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Rank 11, And Done With Warframe.


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Finally hit rank 11, Leveled all but 2 weapons, formaed the best weapons, nothing really left to do.


Was fun game has potential, whether that potential is reached will be seen in time, but for now I got nothing left to do and will be taking a break.


I will be sure not to let the door hit me on my way out.

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Damn rank 11. Hell i am only halfway threw rank 5. But then again i can't bring my self into the endless lvl'n over and over again i think thats about the main thing i don't like about Warframe. There's no longevity to playing a frame or weapon you like. I am also finding myself becoming bored of the rep. and actually playing less and less actually

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the game needs a real challenge for the high level players... thats what we need...

maybe the possibility to replay the entire solar system but with high level mobs from the first planet...

somehing like in borderlands: Playthrough 2!!!

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 Rank 11 is where you'd end up if you built every weapon and Warframe and 30'd that bad boy.


 No need for the Lato bug. 

We already have that much content? Damn...


But then again, I have encountered a mastery rank 13 before U7. I think he might have gotten banned haha.

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I honestly never understood these kind of complaints.


If you have done everything there is to do or find no more enjoyment in playing a game, why act like it's the only game in the world? More to the point, why act like it's the only thing to do in the world?


Games don't have infinite replay value. Well some games do, for some people, that's not the point. I mean objectively speaking.


If I were you I'd be more worried about this game not reaching its potential because of an open beta that was closed WAY to early due in part to having to be a frikin LAUNCH title for the PS4...*facepalm*


I think the game is great, could/should/will have much more replay value, but they still have a LOT of stuff to do/add/fix.


I mean think about it, there are still TONS of people waiting to even use one single iota of Clan Dojo content, which was basically the entirety of U8.


They haven't even begun to flesh out story, end game, polish existing levels etc etc.


RIght now it's basically still in "testing if this thing works" mode, and OP acts like this game is to be put out to pasture because he's unlocked and levelled all the items currently available?


Sorry, but it sounds like a personal problem...

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Reaching this point soon...


But then again, I have several weapons I want to put 4/5 polaritites into, which means 3249072390473209 depressing void runs.

well voids isn't worth it.

i prefer 1 hour farting in chair in office and buy more then enough formas...

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