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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, i'll be sure to contact support on this matter.
  2. I mean...i could torture the truth out of him...i don't want him to get banned from the game(mostly cause he has stuff i gave him).
  3. Hey there, i'm not sure how it happened but for some reason after logging in i received an inbox stating that a gift that i had sent to my Younger brother's account had been opened. Now of course that wouldn't normally be a problem, except that i never sent him a gift recently. As shown in the images below, the top inbox is mine. And here's the inbox of my younger brother's account As you can see, there is no message from me, but in mine it says it was sent today. Earlier in the morning when i was on my account i still had 2,799 plat...now i'm mysteriously missing 225 plat as shown in the top image. I gotta say i'm kinda pissed. Normally i wouldn't mind gifting something to someone. But i didn't gift anything, i haven't been online since this morning. I asked him if he did it cause he was on my laptop playing warframe, he said no and he knows that if he lies to me about something like this i'll kick his butt. This is my money we're talking about. Now my question, is what can i do to find out about how this came to be?
  4. Ah i gotcha. Cause i got confused there when you said it resembles a Doctor Who’s Cybermen with Naruto’s Shikimaru “hair”. I honestly only saw it as a Grineer medicine man, with the markings on the mask with the tuft of "hair" looking more like feathers coming off that mask.
  5. You just talkin about the helmet or the whole skin?
  6. When will the Chimera Prologue be replayable?
  7. Nobody does fabric quite like you do man, so far so good
  8. Can we pls get the Chimera Prologue to be replayable I made a thread about it, figured i'd bring the issues to light
  9. Which is why i ask if its ever gonna be a thing cause its been out for quite a while now. The Apostasy prologue got its replay button pretty fast after the holidays so whats the deal with this one?
  10. The reason i ask is because when it first came out and i did it, the quest completely bugged out making me skip the 1st mission completely, it suddenly just threw me into that room where we see the decrepit Ballas doing his little thing, it kinda ruined the whole experience for me, hell when it threw me into that room, i wasn't even in operator mode(saw that on a YouTube vid) instead i was just on my warframe. I know i can just look it up on YouTube again, but it's just not the same as going through it personally.
  11. How about Acirbus? Coming from Dolos Acerbus which also translates to Sharp Pain. And considering Ash's main way of killing is stabby stabby...it figured it'd suit him.
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