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Vauban's Inferior Ultimate


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I still dont see the problem with vortex, its an incredible ultimate! if You wanna kill everything in the room then play Nova or Ember, if every frame did everything the same they might as well just have 1 frame... Vortex is INCREDIBLE CC with decent dmg. I was playing a T3 defense map with Vauban and I could hold the back corner on my own with Vortex. Slap focus and both duration mods on, its pretty strong. If things survive Nova's chain reaction (which happens alot at higher levels) then she is kinda screwed. or if they are ALL ancients/equivalent then Novas ult is alot weaker, since you still have to kill the target for it to explode. Before you call Vauban useless get a Ogris and an Acrid. 

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You're the first one to use butthurt, congrats, even though you're way off base.


Give me a good reason to use vauban in the first 20 waves.

Then don't use Vauban if you think he is so useless at early waves then don't use them as far as i remember no frame is useful in low levels only because everyone can kill anything at those levels it's just the way you use your ults or skills on anything at low levels a Vauban can do the same damage a Nova can do it's just different on how they accomplish it a Vauban with 200 energy can pretty much hold up 5 waves by just using 1 skill and the right mods, a Nova can clear out an entire wave with that 200 energy and but has to compensate for it each wave by collecting energy.



Btw adding this, im a rhino who purposely does not ult between the waves of 1-15 only because i save my stasis for when the pod gets swarmed i cant event count  the times of how much this has saved me and my team ( those 9 seconds of stasis with continuity work out great) my rifle can pretty much kill everything in 1-2 seconds between those waves just like any other ult skill other warframes can dish out they expend energy while i expend ammo. I'm pretty sure they'll be scrambling for energy waves 20 above cause they keep spamming everything and collecting every possible energy ball that drops not realizing they were setting themselves up for no energy pick ups at later levels. Killing everything instantly is not important its how you become useful to your team when they become useless to you.

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You call a skill that has an effect on lvl 1k enemies useless. Many warframes don't even have 2 Skills that shine vs lvl 80+ baddies.


You're talking about teamwork while complaining that people are stealing your kills. What exactly is teamwork in your opinion?


You show how great every other warframe is because their ultimates can kill heaps of lvl 10 enemies. Lvl 60 Grineer feel slightly uncomfortable when hit by world on fire btw.


You play a cc warframe and complain that he can't kill everything in sight with the push of a button while cc-ing everything in sight with the push of a button...


Try ember or excalibur, you'll be amazed how they shine in T3 defence. You'll get invites all day and people will claim it's impossible to finish it without you.


PS: Killboards and having a longer damage and kills than others is much more important than finishing a mission with your team, because this game is about teamwork

PPS: Teamwork = awesome uber killiness and eating cake while the rest of the team cheers for you and uses fireworks, and don't they dare steal your kills!

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