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Hotfix 7.10.3 + Hotfix 7.10.4


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A little Hotfix today:


- Fixed networking issue that would result in intermittent failures to join online sessions.

- Improved load times, most noticeably on lower-end hardware. This should help alleviate disconnection errors when joining a session in progress.

- Fixed problems with ignoring users in global chat.


Full 7.10.0 is available here:



Love hotfixes.  Always excited to see what gets fixed next.   Perhaps fix some more odds n ends before the big 8.0?  I found a rock that was clipping through the character on Earth, Boss fight.  When i get off work, Ill make a post about it and have a picture too

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Keep crashing for me :(  

I was doing a mission when the hot fix is done, is that the reason why I keep cashing after I updated? Haven't happened to me before!

Me, too.


game crashes every time i want to acces any of planets after this game update :/

That's exactly where I crash as well. I really hope those two alerts weren't hiding something good :-(

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