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(Spoilers) the war within characters and development


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So yeah, i loved the characters starring in tww, everything...

the queens were so well made, they dont appear for long but what is shown is awesome, how different they are despite being twins, they are no longer the solemn queens the kurias describe, they are trapped in other bodies, they are not or no longer warriors as the kuria describes


How the older one is brave but @(*()$ crazy, i hope i see more of her, i hope shes not truly dead, in my choice she falls to the red liquid so its possible that she revives with another grineer body.


The young one despite shows being more coward or afraid to retreat when she saw what was coming. Shes more insecure than the older one also.


That symbolises the decadence of the grineer, their queens are no longer warriors, one is brave but crazy for getting a good new body, the other is more coward and insecure....


Teshin was awesome also, i dont have anything more to say, i ended up understanding him, the story behind him was awesome


And finally the protagonist, the tenno, you; the choices, the temple where the tenno, from being a weak helpless "kid" (with the injured leg) becomes a warrior, (the moment where the injury of the leg is healed, i think that injury could symbolise the fragility of the tenno until the moment he unveils his powers) , the part when you go "inside" your warframe and fight against the queen, when you are ready to do it after having gone through the temple, that was mainly to learn a lesson...


All the development of the tenno and teshin is amazing

The queens design and personality is also very good...


So thank you DE for the great work, keep it up!!

So what do you think about characters in this quest?


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I loved every single part of this quest and i congratulate and praise the devs for giving us this amazing piece of art tho i wanna do the quest again, i went with the light path this time but i wanna do the neutral path or even the dark one.


Also...so...that part at the end when your operator suddenly gets a different dark voice and his eyes turn all black(sort of) if you empty the heart over the cliff...the hell was up with that? Ah more questions...Perhaps a tease to Umbra?(is that entity what makes Umbra a thing?)

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I've loved Teshin since he appeared in Natah. It was nice to see more of him, and to learn more about him. Also really enjoyed seeing the Operator interact with other characters on a meaningful level. There's a little bit of cliche teenage rebellion in the whole "Don't treat me like a child!" thing early on, but it's played somewhat appropriately (children or not, Tenno are pretty badass) and they don't harp on it too much. Also loved seeing the Tenno try and square with Lotus on all the stuff she's omitted, or outright lied about. More than that, I loved seeing some of the details of the world filled in, like how the Orokin achieved "immortality," or what actually went down on the Zariman Ten-Zero.

Also, seeing the warframe burst through the glass at the end of the quest was awesome. I had hoped from the moment it fell down there that that would happen, and I was not disappointed in the slightest.

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40 minutes ago, Bronjun said:

I wish I get to redo the quest.

I had same boat as you are. I really want to go back to redo TWW, just like Second Dream. 


And funny thing their character development looks like my family.

Teshin - trying act to be my father and now he is Step-father trying to give me a crap.

Twin Queens - Two of my ex were trying to pick me. XD

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Honestly, I like the quest. I really doubted this quest was going to beat the Second Dream. As that was finally "Tenno Arc", I call. When everything up to Second Dream had one common question "What is a tenno?". Which was answered (within three years, so yeah). While the War Within is about setting up future quests, which setting up the question "How are we and what happened on Zairman?" Is what I like to think. I like to think that we've just entered the second major arc of Warframe.

I liked the Operator and Teshin during the quest. The older queen seemed "cartoonishly evil", in my opinion. That's fine but sometimes it was bit easy to predict what they were going to say. Even then I felt like some of the dialogue could have done better in some areas. For example, when we go back to save Teshin. The Operator said, "I came back for you." This is just me nitpicking cr@p out of it, but the Operator could had said "It's common courtesy to pay back what you're due", (you know because we helped Alad V after SD) in a sarcastic tone, smiling towards Teshin. It would have conveyed that the Operator is more confident in his/her abilities, and showing some cocky attitude towards the Queens. As this whole quest was about the Operator going from a child to a warrior. Personally, I think this a lot better. Then there a lot of other dialogues that I can nitpick cr@p out off.

Then there is the new system that was introduced for the Operator. Honestly, it's just a gimmick at best. The only reason I use it just for the sh1ts and giggles, but nothing more than that. If it were tied into Tenno Schools, it would have been a lot better. As well, having different stats in schools. For example, it could offer a larger energy pool, higher damage, greater health for the Operator and etc. It has the potential of being something great with it free movement and combat but at the moment there no point to it outside of the quest itself.

