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Pffffff (Why Do People Want To Buy The Cryotic Mods?)


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its bcuz run this $&*&*#(%& idea


of only giving away these mods during event



so if u couldnt play during event or started after event  ur in a disadvantage because u lack these mods


and these mods are too @(*()$ good not to have one for urself  so yeah later on they gonna be worth alot due stupid idea of giving them out only during event   there should always be a way to get them in other way after event(much harder way but with possibility to get for players who missed it)

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I'm not understanding how the title of this topic is helpful. Requires some mod editing.


Also, some people don't have the means to get the Cryotic set due to any form of isolated variables. Believe it or not, OP, not everyone in this game plays the same as you. It's crazy, I know, but maybe you need to subscribe to reality.

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