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Help With Obex, Boar Prime, And Frost Prime Builds



Hey guys, I'm quite new to forums ( not the game ) so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

So I would just like some help with what mods and stuff to put on my weapons/warframes.

Just recently, I have gotten Obex ( think thats what it's called ), Boar Prime and Frost Prime ( im rank 3 atm ) and I would like it if someone could tell me some useful mods to put on these and/or what what mods to upgrade for them. Also if anyone wants to do some void missions with me I'll be on later :D



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Obex is fairly easy; you'll want to abuse that crit chance to get to insane speeds with Berserker, while focusing on elemental damage with its innate Electricity. A good, simple build would be:


-Pressure Point


-True Steel

-Organ Shatter (or Spoiled Strike, if you want more base damage and less momentum)


-Element #1

-Element #2

-Element #3


The Boar Prime is best used for status infliction. You'll want to shoot out as many pellets as possible and make sure you have as many dual stat mods equipped as you can. You can always simply use regular elemental mods for now, and wait until they all become publicly available, or simply by them off the market-- Shotgun mods are usually the cheapest of the dual stat mods.


-Point Blank

-Hell's Chamber

-Vicious Spread

-Seeking Force / Tainted Shell / Shotgun Ammo Mutation


-Dual Stat Mod #1

-Dual Stat Mod #2

-Dual Stat Mod #3


Frost Prime is a bit of a tough one because you need to have an idea of what role he'll play on the team. Want to go for damage? Utility? Endgame loadouts? Simple defensive w/ Snow Globe? There's a lot of options there.

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I suggest building that snowglobe with moderate duration for normal missions, It's a really useful asset that many people don't use. Build armor, health, shield, and throw in duration,, and stretch. keep all powers except freeze. Use powers together, and you are now the unstoppable, unmovable tank!

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