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Late Game Solution


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I have a simple, yet very awesome and effective solution : 

DE needs to create a full-stealth enemy for each faction :3

That enemy would be able to execute you like when an enemy isn't aware of you and you press "e" while behind him to (most of the time) execute that enemy. It would shut all the "there is no late game, there are no hard mobs to kill, this is game is so easy yawnnnn" people and give an actual purpose for the Enemy Radar aura. This could also potentially stop the doorway hero problem by them miserably dying too far away from the others to be revived!


This, or super-giant-sized-randomly-spawning-enemies. This would work really well in tilesets like the Pluto - Cerberus one!

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Hmmm... Super stealthed enemies would only annoy people more as much as I would love them..



About super-sized enemies. It is dependent on if they are just giant bullet sponges or not. (Don't get me wrong I love giant enemies, I just want them to have some sort of crazy gimmick about them.)



Most players just want an advanced AI that can pretty much wreck people even with our best Mods/Equipment.


I'll just chill back and see what happens..

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Hmmmm... Interesting idea. Not sure how easy it would be to implement, but it would be pretty cool if implemented. 


I can just imagine the stalker stealth spawning and snapping your neck with the Kogake or something. 


EDIT: about larger enemies: a lot of the areas we end up in are a bit too cramped to be conducive to massive enemies. Maybe have special arena rooms where they spawn as mini bosses randomly in missions. 

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I'd love a stealth enemy. Would be welcome.

I think it may need to have some small barely visible part or something like - water reacting to footsteps, fog reacting to body, iconic sound, possibly dust moving on ground when it moves. Maybe some "glow" just before attack or something.


Super giant mega ultra beefcake deluxe god of war enemy sounds legit too ;)

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