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Grineer Turbine Shotgun


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Incessant Tenno raids on Grineer outposts wipe out entire garrisons, but more importantly they also wreck the valuable equipment stored there. Sabotaged machinery is often destroyed beyond salvage, left to rust on the planet's surface like a ragged scab.

Scavengers pick through the structures, keeping an eye out for useful components, anything to make a weapon with to keep the vicious wildlife at bay.



A screaming jet engine with fire spewing out the exhaust ports along the sides. Decals of flaming guitars, chili-dogs, and hot redheaded chicks are plastered on the shroud. Very

in nature lol. Carrying around a badass jet engine shotgun, melting faces everywhere you go, sometimes it's good to be Grineer.


I would make it a Steel Meridian exclusive, as if it were a makeshift weapon they built on the battlefield.

How It's Carried

I imagine it would look cool held underslung like a minigun, pistol grip in back, and a handlebar grip in front. You must also have tons and tons of mastery rank manly chest hair to use it. Not having enough man fur causes you to implode immediately, like burping, sneezing, farting, and hiccuping at the same time.

How It Works

This weapon generates a superheated jet of air that damages enemies over time. The jet stream is a narrow-ish conical area in front of the player that also hits airborne enemies. Damage is done only while they're in the jet stream. The longer the enemy is in it, the more damage they take over time.

For example, the enemy would start taking like 100 damage per second, after 2 seconds it takes 200 per sec, 2 more seconds it takes 300 per second, etc. If you move the jet of air off an enemy, you have 5 seconds to move it onto them again to continue dealing the same amount of DoT where you left off.

It has a range of around 20 to 30 meters, enemies aren't damaged by it past that distance.

The weapon has a wind-up and wind-down delay (I think that's a pun, sweet!) as the turbine throttles up and down, Like Kohm/Cestra.

Damage Types

Mostly Heat with some Impact, this is to proc Fire and Stagger, making it easier to focus the stream on enemies. Also makes it good against Corpus and Infested.

A decent status chance would allow this shotgun to dominate mobs because of the Fire/Stagger procs.


It obviously doesn't use ammo, but we don't have any kind of overheat mechanic like in Mass Effect, so a slow ammo drain will have to do. Something like the Quanta's ammo pool and drain would be fine.

Mod Effects

•The conical damage area is affected by Spread

•Multishot works as usual, simply doubling/tripling the damage

•Punch Through I'm not sure about, how does it work on Ignis?

•More Fire Rate reduces the wind up time

•Accuracy isn't an issue, modding it has little effect

Bonus Features

As suggested, the turbulence caused by this weapon could deflect bullets, giving it defensive utility.


Old concept art from when it was a pistol instead of a shotgun: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/279/7/6/grineer_turbine_gun_by_darktailss-d81szqo.jpg

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Oooo, what if, aside from doing damage, it acts like Turbulence and deflects projectiles, but only a small cone, or for very light or flying enemies it would push them back?


It could drop flyers out of the sky and get them into melee range or whatever, yes!



And make it have infinite ammo. Every shooter game has at least one semi-good gun with infinite ammo, and seeing that this uses air it makes even more sense :D


Infinite ammo with some kind of cooldown mechanic before you can shoot again would probably work, it would also work on lots of Corpus guns, but we haven't seen any word from DE if that kind of mechanic will be implemented ever.

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