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There Simply Needs To Be More Than 4 Colorable Parts For Prime Gears


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Primary, Secondary, Tint3, Tint4


Alright 4 colors, that works ok with regular gears.


But since the trend of hating-that-gold-parts, new Prime Gears generally have Tint4 reserved for coloring of gold trims.


Now THIS doesn't work.


See Ash Prime. Since they had to reserve Tint 4 for gold trim, there's giant grey area that can't be colored at all.


Volt Prime. *Since they had to reserve Tint 4 for gold trim*, Primary Color occupies such a huge chunk compared with regular Volt.


This is unacceptable.


If they are going to go down the lines of colorable gold trims, there needs to be an exclusive slot for gold trim coloring.

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Not to mention that whenever "PBR treatment" hits an older prime, color tint 4 is usually used for something else already- it RUINED targis armor completely (we paid good money for that too...). DE created and released Nova using her color tint 4 as the prime gold tint, rather than coding for a "Prime tint" color mask in addition, then must have used the logic "well it works for nova" when applying PBR retroactively. I KNOW someone there has to see this happening and I can't imagine why they are continuing rather than putting in a "prime tint" color mask like they need to- not "should" but need. Nova's PA is where this all started- and they need to come to a full stop on the PBR train and get to work coding a prime tint section then going back and fixing what they've already messed up with this before they continue on properly...

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