: Decreases your Well Of Life and Energy Vampire yield, but increases the range and Link's range. It does NOT affect Blessing at all. It is a situational mod. It's not too bad, but generally you would have enough range with Stretch anyways.

Rage: Rage is useless on Trinity because she already has Energy Vampire which gives substantially more energy. This mod is only viable on Valkyr due to her extremely high armor, low shields, and innate sustain from Hysteria. It doesn't work on anyone else because they don't have sustain AND health tankiness besides Oberon. However Oberon is a vastly inferior health tank with only moderate sustain.

Quickthinking: It has been nerfed into oblivion. Useless on everyone.

Rush: Just helps you get point A to point B faster, but parkour (sliding, front flipping, and wall jumping) does that much better anyways.

Flow: It simply increases the potential to carry more energy, but doesn't actually increase the amount of energy you can use unless you're spamming abilities faster than you can recover energy to use them and once you run out, you run out. As a Trinity, that scenario should never happen with Energy Vampire. It is generally pointless since most max level Warframes have enough energy capacity either way.

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The only thing I would comment on regarding that build is that I find Flow to be redundant unless also using QT. Given that you can get energy whenever you want, increasing the cap doesn't seem like a worthwhile use for the mod slot. I would consider another health-theme mod, etc Vital, which would actually save you a Forma too.


You've also overcapped efficiency, can save some points there. Or install the +shields arcane helmet.


And I would probably reduce Blessing to Rank 0 if you have one.

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FYI, you can guarantee 99% damage reduction for the duration of Blessing using Quick Thinking; that's for the whole team.  No other mod will allow for this.  If you think Quick Thinking is worthless then you obviously don't understand how Blessing works currently.


Also, Flow combos with QT making it twice as effective, especially with EV.  As for Narrow Minded, it is situational but a 20m radius on Link is more than enough.  Lastly, Rush can be useful but falls into the category of a mod to use if you have nothing better to slot.  I would probably prefer Intensify in most cases but Rush is still useful.

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Also depends a bit on what you plan to do.


I find Warframe the most fun during long survival missions with a decent team (mostly Void)

My build for that looks like this: http://goo.gl/Mo5aiw

Corrosive Projection, max duration, no Vitality/Redirection/Efficiency

Not the best allround build, but to me the most satisfying for long Void survival. 

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The Vital/Rage/Flow/QT combo works pretty well. Get Blessing to 1.2 seconds and 75% efficiency, and just let enemies hit you. Blessing every time you take ~60 damage and you're basically immortal. Boring as **** but pretty effective. Knockdowns at really high levels are a concern tho.

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