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Whats Your Kubrow Name

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I named my male raska Slade (after the name of my guy in fallout 1) then a friend reminded me of the band with the christmas song and it doesnt quite have the same apeal now =( haha.


(Also still a pup, grey with darker grey splotches, cant wait to see how he turns out).

Slade is also Deathstrokes name and he's a pretty cool character and all with the badassery. I dunno I tried.

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No idea if mine is male or female but guaranteed that everyone, and I mean, everyone, will know its name on meeting . . .CoochyCoochyCoo, lol . . .


At the moment it's the ship's pet, can't see it going into battle any time soon . . .maybe a few excursions once I'm sure on a training program to get it well protected.

Some will obviously turn theirs into cannon fodder but as a little side quest I want mine to have as much protection and skill as is possible. Hopefully DE will expand on this area so that preserving our mutt has definite advantages.

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My team of doggles are Slade (male, grey and black hyena style spots) Mimett (female, cant remember what she originally looked like cos i was naughty and dyed her) and Braska (male, brown and grey with the stripey socks pattern).



And i want another female so i can call her Xu (hopefully either sahasa or chesa) and then another of whatever the last type i dont have is that ill probably call Cid or Pahsana.


One of these names doesn't fit my naming theme but ahh wells =P.

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