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Honestly this whole quest was amazing in every possible way. The only think that now SERIOUSLY caught my interest was the final part where the operator's eyes go black and the "kiddo" dialogue comes to play.

Majorly hints that this could possibly be "Dev's" considering putting the works for "Hayden Tenno" in the mix my reason's for that are below (A-B).

[Drawbacks = Could be wrong and don`t take this as confirmation just assumption/prediction folks]

A - This is the working of "Hayden Tenno" because of the slight/or medium evidence connecting that during the dialogues and "Past" quest we see the Operator go through various memories relating to what happened to his/her past and during when the "Queen" spoke about Operators Father, she mentioned he said "Something is watching us Kiddo?". And with that I tried to come down with solutions of what that could be and only 1 thing or say person came up.. "Hayden Tenno". Look at it from the ending of "Dark Sector?". The ending never showed what happened to him... There was no development of another "Dark Sector" game.. (well there was but it was scraped). And now being Warframe as it is... To me its like a giant cliff-hanger ft. Hayden as the hidden character... I`ll place examples to help connect this. reason: because i suck at explaining things to make easy for people to understand when I'm typing?!

> Void? = Hayden Tenno = In "Dark Sector" we see him develop his powers and 'evolve' beyond infested or normal tenno capability. + we never see what happens to him at the ending of the game.. + possible the mutation made him immortal = his survival through the years.

> His Connection to the Orokin? = Well... The Obvious answer to the this is: How the hell did the Orokin make the warframes designs and how did they know what to do and build during the "War" against the "sents?" = Working of "Hayden Tenno".. How? Well.. Due to the fact that as DE teasered with excal prime. His text/back story or whatever the hell its called featured very interesting evidence to this topic: >>>

[The Sentients had won. They had turned our weapons, our technology, against us. The more advanced we became, the greater our losses. The war was over unless we found a new way. In our desperation we turned to the Void. The blinding night, the hellspace where our science and reason failed.]

[We took the twisted few that had returned from that place. We built a frame around them, a conduit of their affliction. Gave them the weapons of the old ways. Gun and blade. A new warrior, a new code was born. These rejects, these Tenno, became our saviors. Warrior-Gods cast in steel and fury striking our enemies in a way they could never comprehend. Excalibur was the first.]

> "Excalibur was the first" = His appearence is way to close to the "Proto-suit" which just help support this claim of this being the work/helping of "Hayden Tenno".  Before people complain about this part, I`ll place it like this. (How can that be true when there is no mention of "Hayden Tenno" taking part with the Orokin?): Well.. maybe because the Orokin and very few who "Only" knew of his existence would obviously keep it a 'major' secret? Telling the people would spread like wild fire and cause an up roar among the population + it would make it plainly obvious to the "sents" who they would need to eliminate and make it easier for them to adapt to the "Tenno" ways. + the other conclusion to this is DE, DE....

> "In our desperation we turned to the Void" = Well.. After "War Within" and thanks so much for the 'Dialogue' that makes it easier for this to be given: If the Orokin turned to the Void? And the "Tenno" gained their abilities from the "Void?" then how did the "Void" come to exist? Ik this can be easly proven wrong via.DE but my only conclusion to this part is "Hayden" unless DE creates something else to throw this theory out the window.. which is what their usually good at due to the hush-hush on the whole warframe story which no one minds cause it makes it all interesting but this is my whole theory or assumption of who is responsible for the "Void, Tenno, Orokin, and Other Fractions out there which brought Warframe Lore to exist" + The only thing connection Warframe to Dark Sector based on story-wise...

And before I end this: If you look at the Void Tile-sets and some warframe's (idk about frames, haven`t checked?) theres a fricken symbol/emblem of "Hayden's" on almost... everywhere specific, If you look hard enough unless its been removed due to new tile-sets release but yeah...

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Do they still have the right for using "Hayden Tenno" and/or the story of "dark sector" ?  And DE said that it wasn't cannon, but that doesn't mean DS doesn't contain any hints towards the story of Warframe.

Edit: But i will like to see a "hayden tenno" popping out of nowhere !!!

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