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★ BOX OF CHOCOLATE ★ Request your custom images here! Clan emblems and more


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Welcome to the Box Of Chocolate where you know exactly what you get! This is the right place to request your custom image, be that clan or alliance emblems for Warframe or completely different items. 

As a longstanding graphics designer I have created numerous images for entreprises and player groups of various games. After returning to play Warframe, I am open to image commissions again! To submit your request simply comment on this topic or send me a PM that includes technical and visual requirements of your image. I will come up with drafts as soon as possible and will iterate the design according to your feedback until we agree on a final result.


Feel free to invite me to a Google Hangout via manuhart11@gmail.com

Looking forward to your requests!


Gallery of created emblems for clans and alliances

  • wL11Fvp.png Sempiturnis Erratus
  • 5pE6d67.png League Of Shadows
  • psN3pjW.png League Of Shadows
  • vhzMFrN.png Hunters Of Ivara
  • MG8DS8l.png Adventure Company
  • Icc3HMa.png The Zariman Council
  • Gtp4O1V.png Sariels Eclipse
  • MyBoEAd.png Marshmallow Knights
  • KkTjCQC.png Within Sonder
  • uxp8suM.png Horrigans Heroes
  • NS4GYH2.png Transient Sagacity
  • 0uBloBJ.png Wind Gods
  • DySM8jD.png The Knights Of Hell
  • Xlktq02.png Akira Silver of The Red Dawn
  • 2aco4wo.png Eclipse Empire
  • SLea3Qb.png Dreadhead Pirates
  • KjKQjMF.png High Voltage Hazard
  • bi3If7b.png Broth3rs
  • 0XGUtGG.png Alpha Blood
  • PHcAv5S.png Sibling Rivalry
  • KcXKWeJ.png Uberlance
  • ZCG4KVn.png Alcatraz
  • crZOl4r.png  Merikuh (yes, it says K instead of C)
  • 3djwKJc.png Shadow Serpent
  • Ax8KAqW.png (n.a.)
  • KJjP9tl.png Geforce Elite

Artistic considerations for emblems in Warframe

  • Themes: Are there certain games, movies, books, people you have as reference?
  • Main body: Which unique item represents your cause? 
  • Decorative elements: Will banners, wreaths, wings, stars adorn your emblem?
  • Background: Have a shield or a regular polygon/polygramme for better contrast?
  • Shading style: Shall your emblem look like a photograph or a pictogramme
  • Preferred colours: Best is to focus on up to three main colours in case of pictrogrammes.
  • Include text like clan/alliance name? Do you like a certain font?
  • Generally you should think of emblems in Warframe like icons that should be kept simple due to their tiny size. It is not easy to squeeze lots of detail in 128*128 pixels.

You do not need to answer every question of these when submitting your request but they may help you to think of a specific design that suits your purpose. If you are not sure what to you would like to see, I will come up with suggestions for your inspiration!

Terms and notes

  • General agreement (unless otherwise declared): The licensor grants the licensee a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to use the provided results for non-commercial purposes. While the licensee is allowed to reproduce and publish the licensed material, they must not produce and/or share adapted material. This license gets terminated upon violation of its conditions or by retraction of payment from the licensee's side.
  • I do not take any responsibility for rejected emblems from Digital Extreme's side in cases of copyright infringement if I include graphical elements that you provide me to work with. Please be sure that editing your existing emblem is allowed by its copyright holder.


  • I demand payment in advance of delivering the final image file but after you having received a watermarked preview of the result. Using watermarked images against my consent means usage without a license. Though for very basic requests I may agree to create an image for free.
  • Please refrain from submitting requests "for fun" or without being able to offer something in exchange. This is an unnecessary burden for both parties since I put time into creating an emblem without you getting it eventually. Though I may agree to keep the requested files ready until you find a way to offer something in exchange for my service. 

Last change performed on Aug 26, 2016.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Guys!

      TRSS did my clan's emblem and it is great! He worked with us to make several designs and was willing to make changes to the designs until we found one we liked. I know it can be hard to find someone willing to help make an emblem (from experience), if you pick TRSS you are getting someone who is helpful, artistic, and skilled. All in all I would Highly recommend him if you need an emblem made! Cheers everyone and happy hunting in the Origin System!

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Hello everyone! TRSS and I just finished doing my clan's emblem (Hunters of Ivara) and he/she was awesome to work with and super cooperative. I highly recommend TRSS if you are in need of a clan emblem.

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Hello, Everyone! I just wanted to give a huge shout out for TRSS! We just received our clan emblem and it was exactly what we asked for. Do not overlook TRSS for your clan emblem! You will NOT be disappointed!

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Just came here to add my recommendation. TRSS worked with us quite a bit to get what we wanted, and we're quite happy with the finished product. The price was also quite reasonable, despite my initial offer of more. Definitely recommended if you need an emblem.

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On 30/06/2016 at 5:18 PM, TRSS said:


Sent you a friend Request would be interested in acquiring your services not urgent.

EDIT: another one satisfied with the outcome he'll help you all along the way of designing the emblem and it's a very good emblem at that Highly Recommended.

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Hey So I since i'm posting a comment on this forum i guess i am looking for a clan emblem for Warframe. Lol. My Clan Name is Wrath Of Time and we dont actually know what we want as a emblem so i am asking for you to try creating something based upon the name. So go nuts looking forward to what you come up with. 
P.s You can pm me on WF and if i am on i should see it almost instantly 

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Another satisfied customer here! Thank you for working with me making the clan emblem into life, i appreciate it.


"Marshmallow Knights" here! Recruiting all kinds of players! We have 100% Researched Labs! Ghost clan but going big soon! just preparing the dojo to be completely built.

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Yet another player who is left awestruck at TRSS' work. Even though I had no means to pay him, he allowed me the option of creating me a basic emblem. Kindness and skill are two hard things to come by nowadays and TRSS shows both! I highly recommend TRSS to anyone who is in need of a very high quality clan emblem!

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Hello everyone! I am Mikuo, leader of the Knights of Astreus and user of this great service.


An honest review - I can't believe that anyone put so much effort into so little. This guy is perhaps the epitome of perfection within the fandom. He responded well to every request. He changed everything up several times. He simply worked so well it isn't even funny. 


Thank you TRSS! 

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On 8/26/2016 at 0:45 PM, miguelsvx said:

"Marshmallow Knights" here! Recruiting all kinds of players! We have 100% Researched Labs! Ghost clan but going big soon! just preparing the dojo to be completely built.

That sounds very tempting :)

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