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Valkyr is very good with melee spefically with hysteria etc, since hysteria takes in count of melee weapon dmg and has life steal, along with valkyr has highest armor, meaning less dmg to health, and hysteria is temportally inviciblity and can last for over 1min, Nova is a good Caster and AoE, her finally ability scales with dur, strenght, and range. I suggest you pick based off of how of you play, generaly i would say you probally want the aura energy siphon for nova and if you dont have that go with valkyr if you like smashing or ripping everything appart with melee. :D

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Welcome to Warframe.  A few tips.


#1 - don't spend platinum on weapons.

#2 - don't spend platinum on frames.

#3 - visit the wiki, learn about elemental combos for weapons.

#4 - use the Recruit chat in game, don't hesitate to join tier one missions.

#5 - prepare to grind, nothing will come quickly or easily.

#6 - have fun.

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