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Three Times Enemy Radar In A Row? Seriously?


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I don't know. Why don't you try to make one that does?


I'll wait.

It'd actually be stupidly easy. However, it'd also be quite pointless. I didn't see anyone complaining when we got two catalysts in a row, did I? Well, until people who missed it came on and alerts are flawed either way blah blah you know the drill.


Three enemy radars in a row is just as likely as a steel charge, an energy siphon, and a rifle amp in a row. That's how random numbers work.

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If we're talking about how time RNG is stupid, I'll throw in my canned response.



I always have the same thing to say on alerts, so here's all the other threads that share similar views. tl;dr: alerts system is flawed (as a method of content distribution) and needs changing. DE currently appear to be looking at alerts and ways to improve them.

(this is a quote from DE rebecca in the may 19th hot feedback thread)
There has been suggestions of ways to improve the alerts (adding a token system, generating Alerts based on time logged in, etc), and these are being seen.
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