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Saryn Feedback


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Saryn is a hard-hitting warframe with high survivability, it's annoying however how her poison doesn't ignore shields as it should.

This skill deals a good amount of AP damage to a single target, though it takes 12 seconds (or even more if you use continuity to increase the damage). I think that spreading the venom is too difficult: right now enemies basically need to be touching each other to get affected by an exploding spore, which means that the target you choose needs to be tightly surrounded, but if he is, then it's really hard to hit the spores, even if you pick a tall target.
I chanced upon a nice idea that you could use Venom on a decoy or even other players (no damage to them), it might prove a good tactic to get the Venom on more enemies, they might even explode the spores on their own by attacking the player/decoy.

One of the best qualities of this skill is the absence of a cast animation so it really works nicely for escape. The duration is good, but frankly it shouldn't have health as it tends to disappear in a matter of seconds against tough enemies. Molt with only health was exploitable, but that wouldn't be the case if it only had a duration.

It's essentially like adding an AP mod. The skill lasts a lot, but the effect is really too meager.

The skill has a short reach for an ultimate and doesn't deal all the damage at once, but the animation is fast, causes mass stagger and the AP damage can be increased by both Focus and Continuity, so it's more or less balanced tending towards the strong-side.

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Technically, it would make sense for Saryn's poison to go through shields, for the sake of consistency between ancient's poison and hers.
However, the shield nullification would make her way stronger than she needs to be.
If anything, fix the flippin' hit box on Venom, and I would be happy.

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Molt dies way to fast IMO. I also think it should just be based on duration. I had an Ash and switched to Saryn and I'm not impressed. Molt+Contagion is like a much worse version of invisibility. Invisibility practically makes you invulnerable, AND boosts damage. It doesn't last as long as contagion but it costs barely any energy, and you can easily kill a boss before you run out of energy if your main melee weapon has a good charge attack. The problem with contagion is that you can't get close to bosses without them destroying you, but with invisibility you can. Ash's other abilities are definitely worse than saryns though but since energy is shared between abilities an Ash JUST using invisibility can just spam away with melee hits and out dps and have better survival than a saryn. 

I think molt being based on duration would solve a lot of these problem though. Use molt on a boss, it attacks it instead for a few seconds, giving you time to spam your melee. Basically, the problem with contagion is its impractical to use melee on a tough enemy because you'll get seriously injured. Molt+contagion costs a lot of energy and the molt goes away too quick to make it worthwhile.

Tldr; make molt use duration PLEASE

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