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Server Problems?



OP: I've reset my game 4 times and my internet 1 time. The game does not want to seem to log-on. Help?



Here are some examples/updates:\


Edited with spoilers for clarity. For those of you still having this problem the first spoiler has a topic that many users have tried and successfully fixed this with. TY for all your help DE and other players!


Still having problems? Look in this spoiler!!! \/

Most Helpful:


I was having this issue last night.


submitted a ticket got a reply, and it had to do something with internet explorer


i did some looking around, and i found this topic that helped me resolve this issue




hope this helps.

Dont use IE? Neither do I. Do it anyway, because it resets your internet connection settings on a browser level. This fixes the client connection aswell. +1 to UnknownAi




KK - call for EE.logs.


How do you give us this EE.log?

Quick Steps:
- Quit the game after encoutering the bug, before loading up another mission.
- Open \%localappdata%\Warframe (the AppData folder may be hidden).
- Open a support ticket at http://support.warframe.com and send us your EE.log. Title your ticket: "ATTN DEREBECCA: Login Issues".
Thank you thank you thank you if you are able to provide an EE.log that assists with this issue.



Staff Replies:


Connection-Reset issue confirmed still active and monitored. Will relay to the Managers.

The devs and Rebecca will continue to investigate to find out what could cause this weird behavior from the server.


Stop using the Steam functionnality "verify the cache/game", DE-Glen (it's him if I'm not mistaken) confirmed long ago that it won't work on Warframe (the update system of warframe is too frequent to allow steam to be accurate)

Do NOT disable your Firewalls, for your own security. Just ensure yourself that Warframe is allowed to communicate through it.


The name of the issue you're experiencing "connection reset" means that the problem probably comes from the server (because it is more likely to reset the connection), not your machine.


So stay calm and patient. Do not try to connect more than twice in an hour.


Thank you for your patience.


Devstream about to begin on twitch.

Come to watch it, it will distract you for the time being.

Maybe some news in it.


Fenrir> extractors do not decay once they've finished their work. The damage they took stays the same even if you don't claim them for a week.

Okay thank you, have quickly viewed and passed to dev. Can you update this thread with results from more attempts after restarting PC/etc?


Seeing a lot of reports of 'I can get back in now', Dev is monitoring everything but who is still having issues?




Submitted EE log.
Still unable to login.

Things tried:
- Rebooted both router and modem
- Rebooted pc multiple times.
- Verified game cache through launcher/Optimized through launcher as well (No point in steam verify as it will only redownload the unpatched game)
- Disabled Firewalls/AV programs
- IPconfig release/renew

Nothing worked. Still getting "ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_RESET"

Any chance of a reload of the booster for the day wasted by this?



I'm also getting the "ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_RESET" issue. Definitely seems like a server-side issue.

What's really weird is that it doesn't even give my login screen time to begin loading after hitting submit before the error window pops open.


Guess I'm missing today's login reward...



I cant login my account, connection error ... ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_RESET






Woke up today, tried to log in.  Issue persists.


Any information I could produce my end to help in fixing this?



SEA player doesn't have any problem in log-in, but while in game, i'm constantly got chat DC'ed, "FORCED" thingy.



Romanian Tenno here. Warframe worked fine yesterday. Approximately 3h ago when I first tried to log in today, it failed with ye olde' ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_RESET error. As per Rebecca's instructions, I have sent out the EE.log.


Btw - for those of you still using WinXP, this is the full address to find your EE.log:

C:\Documents and Settings\yourusernamehere\Local Settings\Application Data\Warframe

[Posting the precise address for clarification because the 'Application Data' folder isn't the same as the 'AppData' folder, at least not on XP - hence Rebecca's instructions where a tad misleading].


Good luck DE.



Just to confirm it's happening all over the world. This error. All day for me too. Logging in and out of the forums/Warframe website works no problem. Just the game client (PC, winxp) refuses to connect to the server. Or the other way around. :/



Same...DE, is there anything else we can do to help?? More EE logs etc? Do you guys think this is an attack?



I too am having this problem, North West United States. Been having it since yesterday afternoon. Please let us know when there is a fix! I was so close to mastery rank 6 and my dual ichor. :(



*Crosses fingers for all the puppies out there whose owners are locked in cryostasis from the login error*


Yeah nope... Still doing it.


It's still weird that it's only the in-game client, and that the launcher still patches/connects just fine.


yeah its more like we cant connect to the server when we try and log-in but when its patching it does.



This worked for me!!!  Much thanks UnknownAi and iLiekPotatos!!




1 go to IE Options, advanced settings.
2 reset IE settings
3 restart computer
4 start IE (probably to redownload some libraries or whatnot, doesn't work unless you start it once.)
5 start warframe.
 credit, Ileikpotatoes





I do apologize for any clipped quotes this was a quick edit. When I have more time later I'll organize these and have a spot in the top where staff replies are. TY for all the responses DERebecca and Yaer!

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Update #2: Also tried changing my passwords so its not the result of any authentication/hacking problems.

Could be. I'm logged on though the chat's disconnected enough to give myself,  my _1 and now my _2 at the same time, in the chat that is.

Haha, thats fortunate for you. I was in the middle of about 3 different chats.

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Yeah, something's definately up though. I still can't get in with the "ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_RESET"


I've already tried disabling my firewall completely, too, to no avail.


If it means anything, there was a "Microsoft Security update" just a few days ago for Windows 7... maybe that could have some influence? I doubt it.

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UK and I can login fine with Plusnet, Donutdude Virgin medis wouldn't happen to be your ISP would it?  Long history of blocking games or changing traffic management with no warning


You're correct, I'm VM.  They've given me 0 issues before and nothing is affected, which is weird.

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