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Theres This Rly Old Song And I Cant Remember The Name And Its Killing Me


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All i remember is that


at one point it goes


"ill be there, ill be there, ill be there" and it gets progressively louder


the beat is kinda of like du du du dun du du du dun


halp plz


Oh and its either a rock/alternative

i dont remember but it has guitar/drums that i know for sure


lol who can find it its been 4 days and its killing me

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There are many songs with those lyrics.


Try googling it and sorting through the results. If you use quotation marks around what you want to search, it will only get results with those exact words in that order.


For example, searching "I'll be there, I'll be there, I'll be there" (quotation marks included) came up with several songs that all had that. That would be your best bet. Good luck!

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