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Kubrow Feedback.


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After having several hours of play with my Kubrow. I think it's fair that I give back my feedback on them so far.


From what I have so far. Kubrows are amazing, and have the potential to deal absolute ridiculous damage.


My unmodded-for-damage Huras kubrow (only had his hunt mod on), one-shot a level 19~22 heavy gunner with it's Lunge attack. I can't imagine what it could do with a maxed out Bite and Maul. Bite giving 330% crit chance and %220 crit damage, and Maul giving a straight up boost of 330% melee damage, it seems that Kubrows are going to a force to be reckoned with.


When you get a Kubrow modded out right, it can be downright difficult to take down, having the potential to have over 2000 health and/or shields, depending on your Warframe, since it gets a straight boost to it's shields/health depending on how much your warframe currently has. Which is nice, it gives you the potential to really pump up their durability, as well as your own.


Add onto the fact that with the pack leader mod easily recovers your Kubrows health by just using melee attacks, it really is extremely tanky.


The one thing I would have to dislike, which, I'm very convinced is just a current bug, is that Kubrows fall over and die when their health reaches 0. It doesn't help that they lose so much loyalty when this happens (which also is currently bugged it seems), but it seems as if they are not supposed to be dying immediately at all.


Kubrows have a bleedout mod. Loyal Companion, which gives a +42% reduction to bleedout when maxed. This makes me believe that Kubrows are supposed to be able to be enter a "downed" state, just like a Tenno in party play would, and you would be able to revive them. Also, while your Kubrow is bleeding out, it would be nice to have an on screen cue, kind of like when a teammate goes down, so I can run up to my little fluff ball and get him back up on his feet. This could also prove to give a small positive bonus to loyalty, since your strengthening your trust with your Kubrow, letting him know your paying attention to him, and your just not going to let him die in some random grineer ship, or corpus hideout.


Speaking of Reviving. Kubrows do not currently Revive alongside you when you die and resurrect via revive. This should honestly be changed so that the Kubrow comes back to life along with you. I was quite displeased to see that the stalker decided to use a 2 second absorb in my face (first time it ever happened and I called MAJOR BS on that, Kudos to the stalker for actually killing me for once), blow me and my Kubrow up into insta death, and upon reviving, he was not by my side. Very disappointing to be honest, I feel like they should be revived as well if I'm going to use a revive.


Kubrows AI could also use a bit of work. It's not entirely "stupid", but it's not entirely "smart" either. It does a fine job running up to an enemy and biting/slashing at them, but when my Huras Kubrow decides to jump back and get ready for his specialty, his lunge attack, 80% of the time, he completely misses, because he's aiming at where the enemy was a few seconds ago, and not where they were currently standing. This makes him into a meat bag absorbing bullets for quite a few seconds, and that is just a no-no.


Also adding to the AI point. Kubrows currently are very passive, and this really caught me by surprise. By description, my type of Kubrow is supposed to be very well suited for stealth and assassination, and is even praised for it in the codex. So what did I do of course? I put on it's ability to use cloak, and as soon as a grineer opened the door to the spawn point of my mission. My Kubrow IMMEDIATELY stealthed us both, and stood there. Just. Stood there, and did nothing. I was disappointed. 


By Description:


Stalk: The Kubrow cloaks itself and it's master to stalk down it's prey.


Hunt: The Kubrow charges ahead to attack an enemy.


Now, I understand that hunt is just supposed to be the lunge attack ability that the Huras Kubrow gets, but seeing my Kubrow stealth us both, and just do nothing as a grineer walks past both of us, I was disappointed. There either needs to be an ability to call out targets for the Kubrow, possibly using the 'Place Marker' button and tagging an enemy, or just another button we could register for tagging enemies for the Kubrow in general.


Another possible fix for this, is maybe having a toggle to have the Kubrow in a "passive" state, and an "aggressive" state. While in passive, it will be as it is currently: It will only attack targets when it's master is hunting down prey, or is being attacked by the enemy. In aggressive mode, it will seek out targets near you, and take them down. Being able to toggle between the two would be a skillful thing to master as well, knowing when to have your Kubrow attack, or stay by your side if you want to go through the mission slowly and stealthily, or just plain avoid having the poor little guy get hurt.


