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  1. Shad0wWatcher

    Operator Body/Clothing Feedback + Changes!

    Ya'll are complaining, but why not just adapt to the change? Think of a new style, that's what i did. There's a reason they did this. So that the possibility for Operator TennoGen can be a thing. That and so that combining different pieces looks more normal. Now of course it isn't perfect, but some proper feedback and time can fix that. Getting mad won't change a damn thing.
  2. Shad0wWatcher

    Operator Body/Clothing Feedback + Changes!

    These are legitimate points but dude...calm down. Getting pissed off about it isn't gonna help you at all.
  3. The new segmented outfits parts is definitely a step in the right direction and is indeed much better than the previous attempt...aside from some some minor things. For example, I noticed that the Koppra flaud for operators looks very static. Looks normal here But when you start walking or running... As you can see, it's completely static and your legs clip right through there. It's not game breaking or anything, but is something i wanted to point out. Also a thing i noticed is that it's much wider than before, which is fine with the Koppra suit but with other flauds or skirt pars of outfits the skirt itself looks wider than i remember them being. I assume it's like that so you can combine outfit parts better but it also looks kinda odd on some pieces.
  4. No they were all different concepts for a helmet for Ash
  5. Now DE really needs to add a one handed axe weapon type to the game. And allow us to throw it of course lol
  6. Hi there friends. I wasn't sure in which section i should post this so i'll just put it here. I've been having an issue lately that i feel needs attention. When playing on PC with controller, i have it so that on the L2 button or the Left Trigger does nothing when you have your melee weapon equipped. I myself have tested this with different controllers but the outcome is always the same. I set my L2 button on block in melee and nothing happens when i press the button, but when i swapped that with channeling (R2/Right Trigger for me) i could block normally again but then i couldn't channel anymore and vice versa again. The thing also is that when i'm simply using my primary or secondary, i can use the Left Trigger just fine as i use that to aim. It's also weird that on my keyboard and mouse, blocking and every other melee input works perfectly fine so it's really a problem with controllers. Also let it be known that this issue has only shown it's head recently as before i had no problem. And yes i could just switch to using my keyboard and mouse but i find using a controller more comfortable. And i imagine there are more like me who are like this.
  7. I forgot to mention this, but i'm extremely curious about that collar. It looks really damn cool but i'm also a bit confused. Isn't the collar she already has part of the mesh?
  8. Getting a sort of Egyptian vibe from this, already looking great man
  9. Shad0wWatcher

    Vahd Greaves Pantsu

    I believe they mentioned on the last devstream that it should be re-released in a week or 2. Could be wrong tho.
  10. Shad0wWatcher

    Operators suits need to be reverted.

    What they should do is add the skirt parts of tops to that specific section so that combining suits is easier, the Kopra suit and the Varida suits are the only ones that have parts there but the new suits from Cetus would also benefit from this greatly, same goes for the new upcoming suits from Fortuna. Also if they were to add more slots for clothing parts, they should add a "neck" slot. considering a lot of suits have neck parts. When the Vahd top had the muffler added, i kinda liked it, but the problem was that it clipped with other hoods. If they added a slot for "neck", it would also be very helpful for those who want that muffler without the helmet. The upcoming suits from Fortuna also appear to have to have short cloaks and neck pieces, having a "neck" slot would be really great.
  11. Shad0wWatcher

    Operator suits and the neglected Waistband slot

    This is a thing that always bothered me, nice to know i'm not alone.
  12. Oh wow that's so cool! I love the layers on the helm.
  13. Shad0wWatcher

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.5

    God damn it...why!? It was perfect!