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The Mercurian Hedontoria [Mercury Tileset Concept]


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As this isn't introducing a new faction like my previous Solar Arrays idea, or working to introduce a key story element like Neptunia City idea, this is probably a little smaller, but I hope this is enough to get the idea of how I envisioned it across. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Maybe it can help you imagine it. Also, at the bottom I'll include links to my other ideas just in case you're looking for more. 

As always, thank you for your time reading and hopefully you'll enjoy!


The Mercurian Hedontoria




With the completion of the Venusian and Martian terraforming projects, the Orokin turned to the last of the inner planets: Mercury. And this planet was held for last for a multitude of reasons: bizarre day versus year length, extreme proximity to the Sun, and diminutive size to name a few. To address the numbingly extended nights and searing, prolonged days, the Orokin installed, along with the now-common terraforming technology of the Planetary Stabilization Matrix, large Dinoctin orbs were installed throughout the landscape to facilitate a more or less normal day-night. The night side enjoyed the full effects of the Dinoctin orbs, but the day side found it incredibly difficult to fully blot out the Sun, leading to the 'nights' being experienced in a dim twilight.

At first, the Orokin just dealt with this mild annoyance, but slowly they began to fully appreciate the magical feeling of the edge-of-night. Before long, grand, sweeping soirees took over city centers, the Orokin giving into their ornate gluttony of near-endless parties. This spread to the night side of Mercury, sealing Mercury's place as the planet of voracious hedonism.


But all good things must come to an end....


With the fall of the Orokin by the hands of the Tenno and their loyal frames of war, the Grineer found their selves the new cartakers of the near-paradise. However, the finesse and knowledge was gone with the Orokin, leading to constant failures of the Planetary Stabilization Matrix. Each failure was met with a barely sufficient correction. Each failure complicating further attempts to maintain the terraforming. The beautiful Mediterranean climate fostered for millennia gave way to blistering, supersonic winds that eroded the brilliantly shining structures that the Orokin weaved across the Mercurial surface. With the increasingly harsh atmosphere, the Grineer began to shelter within the already cavernous Orokin halls bored out for a myriad of purposes. However, this too was soon under assault as the Planetary Stabilization Matrix' moorings would twist to the influence of the Sun and cleave the planet, causing near-bottomless rifts through once-dormant ground. Once the ground settled around these rifts, the Grineer took the opportunity to finish what was started and expand upon the Orokin halls, criss-crossing the sheer cliffs with brutish machinations of their own in addition to hollowing out areas to rival that of the cavernous, neglected galleries of their oppressors.




Outside areas would be limited due to the abrasive winds, though a few tiles would have you enter the caverns below via outside plazas in two states of erosion. One completely devoid of notable features except a sheer cliff with an entrance at its base, leading to further rooms. Another would be a scene of an obviously decayed area, but you can see the past fountains, overhangs full of lounging areas, and a faintly pulsing Dioctin orb, barely clinging to its obsolete functionality. There's still enough atmosphere to survive, for the most part, but not enough at higher altitudes to scatter light, leading to pitch black skies dominated by the Sun on the day side.


Below the surface, there would be a mix of areas of Orokin, Grineer, and hybrid rooms. The monstrous moorings of the Planetary Stabilization Matrix would feature quite prominently in the mined-out Grineer areas, possibly even taking up half of a smaller connecting tile piece. There are many of these moorings, and with their destabilization, there could be many over the course of a mere extermination mission.




For the most part, missions would unfold much like they do on other planets/tilesets, but would have constant reminders of the Orokin/Grineer hybrid cavern systems. One potential difference might be mobile defenses would alternate Grineer consoles with ancient Orokin databases. With regards to excavations, they might involve taking over a mining probe to get the cryotic that still permeates the planet or, possibly, some chasms might have opened up to the harsh sky that would allow a Tenno excavation drill to thread the width.


But now, Vor would have an area with something resembling a torsion beam device where he could be experimenting with the Janus Key before the Tenno interrupt his plans. Perhaps that could be involved with the boss fight, maybe at 50% hp he moves on to a Void room through a portal where you end up killing him, helping to explain just how did Vor end up in the Void.



Other ideas:

Neptunia City (Neptune planet tileset idea)

The Solar Arrays (How the Sun could possibly become a place for missions.)

Soleidon, The Star's Soul (Warframe idea to go along with the Solar Arrays)

Boltaren and Obsidilots (Weapons to go along with Soleidon)

Hagria, the Witch of the Void (Another Warframe idea, based on witches)

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What a juicy write-up! Interesting theme for the location! Unless modified somehow, ~58-day nights would have made for some long raves 🙂 The hottest parties in Sol system! At that range, the solar winds would be quite a light show, for someone brave enough to glimpse the skies. I dig the idea of a radiation-blasted necropolis, with Grineer squatting in it!




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Thanks for the reply! With how you guys have expanded how the Orokin have acted, they seemed super hedonistic in a way. So I imagined that when an opportunity for a planet that allowed for a seemingly magical, eternal party paradise, they took advantage. Also, I would think they either took some sort of drugs that would allow them to stay awake longer/provide other pleasurable effects or they would sleep, but then wake up and resume partying. And the parties their self would be just extended, but not entirely the 58 twilight evenings. Eventually they would turn the Dinoctin orbs back up to make it appear like a full day. And not even the entire "day" side would be under twilight for the parties, just the areas of certain Dinoctin orbs providing night shading.

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