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Hotfix 7.10.3 + Hotfix 7.10.4


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Hotfix 7.10.4 (4:00 PM EST, MAY 10):


A little one today:


-Fixed DirectX 11 crash reported by some users.


Hotfix 7.10.3 and a half (4:05 PM EST):


- Fixed a crash caused by the last build.



A little Hotfix today:


- Fixed networking issue that would result in intermittent failures to join online sessions.
- Improved load times, most noticeably on lower-end hardware. This should help alleviate disconnection errors when joining a session in progress.
- Fixed problems with ignoring users in global chat.

Full 7.10.0 is available here:






PSA: We are aware of a crash that is going to be fixed very soon in a hot-hot-fix!


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frist - had to...

Actually, rebecca was the first :3 You just so happen to be a person that responded to the forum; and no, you didn't have to, you WANTED to :3


Also, yay for fixed session joining!

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awesome..now hopefully i wont get stuck on the play now button..then get the message failed to join session.. (if this is not what you fixed i have submitted a bug report with the details and screenies)


cant wait til update 8.. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK :D

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Strange, when I exited the game to perform the game client update, and it install it, when I try and log in again, it keeps asking me to exit to install latest update.

At the moment, I am unable to login to the game. Anyone else have this?


Edit: Works now.

Sweet update

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wow, It's good to know when problems happen, solutions are not too far off, if only adobe was this proficient.



nm...  now it seems this update is down there with MechWarrior Online... Where fix= feed the bug and make it stronger...



I am getting in about 1/5 games I attempt too join now.. where b4 it was 1/3... lol




(woot!! fixed!!! ok I was quick too slander, but you all did wonderfully fixing this so quickly, thx.)

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