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Sold The Cronus Before Maxing It? Vor Won't Drop It Anymore? Some Useful Info.



I was over at the Warframe Wiki looking up info on the Cronus, since I had my noob phase, and selling weapons before finishing them was commonplace for me if the weapon didn't please me (limited slots etc.). In the comments, one person had mentioned that the Cronus drop is actually tied to Conclave. Specifically, you need a Conclave of under 200 for it to drop. I gave it a go, and it actually worked. Edit: according to others' tests, it doesn't always work.


An under-200 Conclave build is pretty bare-bones, but I came up with one that has a good mix of damage, defense, accuracy, awareness and stealth. No secondary or companion was used.


Warframe: Valkyr

Warframe mods: Rejuvenation (max), Lightning Rod (max), Vitality (max), Enemy Sense (max), Handspring (max)

Conclave: 117


Primary: Sybaris

Primary mods: Bane of Grineer (max), Vital Sense (max), Point Strike (max), Stabilizer (max), Hush (max), Eagle Eye (max), Fast Hands (max)

Conclave: 69


Melee: Sheev

Melee mods: Pointed Wind (max), Smite Grineer (max), Finishing Touch (max)

Conclave: 13


Total Conclave: 199


Using this build, I was able to kill Vor without him even detecting me. Running that mission with that build was actually pretty damn fun; a nice break from the usual grind.

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I don't know if the requirements changed, but when I was doing testing for the Seer back in the summer, I confirmed that Cronus is not tied to conclave rating. I had a conclave of ~1450 and it still dropped. This was Pre-U14.


This was back in July/August, so things could have very well changed. I am unable to run tests for a while since I am away from my PS4, so I cannot run Vor to see if it will drop again. 

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I've killed Vor just for the fun with a full loadout and he still dropped the Cronus BP.


I guess RNG just wanted to make me look like an @$$, because it dropped on literally my first attempt with under 200 conclave. Bah.


Friendly advice: when RNG is even remotely involved, you always have to do several dozen test runs to get a clear view of the possible distribution. It's one thing to get lucky in one test, but it's almost impossible to get lucky in 30 in a row.

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I just tried this with 199 conclave.


First time I joined and there were two Rank 0 players and one Rank 10.  I was not in the room when Vor was spawned or killed (was trying to lead a lost player through) but when we reached that room there was indeed the pink orb with the Chronus blueprint in it.  The rank 10 player was a Mirage with her first ability an an Attica with Thunderbolt on it, but I'm not sure if her conclave was above 200.


I did not get rid of the blueprint after obtaining it the first time.


The second time I started it and nobody else joined... but I did not get the drop.


After the second run, I used the blueprint to start the Chronus building (I sold mine after maxing it ages ago).


With the third run, Vor spawned before any other players loaded in (one other player loaded in between Vor's spawn and death), and I did not get a drop.

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