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Lance-Type Weapon


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Definitely. We are in dire need of more melee weapons that aren't slash-based.


That picture kind of reminds of the pile bunker Letter13 mentioned in a thread I made on the matter. Kinda like a pointy, forward-thrusting version of the Jat Kittag.

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if your not mounted on a steed there is no reason to have a conical western type jousting lance 

what on earth would you deflect with it, ya know ?


i always thought a regenerating/reforming lance or javelin would be cool

corpus you hold the cylindrical control unit and it forms a plasma lance /javelin that you can use or throw

infested same thing it reforms technoctye lance/javelins infused with toxins from within the base unit u hold in your hand 

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You wouldn't be able to spam E with a lance type weapon.


It would have to be forced into melee only mode.


Not only would a lance weapon get in the way visually, you can't attack quickly with a lance without already setting up for said flurry way ahead of time.


Wouldn't work in Warframe as an actual weapon frames carry around. Even if they half @$$ it and make magic spring lances like in Monster Hunter, it would still be stupid in this game.


Now a javelin, maybe. But an actual lance? No.


Also, it would have to be impossibly slow by default as well because of the size and unwieldlyness of a lance type weapon.

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I would love to see a lance in Warframe.  We're in desperate need of melee weapons that deal puncture damage...in fact, we don't even have a heavy melee weapon that primarily deals puncture damage yet, so a lance would be a perfect fit.


That, or a spear.  But I like lances better.  :)

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