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A Game Of Frustration.

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Limited offers of proto-skins when I can't afford them ruin my day.


Arrogant players ruin my day.



I could agree with you but these two points are pretty beside the point.

Arrogant players are not DE's fault nor is you being broke to blame on them... I was able to carve out a few bucks for the protoskin. You couldn't? sorry for you but it has nothing to do with the game.

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Of course it is. And red text mockery doesn't help too.


It is not DE fault you're a bent on completeting everything in the game. That is none of their business.


The TA: Escalation was a joke anyway and DE treated it as such. The Rift sigil will return anyway, so there wasn't even a point in running unless you really wanted the sigil or wanted the challenge.


Don't try to blame DE for how you handle their product.

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Limited offers of proto-skins when I can't afford them ruin my day.

99% complete conflicts that end right before I extract ruin my day.

Exploiters in pvp ruin my day.

Stalker ruins my day either by accidentally killing and then taunting me or by not dropping anything useful.

Same with G3. Haven't seen the Harvester for a while, which ruins my day too.

New Loka deathsquad ruins my day 10 times a day.

Insane tactical alerts ruin my day.

Extreme requirements for a new warframe ruin my day.

T3/4 void keys wasted ruin my day.

Arrogant players ruin my day.

Bugged hellions that spam rockets non-stop ruin my day sometimes.

Grineer Manics that decide to spawn during a boss fight ruin my day on a daily basis.

Bugs that force me to revive ruin my day.

Many more other things ruin my day too.

It's like an atomic bomb just fell on my calendar.

Tired and frustrated I go to forums...

That's where you, people, sometimes continue to ruin my day.

Edit: As you can see, this game is pretty frustrating overall and not very rewarding.

Not for players, that is. For DEvs it's very, very rewarding, which is quite disappointing too.

Think about this: they IMMEDIATELY patch up found exploits that let players get more credits or valuable items.

They do not, however, fix the "bad" bugs that REDUCE player rewards or outright kill them, forcing them to quit a mission or use a revive. Not that often, at least. Bosses still get stuck in an invincibility phase, level exits sometimes do not open, despite being reported as broken a long time ago.

There are many more things I'm too tired to recall.

Proto-Skins will be back next year

There will be more Conflicts

Exploiters - Ruin my day to - I hope they all get hit by a radial javelin

Tactical Alerts - You don't have to play them and they are not that bad they require people to be creative.

Stalker/G3 Can be annoying depending on when they show up but honestly you cant help the drop chance much. The Harvester seems significantly more rare then G3 but that maybe due to the fact that most of the time people play on Grineer maps.

Arrogant players - play with friends you will have a better time.

Bugs that force you to revive - Bugs are bugs be sure to report them, this is a BETA after all.


I have a larger problem with people calling games that are essentially in release/production a "BETA" in an effort to excuse the number of bugs or the large sweeping game changes they make.


Year of Quality - Stop making NEW content, Fix the Broken, Fix the Bugs and stop calling it a "BETA". People didnt think ti was cool/funny/interesting/ect when Google left the "beta" in front of Gmail for a decade.

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