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Will Xbox One Get Better Graphics Eventually?

(XBOX)Sweaty Infant


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In terms of graphics processing power, Xbone is the weakest out of the 3 systems that can run Warframe. 

DE can still optimize some things, but don't expect it to perform or look as well as the PC version.

After all, the Xbone and the PS4 are using APU's with the graphical power of a 5 year old PC GPU. The game can only look as good as the hardware will allow. 

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OP - this post is dangerous. You have started a cold war between the Xboners and the Sony fanboys. 


Disclaimer: Not all console players are Xboners and/or fanboys. 

We are all Tenno, under the Lotus. We all have common enemies: the Grineer, Corpus, infestation, and Corrupted. 


We are all Tenno. If we bicker among ourselves, we stand no chance. Our community as a whole will fall, and with it, the Tenno culture.


DO NOT LET IT DIE. I challenge everyone in this thread to put aside any opinions, and recognize that we are all Tenno, and should treat each other as such.

THAT BEING SAID: It has more to do with the processing power of consoles compared to PC. I believe the graphics you're talking about are caused by NVidia PhysX -- which neither console has. 



Moved to a more appropriate section, please try to stay on topic.


Noted. Thanks!

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"TV, TV, TV, TV, Television, TV, TV, Sports, TV, TV, Sports, Sports, Sports, TV"


That said I've been running wf off my old laptop since my gpu fried week ago. How bad does it run on xbone? And if it indeed runs bad why would they render it 1080, just to say it runs 1080?


And yea xbone is the newest of the 3 so there's probably some optimization that can be done in the long run but if it's not running at 60 now it probably wont get any prettier.

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