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Left Wrist Sore From Sliding Around All Day.



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I use a standard W, A, S, D, [sHIFT], [CTRL], [sPACE] layout for movement.


I have taken to using a Razer Nostromo for most gaming, and while it is probably not worth the price (let alone the next version w/e it's called), it does demonstrate how much good wrist support can help.


I would suggest trying to adjust your keyboard elevation (those leg things underneath which ALWAYS BREAK), or using a wrist rest of some type.

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Every few minute while you are playing, stretch out your wrists.


1.) Put your palms together in front of you.  Now, keeping your palms touching, slowly rotate your hands so that your finger tips are pointed toward your chest.


2.) Put your palms together and interlace your fingers.  Stretch your arms overhead as you rotate your hands so the palms are up.



If your wrists start to really hurt, then soak them in a tub of cold water and go easy on the computer for a few days.



(this should not be considered medical advice)

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