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kinda, it's called vauban and he's lots of fun. :P


this question is asked at least once a month, and the typical response is... you have powers that can nuke an entire room, why do you need grenades?


long story short, i don't believe there is any interest by DE in implementing grenades. 

besides, you can use the penta / angstrum.

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Problem with the standard thrown grenades that enemies use:
They would try to fill the role that powers already do.

I'm just wondering but how many radial damage powers do we have?

How would a grenade be any different than some of the powers that we already have and use (except be weaker)?

And this is without getting into any 'special' grenades that have additional effects, because that would encroach upon abilities even further.

DE talked about grenades in the past and completely nixed them because they saw that they would fill the same role as abilities do and therefore have no point or purpose.

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