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  1. Well it looks amazing, partner.
  2. Oooh thanks, I've been wanting to cover that part of my orbiter in a clean manner, at first I had it covered up with a few of those Cetus carpets to make it look like curtains. But it didn't look as clean as I'd like.
  3. How did you change size of that poster covering that infested room?
  4. Whatever happened to that skin for Ash? Not wanna sound pushy or anything, just curious.
  5. Damn man that looks amazing. Nobody does metallics quite like you do bro.
  6. When can we replay the Chimera Prologue?
  7. Ah i gotcha. Cause i got confused there when you said it resembles a Doctor Who’s Cybermen with Naruto’s Shikimaru “hair”. I honestly only saw it as a Grineer medicine man, with the markings on the mask with the tuft of "hair" looking more like feathers coming off that mask.
  8. When will the Chimera Prologue be replayable?
  9. Nobody does fabric quite like you do man, so far so good
  10. Can we pls get the Chimera Prologue to be replayable I made a thread about it, figured i'd bring the issues to light
  11. How about Acirbus? Coming from Dolos Acerbus which also translates to Sharp Pain. And considering Ash's main way of killing is stabby stabby...it figured it'd suit him.
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