As mentioned before, loyalty seems to be bugged. No matter what I do, petting/playing with him, bringing him on missions and having him not die, nothing seems to bring his loyalty back up. When this gets fixed, I suggest giving some kind of cue that the Kubrows loyalty has grown. Be it by text, or a visual cue. It would seem ridiculous if we could pet our Kubrow to maximum loyalty by petting him 1000+ times from -100% loyalty. So maybe having a mix of mission success/interactions with reasonable cues that we're successfully increasing our bond with our Kubrows would be appreciated.


Another point I'd like to address, is that it would be nice to know the amount of damage our Kubrows are doing. If we have access to these wonderful crit and damage mods for them, I'd like to see how much hurt my Kubrow is actually doing. I want to see my Kubrow doing X amount of damage to a boss, or a heavy, and just laugh as my faithful companion destroys them. I would love to know how devistating he really is statistically. This could possibly be a toggle in the options, so that you can see companion damage. This would double to also work for your sentinel as well.


My final gripe with Kubrows, would be the, I really hate to say this, but this gambling like RNG paid system with Kubrows fur patterns and colors. I'm sorry, but I do not like this one bit. I used about, 200~300 platinum, and I did not get a single Black/White Kubrow pattern. Heck, I don't think I even saw black at all. Honestly, I would rather pay a flat 200 ish platinum for a certain pattern, and then be able to color it myself. As it is now, I just honestly have to say i dislike it. I am one of those players that take immense pride on how I make myself look, so having this RNG cash based wall in front of my desired color pallet, with the only alternative being playing months, and months, and months worth of warframe-emon breeding, I kindly ask you to think over having a grooming system or something for Kubrows. Make it so we can get our lovable little fluff balls to look just like mommy and daddy. Yeah?



To Recap: Kubrows are awesome. They potentially can deal very good damage, and can potentially be a very good tank depending on the build.


Kubrows need to be able to bleedout so we can ress them.


They need a better AI for offensive/defensive tactics.


Loyalty really needs to be looked at.




Please, please, PLEASE, change how we can get Kubrow fur/color patterns.




Edited for typos.

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would like to see one of the devs respond to this to know that they are seeing the problems with the kubrow,

I am going to be blunt and say that most of this stuff should have been fix before release,

we should have got this update next week so they could  have time to do the update properly.


Please DE for the love of god release updates when there ready not when there half done, i dont find it fun to play content that's half baked.


MORE fully cooked content is what i am saying, i no i was off topic, sozz

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Yes. It'd be nice to see a Dev respond to this too. Even a quick "hey thanks for the feedback" would be greatly appritiated. Just to simply know this got someones attention among the devs.


I know you're all busy over there, with the massive amount of bugs and reports. Best of luck to you guys. Seriously. You're going to need as much as lady luck can shell out to you.

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good post!

I agree 100% with you to, think i gambled about 400p so far and i'm very disappointed.... the colors are just lightish grayish dullish of diffrent colors.... no black, no reds no eye color diffrense. bug? is it even possible to get dark colors???? usually when u gamble u know what's possible to get, here we are left in the dark not knowing even if it's possible to get somewhat what we want. we need more info on things like this!! if they want RNG maby they should break it down so you could gamble on specifics, like just the eye color and on the pettern it self, and the colors of the peterns and so on, it could be an option to pay plat or credits,(which should be more friendly to the ppl that dont have / or dont want to pay) if u want a spesefic color u pay plat and get to pick a spesific color, and if you dont have plat can gamble with credits and then you have a chance to get somting u like and so on or somthing....idk something needs to be done or explained :) Devs = color the kubrow 2.0 Plz! ;)

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also bumping this...

another idea for kubrow maybe an active hunt & passive mode like other battle pet on other game.

my low level kubrow charge to horde of enemy without limitation & goes dies...

this pretty annoying since i can't control the kubrow movement & the AI seems like suicide pet AI hahaha


this mode will help about kubrow survivality & loyalty...

as you guys know 1 time dies -40% loyalty no matter how much he died in a die while we only can recover limited amount of loyalty a day

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Adding onto my feedback. It seems that, while using Loki, Your Kubrow will have that usual yellow shimmer that your sentinels get when you cast invis.


While using Ash though, it just completely disappear, making it extremely difficult to keep an eye on.





Also, while the Kubrow is invisible, if it attacks someone/something, all enemy AI starts acting as if they could see him in plain daylight. Which is kind of immersion breaking, and honestly doesn't make quite sense. I mean, being able to track down the professional stealthy assassinating Huras Kubrow? I think there's something wrong with that.


If possible, maybe give Kubrows/Companions a kind of smokey aura to them?

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