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Some Depressing Warframe Math


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So I bet you think your Tenno is rich, huh? Got a few million credits stacked up? Here's some news: You're not rich.


According to the Warframe wiki, 1 Platinum = .067 USD ($)

According to the "High roller bundle" (In-game market) 90 Platinum = 30,000 Credits


So let's calculate that out...

1 Plat therfore = 333.333333...credits

So this means 1 Credit = .0002 USD...


To own a total of $1.00, you would need 5000 credits...


So one million credits = $200.00, meaning *in the average Invasion mission* the Corpus/Grineer offer you about $50.00 (25k Credits).


You are slaughtering hundreds of (nearly) innocent souls for...$50.00.


I hope you are happy.


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