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Update 9: Vor's Revenge

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Awww ......




I am the soul of my games.
Windows is my body, and games are my blood.
I have installed over 1000 games.
Not known to family.
Nor known to friends.
Have withstood low specs to play high end games.
So as I lag,
Unlimited Gamer Works!




Sadly ...... but ... BANZAI U9 !~

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no tradeing? so will still have to keep trying for frost prime blueprints myself now with 5 more things worth of resources eating the drop table? i am... not happy... have done so many t3 already trying for it now more junk in the way of getting what i want...

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So what about matchmaking and hosting priorities? Too many laggy parties half the time from low upload hosts. 

This should of been top priority. It's gotten ridiculous lately with how many laggy hosts get chosen.

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  • Fixed issue where Bladestorm would get “stuck” on clients.

We will see...



  • Added friendly system message in EU Region Global chat reminding players to “take a break” every hour they play.



The other things: Great! \o/

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